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Still got that stupid battery in your machine? Maybe you have already taken it out and want the RTC back up and running in your ? We got you covered. Get yours over at retrorewind.ca.

P.S. This batch is just for my private collection (I WISH!).

Ran across my old BASIC stamp stuff when I was looking for something else. The cables, books, and floppy. But sadly not the actual STAMP IC 🙄 I had lots of fun messing with these back in the day. I see Parallax actually still sells them. Kinda pricey compared to modern stuff. Tempting 🤔

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:google: Click the boats.
:elliotmanic2: I'm not clicking the boats.
:google: You know how we feel about your user-agent.
:elliotmad: I'm not clicking the boats.
:google: Click the boats, bigot.
:elliotfurious: I'M NOT CLICKING THE BOATS
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At 7 PM Eastern time today (23z00) I will be appearing on the Thingularity Radio Hour, WGXC 90.7 FM community radio out of Acra, New York, presented by the Catskill Makerspace. Tune in!


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Oh Wow!

palmdb.net has goodies I haven't seen anywhere else!

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Institutions are bad at caring for people.

This is about as well established as anything can be.

And yet, human cultures keep on creating institutions & expecting them to care for people.

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Happy 20th anniversary to #Windows XP and almost 20th to this iconic #WindowsXP installation photo! #WinXP (It was yesterday, but...)

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Found out about FreeBee, an emulator for the AT&T PC7300 3B1 UNIX computer, via the UNIX bulletin board on @SDF. All the instructions to download all the necessary bits and the source itself were included, so here it is running on my Raspberry Pi 4!

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If you have a TTY/TTD device and want to give it a try, I have one set on auto-answer mode at 484.996.1337. Feel free to leave a message!

Here is a photo of me connecting to it via a baudot-compatible modem.

My stack of blank M-Disc DVD's is getting thin 😕 and they don't make them anymore. The Cloud conquers all it seems.

I tried Netbsd on the pi back in the 7.x days and it wasn’t really working. But they have come a long way now and 9.2 works great so far. Way better fit on the $5 Pi Zero then the heavy official Linux distro.


Helped a family member set up a OOma Telo voip device and noticed it talked about "DATA and FAX" mode. You can select ulaw and alaw codac's with prefix *98 or *99

Hmm.. Yep! it works for dialup modem. Was able to dial in to SDF at 1200baud and it was rock stable!

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The ISS International Space Station is doing SSTV Slow Scan TV. Here is my setup.

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