I just learned when posting an image to mastodon, you have to upload the photo, then click edit to get the 'image description for the visually impaired' box.

Is there a way to get this box to show up automatically every time I attach an image, instead of having to remember where it's hidden?

I got the track installed for the medical inspection light I'm putting above my workbench. One of my kids is finally tall enough to act as a jackstand.


*.386.iso - 386 - pc (more drivers)
*.amd64.iso - amd64 -pc (less drivers)
*.pi.img - arm - paspberry pi 1, 2 and 3
*.pi3.img - arm64 - raspberry pi 3 and 4

cycv: a cyclone v kernel
acme, sam: handle >1GB files correctly
mothra: add Plumb menu item
sam: triple click selection
tar: Add pax extended header support

my kid knew he spelled a word wrong so he put a wavy underline on it like his computer does

I did figure out how to pay my mortgage by building supercomputers but I dunno how much longer that'll last

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"do what you love" is fine but I haven't figured out how to pay my mortgage by sitting on my porch and staring off into space

mastodon does what I expect it to do about seventy percent of the time, and the other thirty percent of the time I look like a computer-illiterate dipshit

If you use and have opinions about it, send them to me, or to the werc mailing list, or come yell about them on irc in -v on freenode.

I'm pushing toward releasing a new version, so now's the time

werc now has a site-search app. it just redirects to duckduckgo, but it beats what we had before, which was a TODO to add google.

werc's default blog app, blagh, supports atom and rss, and now supports jsonfeed as well.

shoved html5 semantic elements into the default werc template. also switched it to classless css. helped someone use pandoc as the main html generator (so mixed markdown+latex stuff gets typeset properly, on the fly). next task: site search using duckduckgo, out of the box. hoping to release werc 1.5.0 on the tenth anniversary of 1.4.0

silicon valley has been promising us driverless cars for years and now it's finally been delivered and all anyone wants is a vaccine to stop it


shimano hollowtech ii is the worst shit

pinephone is a clear example that, given open access to hardware designs, a supportive manufacturer, and months of collaborative development time, the linux community can produce sixteen nearly identical distributions which each support a different third of the target device features

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