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onboarding is like waterboarding but with bad ideas instead of water

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Come join the federation we have:

- Dozens of users

- Hundreds of instances

Dear Mastodon,

How the hell do I follow someone if their web UI doesn't have Mastodon's user-redirector crap?

I just want to paste a damn username into a text field and press 'follow.' How?

At long last, I've got the 1x11 drivetrain working on the Disc Trucker. Just waiting on that Swedish reuseable bartape to come in, and I think I can call the bike done...

I'm sick and tired of Steve Klabnik "hinting" at other people's horrific behavior he's just too demure and wholesome to discuss.

He is one of a handful of Extremely Online People in the software world who seem to have a hobby of shit-talking strangers without bringing receipts.

Here's an example of this hobby, where in this case the subject is (among other people) me:

Before you join the RESF siege against Unnamed Amazon Staff, evaluate your future comrades-in-arms.

Early-boot serial output from my MNT Reform laptop:

Any u-boot experts around who can suggest where I start learning what the hell u-boot is?

seeing they made another matrix movie caused me to reminisce about being in the theater in 1999, pissing off all my friends because I couldn't stop laughing at Ted "Theodore" Logan III kung-fu fighting Cowboy Curtis

This article:

and this article:

Are both based on a preprint paper, which has been updated since, and the update directly invalidates the claim in the news articles:

What do you think the chances are of these outlets updating their reporting?

my younger son turned ten and requested that he and his friends be allowed to watch the Blues Brothers outside on the 100" projector screen

My kid's second high school football game: he broke the school record for sacks. The school won't count it because he's a freshman. Also, I think he broke his wrist in the process. Again. They lost by two.

If you donate to Mozilla, make sure to specify in writing that your donation goes to Firefox development, so they don't decide to use that money to develop a Youtube competitor or whatever random shit they think will make them money this week.

2021 shaping up to be the year of the portable trackballed ARM devices

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I went camping in a remote state park in the middle of nowhere. I went to use the water supply and had to wait my turn because a former Secretary of Defense was getting water for his dog.

Her name's Daisy.

My friend spent hundreds of dollars on high-end carbon racing wheels for his bicycle only to find the whole world is out of stock on compatible tires

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SDF Plan9 Eternal Boot Camp continues with additional hardware - accessible from drawterm and your 9xen Plan9 slice. Contact 'glenda' for access.

I got a new cane, since the local police decided my last one was probably a weapon.

Apparently, a stick of wood with a brass handle is a weapon, but a forty-inch stick of titanium is an assistive device?

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Wishing you all a happy ED day 

$ date +"obase=16; %j" | bc

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