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onboarding is like waterboarding but with bad ideas instead of water

The iPod was the first Apple product that I truly hated. I liked my IIc and my IIgs just fine, and then I got an iPod, and it was such an unreliable, difficult-to-use nightmare that I ended up crushing it in a hyrdaulic press, and that was the last time I ever gave money to Apple.

Every time I express dissatisfaction, someone tells me that the specific model I had was the bad one, or I would have liked it if I had been a different person, or something else to make it my fault the thing sucked.

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today I sat in the local city council meeting where with no discussion or particular fanfare they voted on a batch of things all at once (as part of a consent calendar).

one of the things was to repeal the city law that declared it a gross misdemeanor to keep library books past a certain time. (it's still a civil infraction under state law, punishable by a $25 fine)

nobody will ever go to jail in this town over a library book. I helped do that. it's not much, but it's not nothin'

I think it's time to sell my Pine64 computing devices. Other people might be happy with them, but none of them are turning out to be what I wanted them to be.

Some kind of Zeno's paradox prevents them from ever really reaching the point where I find them useful.

I hope @Shufei stopped posting because she's doing more interesting shit and not for some other, worse reason


acmed: (new!) x509 certificate renewal automation
rc: big rewrite, better error reporting, here documents work in functions now
ip/sol: (new!) intel amt serial-over-lan console
removed: ssl, cpu, import
wifi: intel 6250, 7260 now supported
git: tons of fixes


intel has quietly released 'laptop elements' which are to be combined with 'compute elements' as the basis for whitebox laptop products going forward.

one of these, the laptop element 14e, is a 14" 3000x2000 laptop with a three-button pointing stick.

the laptop elements seem to cost around seven hundred dollars, and the compute module ranges from a couple hundred to a lot of hundreds.

Might be interesting if the MNT Reform is a bad fit.

the bicycle appears to meet the client's requirements, featuring a background appearance by my sweet-ass jetta

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Spent the afternoon disassembling my bicycle so I could use the drivetrain to build a bike for the younger boy. He's getting the 1x11 setup; I'm moving back to a 3x9 with my old Gevenelle shifters.

As time goes by, I think the 9-speed era was peak bicycle engineering. Everything was interoperable, you could do whatever you wanted.

10/11/12-speed stuff is all incompatible except for very narrow lanes, and it's a huge pain in the ass

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this particular collection was only released in Germany, so,


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But now nobody cares about DVDs and I could afford the shipping fees

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When this came out, I was in the wrong continent, and didn't have any damn money anyhow.

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ClockworkPi just announced a RISC-V SoC that slots into their carrier board in the Devterm.

I am the world's biggest RISC-V skeptic, but for fifty bucks I'll check it out. "Shipping time 60 days" isn't promising, but ClockworkPi has come through in the past, so we'll see...

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