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onboarding is like waterboarding but with bad ideas instead of water

loving google's big announcements so far

* an eliza clone
* another video chat app
* everything gets soaked in delicious, unattributable AI

@mntmn have the CrowdSupply kits been shipped off yet? Trying to gauge whether I need to buy a cheap machine to use until US orders start arriving...

24680: signal: sys: bus error (core dumped)

guess plan 9's spell checker doesn't like kilobyte-long tokens...

society cannot begin to heal until we hunt down and execute all remaining manufacturers of styrofoam packing peanuts

My 9-year-old called his mom Lemongrab and only her ignorance of pop culture prevented his immediate destruction in retaliation for that burn

juliana hatfield, liz phair, and sleater-kinney have all put out music in the past week.

something has fucked up the timeline and apparently it's the 90s again?

current status: getting irrationally pissy with crowdsupply instead of just being patient

current status @mastobikes

(marked sensitive to protect viewers from incapacitating envy)

all I really want for christmas is for modest mouse to stop making records

please, I'll pay money

A while back I made None Theme for VS Code, which just declares a dark theme and then sets no colors:

By popular demand I've now also made Nope Theme for VS Code, which just declares a light theme and then sets no colors:

what if the real "best names ever" list was the staff we alienated along the way

someone made a blog post claiming that bash scripts which do things like

stuff happens
cd $mydir

is "a waste of time" because scripts run in their own shells.

this is not true if you are *sourcing* the script:

$ sh
$ chmod +x; ./

behave as the blog post claims.

. ./

will leave you where the cd commands put you. the blog post completely ignores this fact; you should not.

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💌 I like email. There is no expectation that it is answered quickly, so I can check it once a day, and only on workdays. It's good both for short answers and long-form discussions, with one person or many. It's federated and at least partially decentralised. There's a client serving all kinds of needs, from phones to the command line.

gonna found a webshit company with a series of products designed to help people communicate, then issue strident blog edicts on what people should be allowed to say

i don't understand why they keep making video game movies, we've already seen perfection and all this stuff is just sad, halfassed attempts to reach even a fraction of the undiluted mastery on display in the One True Video Game Movie

If you're on the fence about applying to these jobs, let me tell you: we just banned meetings on Fridays

memo to people angry that TeX makes it tough to pixel-twiddle: please leave TeX alone; it's for people who want the computer to do that for us.

if you want to micromanage your typesetting software then Word and/or LibreOffice are selling what you're buying folks

just out of curiosity I was screwing around on burger king's website

if you add a 10-piece chicken nugget order, it won't let you proceed until you've selected a dipping sauce.

if you select 'none' it still won't let you proceed ... until you increase the QUANTITY of none to '2'

there is no indication that you must order double-nothing sauce, you just have to figure it out

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