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You do not need to completely "quit Twitter" to use Mastodon. It's not a religion. I mean, if you want to quit Twitter, that's great.

But you can make an account, join an instance, talk to people, all that stuff. And if you find, as I did, that Masto is just *nicer* than Twitter, and suddenly you're not using Twitter as much anymore… well, there you go.

Some people are ready to quit commercial social media "cold turkey", while other people need to taper down.

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im so happy that the dems are making sure the fascist american colonial plantation project bans juuls to protect our health

One thing the USSC decision underscores to me is that being "process oriented" in is a failed approach.

The Right is not process-oriented—they are results-oriented. They decide what they want, then they figure out how to achieve it, and if that means breaking some laws, they either change the laws or just do it anyway. (See also: Uber.)

The US Left has generally been more about "trust the process" than working backwards from an end result. That needs to change.

I'm pretty sure that in The Art of Computer Programming, First Ed. (1969?), Knuth himself goes on a bit of a rant about compilers making programmers dumber.

Real programmers only need an assembler!

I think this was substantially toned-down in the later editions. 😒

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Some of the hot takes about 's new "Copilot" mirror some of the comments I've read in old journals about high-level languages, back when they were first introduced. Some programmers thought that it would put them out of work, by making so easy that any clerk could do it. They were wrong.

COBOL created the same worries, as did later visual and low-code tools like BPEL or EUML. (And others now forgotten.)

There's no substitute for actually knowing *how* to program a computer.

An update on the Philips Wiz WiFi Motion Sensor: with the help of a new soldering iron tip and some $12 Chinese magnifying glasses, I was able to solder some wires to the various ESP8266 pins and extract the firmware.

It's a good thing it wasn't a real surface-mount device, because the castellated package was about at the limit of my soldering abilities.

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I want to setup VPN access to some home services, I want advice on the right way to do this.

My home network uses a Ubiquiti USG-3P as the router. I also have an i3 530 running Ubuntu and an i3 8100 running OpenSUSE as servers.

Should I use the Ubiquiti VPN options or forward some ports and run VPN server software on the OpenSUSE box?


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In the early 1400s, Edward, Duke of York wrote a hunting and game guide that included a list of over a thousand "names for all manner of hounds."

Some good ones:


A paper including the list of names:

A copy of the manuscript at auction:

I was in a Lyft last weekend and the driver was listening to a podcast that was espousing Black and Indigenous economic liberation through crypto. 😬

“As long as Coke is making up flavors for abstract concepts, they should make a Capitalism flavor.”
“Wouldn’t that just taste like—“
“—Gowanus Canal water?”

CORRECTION: Those spam texts were actually from WhatsApp. The actual Signal spam was less creative.

The party responsible for the error has been… corrected.

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I don't read non-fiction as often as I probably should, but I'm looking forward to this book, which I had a rather hard time acquiring since it's out of print:

"Inventing Accuracy: A Historical Sociology of Nuclear Missile Guidance" by Donald MacKenzie

I've heard that it's surprisingly readable, given the subject matter. And I thoroughly enjoyed "Ignition!: An Informal History of Liquid Rocket Propellants" when I read it last year. Hopefully this will be similar.

Some of my spam “greatest hits”… seems like I’m one reply away from a Man With One Red Shoe situation.

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I get the weirdest spam texts. Not as weird as Signal spam, but still… there's no way this doesn't seem a bit sus, as the kids say.

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“He wondered now how many people were […] living their back-up plan; who were office drones or office cleaners, teachers, plumbers, shop assistants, IT mavens, priests and accountants only because rock and roll, football, movies and authordom hadn't panned out. And decided that the answer was everyone. Everyone wanted a life less ordinary. And only a tiny minority ever got it, and even they probably didn't appreciate it much.”

— Slow Horses (Mick Herron)

Going into the weekend I'm 1-for-2 on tech projects.

The $5 temp/humidity sensor (ESP8266 + DHT22) seems to be working well and feeding data into Home Assistant, which is cool. Gonna build a few more.

But my attempt to resurrect my old Dell XPS 13 laptop with are a dead end. Its Nvidia GPU has been dropped from support by Nvidia and removed from Debian Stable, and the open source drivers are barely usable (FF/Chrome both hang). Not sure if it's worth keeping as text-only.

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