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onboarding is like waterboarding but with bad ideas instead of water

Anyone interested in some postdoctoral work in computational mass spectrometry? Bonus points if you're into metabolomics! We pay postdocs real salaries with benefits and shit!

Is it common for nonprofit boards to elect their own successors?

Where is the amateur radio fediverse? I need someone to tell me why I shouldn't buy a few of the Retevis RB27. I've got a GMRS license I'm not using

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Sadly, email doesn't work in mothra. I got farther than I thought I would.

in which I continue pointlessly bolting commercial equipment into my home

For a year I tried to convince my wife to let me order her a proper high-end office chair. She refused. Then she came home with this monstrosity strapped to her bicycle

What I've learned from watching congressional committee meetings is that none of these people have figured out even rudimentary videoconferencing skills after all this time.


closing in on the fifth anniversary of systemd bug #3700

It would make my life slightly more pleasant if the cryptocurrency kids would please stop telling everyone they're going to rescue society by removing the need for trust.

A society that isn't based on trust is not worth living in. Replacing trust with electricity consumption is always going to be a recipe for idiocy.

love to read lectures from gnome and kde developers telling people some usage is "unsupported" as though it's possible to get actual support for this software under any circumstances

dear lazyweb,

I use ripcord for slack chat, and am looking for tips on how people handle sudden incoming voice/video calls. Do you switch to a web ui? What's the play here

Not sure what my wife is trying to prove, but I'm going to go ahead and acknowledge that it's been proven

Identifying and excluding collaborators is a fundamental aspect of any revolutionary effort. If you want to make a major change in a society, it's critical that the people opposed to that change don't have the chance to sandbag it from within. In the American revolution this was the job of the Committees of Safety, along with the governance they performed as the Royalists lost power.

I think about this a lot when I see someone freaking out about "cancel culture."

USCIS is the worst organization in the American government.

Installing 12/13… ███████████████████████ 117% 8.1 MB/s 19088743:32:09

As of two months ago
Rust depends on a proprietary password manager to build.

If you want to use their official packaging system ( you must have a account.

Rust is free software only in the barest technicality of the term.

python people,

is there like a newsletter or something so when one of the python-cryptography forks gains momentum I can be made aware of it?

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