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I thought for i would dig out my model 4 from storage and get it working. I remember there being a problem with the keyboard.

Well I guess I already did that. The keyboard works and it looks like I swapped the broken key with the 2nd enter. And there where 2 cpm floppy’s in the drives that work fine. Maybe I should start a project so I can keep this stuff organized lol

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Finally got my internal clock 6809 in the mail. Now I can finish up my little computer

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Motorola sure did go through lots of package changes on the 26th week of 1991 🤔 🙄

My coco running lots of new hardware now. Membrane keyboard replaced with a PCB that uses real switches. The 2 custom IC chips replaced with open source daughter boards.

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This is a little reminder that out there in the wild storms of the internets hides a tiny, little #z80 based #bbs, operated by an enthusiastic nostalgic (me) waiting for other #retrocomputing fans to share, laugh and enjoy a little bit of those good old days, when the emphasis was on "social", not "media" and 1.44 MB were considered a *very large* transfer volume.

So feel free to visit "RC-BOX", the world's first and (currently only) #rc2014 based bulletin board system !!

Dial (Telnet, e.g. with PuTTY or Syncterm): rc2014bbs (dot) ddns (dot) net on TCP Port: 2014

#rc2014bbs #rc2014 #bbsing #8bitcomputer #z80a

Lots of cool home brew stuff lately in the CoCo world. And now its spreading to the Dragon side!
A Dragon 64 from scratch. And the person even published the files needed to 3D print the case and key caps :)


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Anyone know where I could get a clear plastic case made? 🤔

My C128 Neo is currently in this original case, but it deserves something unique to it I feel.

Doing a little time sharing on the ol' coco with NitrOS9

User running basic09 on main system terminal. 2nd user able to log in via rs232.

More info about NitrOS9:

Working on de-nuking the color scheme a little on the coco.. got inverse mode kinda working... not really lol.
Guess my inverter made out of a 2222 npn transistor isn't fast enough.

Youtube user Rocky Hill posted a video testing his home made CoCo2 today. All with easy to get off the shelf parts. He reverse engineered the 2 custom chips and made replacement for them. All PCB gerber files and schematics are GNU and on his github. Its now possible to make a new coco2 with out pillaging old machines for parts :)


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I can now announce that I will be mounting a display on atomic energy at the upcoming World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago. I will have a 3×6 meter booth with two tables and two art boards for display items.

Now I need badges and stickers to give away, table drapes, and so on. Any contributions of support will be received with gratitude, and if you leave me your mailing address, acknowledged with premiums and space stamps.


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Living Computer Museum has upgraded their Multics from MR12.6f to MR12.7. Login as Tourist password tourist on ssh.livingcomputers.org:4443 to BLINK the LIGHTS and experience Multics on the 6180

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Today's chip fun comes courtesy of this magic device: the Vic 20 Hyper Expander designed by @svenpetersen191 😎

Up to 37k memory plus EPROM capability. Highly configurable too.

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