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You do not need to completely "quit Twitter" to use Mastodon. It's not a religion. I mean, if you want to quit Twitter, that's great.

But you can make an account, join an instance, talk to people, all that stuff. And if you find, as I did, that Masto is just *nicer* than Twitter, and suddenly you're not using Twitter as much anymore… well, there you go.

Some people are ready to quit commercial social media "cold turkey", while other people need to taper down.

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Just got a message from my manager that was so passive-aggressive I reflexively opened LinkedIn and started looking for other jobs.

Guess they missed the memo about the unemployment rate being 3.5%, otherwise known as "nobody has to deal with your poor-social-skills bullshit longer than they want to".

One "solution" I've seen (esp. for Macbooks and esp. when they are brand new) is to put down a thin microfiber cloth—like one of those free glasses-cleaning cloths you get when buying cheap Zenni frames—over the keyboard before closing the laptop.

It adds a certain ritualistic charm to The Closing Of The Laptop.

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Really loving the effort someone put into setting up this company's LinkedIn...

(And no, the company definitely *isn't* GoDaddy.)


Managed to get all of today's letters but *none* of the positions, so it turned into a word-scramble.

415 5/6

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I wrote a script for a video about the evolution and history of the Emergency Alert System and how it relates to the broadcast industry (aka more effort at teaching you about it rather than slapping together a compilation of tests from the 1970s and 80s). It’s six pages long. I’m sorry in advance.

Not that those compilation videos of old EBS tests aren’t interesting, they just don’t teach anyone much.

#broadcastengineering #radio #EAS #EBS #CONELRAD #amateurradio #HamRadio

Anybody know where I can buy—or otherwise acquire—a single (or very small number of) M3x3mm flat head screws?

The hard drive bay cover on my is secured by a single screw, which apparently got lost at some point in the past. Currently it's held on with electrical tape, but it wiggles and is generally janky.

I'd like to fix it properly, but would prefer not to buy a whole mess of screws that I'll probably never have another use for.


Decided to do some digital curation this week, as a sort of zone-out activity in the evenings. Surprisingly rewarding.

One little game I'm playing is looking for my oldest file, without just searching mechanically for it.

(Obviously bogus dates like 1/1/70, 1/1/1904, 1/1/1900 don't count. But the fs metadata has to still be intact.)

So far, the oldest item is only from 2003, and it's this charming list of numeric commands for on your non-smart Verizon cellphone.

Tell me everyone in the building uses VOIP without telling me everyone in the building uses VOIP.

Spent a while dumping old documents hanging around unfiled on my hard drive into .

Haven't quite decided if I'll replace completely—I like Obsidian better in many ways, but mobile syncing is still better on Evernote—but it seems better for long-term, self-hosted, self-managed information management for sure.

Found an old term paper that I wrote for a Phil. of Law class in '02. My concluding paragraph:

> Whether the right to privacy will continue to be expanded to cover more activities […] remains to be seen. The jurisprudential underpinnings of _Griswold_ are by no means absolute, and as was aptly demonstrated in _Bowers_, the court is only ever one questionable decision away from uprooting years of established precedent.


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there is a point where signage goes from “informative” to “am i in the looney tunes universe now and what does the coyote want from me”

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As it happens, Amazon has assigned unique identifiers to virtually anything you might want to buy: the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number). What if a co-op created a database that cross-referenced ASINs with other inventory numbers (like UPCs and SKUs)? We could offer inventory control system plug-ins to merchants that automatically listed their inventory in a central, co-operatively managed database of what was for sale, where.


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When you see a sign like this, you can be fairly confident that you’re not paying for stock buybacks or the CEO’s private jet.

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Sorry to bother you. But if you want a nice day, this is possibly not something you want to read. 

Ok, the Chinese society makes me sick. Especially when "enjoy Japanese culture" is guilty and will be publicly humiliated.

I fixed my ten years old bicycle today, but I have no idea how to fix society and the people. The unsourced hate filled everyone (maybe the majority)'s brain. They hate rich people, they hate Japanese people, they hate Americans, they hate Trump and Biden, and they hate everyone who lives better than him, possibly the one they never met. And they indulgent violence against women (and LGTB+ people), against Ukrain civil, and against people who disagree with them. I post this in English. And hopefully, they don't have enough patience to read this. But society is going this way. And one day, the violence might be on me. Nobody can escape.

A lot of people suggest to me that I should move to another country. I can't. I just can't let it go. I still have friends and families. They won't move in the visible future or are too old to fit into a new society. They are my closest people. And I can't geographically estrange from them. I need them, and they need me, too.

I'm experiencing the change, but I can't accurately pinpoint why we're here. From the education I got, this feels not right. And what scared me more? The education is changed. When I was young, I was not told to hate people I had never met. I was told to be a human who could improve society. And the country is not the boundary. People from different countries can work together towards the same goal. Now the children start hating people they have never met, while they still like Japanese anime, American movies, etc. I don't know how they can be so contradictory, but this scared me. When they grow up, I can't imagine how society will be shaped by them.

And... Talking about "being a human who could improve society", I failed to do that. But I still try my best to be a good person, a healthy friend. I would share happiness and sadness with my family and friends. I would try my best to help them when I need, without accounting for how much I would spend and get. (So, as a computer science student, the most frequent thing I do is fixing others computers, routers, networks, LOL)

I wrote a lot in this post. I don't know what I want to express; I just wrote what I think while typing. It will possibly change nothing, or maybe the police would ask(force) me to delete this post or arrest me because of this post. I don't know. I'm just speaking, and it's my right (for now).

Anyway, I'm finished. And now it's midnight in UTC+8. Goodnight to all reached here. And thank you for your reading and your time. Have a nice day :)

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