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Looks like I too lost some followers after the instance upgrade. If you interacted with me before, let's reconnect since that was beyond my control.


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Since it's a new year, a refresh for those new or want to get a reminder of who I'm about:

Here's some hashtags to what I'm all about. If you relate to any of these, I would love to interact with you all!

And more!

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BULLETIN: A federal judge has set a tentative trial hearing date of Big Publishing's lawsuit against the Internet Archive on November 2021.

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Activists rally to save Internet Archive as a lawsuit from publishers threaten to shut it down

If people are smart, it's time to archive the Archive right now. In other words, fork it and turn it unto a decentralized platform. I hope someone out there is working on that.

Plus you have to think libraries need some decentralization as well as this lawsuit could kill libraries as we know them.

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Publishers/authors are trying to officially kill the Internet Archive

It's become very clear that these publishers and authors want to kill libraries and it would be a dangerous precedent if they win.

For example: libraries never needed permission to lend books, and these same publishers are trying to change that with this suit.

So getting into my annual report on my projects done this week and it's been mostly a good year in terms of that.

Sometines, something good works out well. Today is a example in terms of a person that I know has fully recovered after a serious injury.

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This weekend my daughter went to continue reading an ebook she has available to her from her public elementary school on the Epic Reading Platform

She got an error message saying that the book was only available on school days and to read on the weekend she would need to subscribe for $9.99/month.

Listening to some Complementary Jazz, which is a secret obsession of mine for the last 30 years or so.

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It looks like a update at the end of 2021 caused a number of instances from other parts of the to lose follower/following status from SDF users. I lost about half of the accounts I was following and a somewhat smaller proportion of followers.

If I was following you, or you were following me, and the connection was lost, it wasn't intentional! Please re-follow or remind me that I used to follow. I'd hate to lose that good or content!

If you're in the US, you have to contact your elected officials on this because what the is doing that will soon require to use a third-party for profit service called id dot me to do business with the IRS online is going to be a total disaster to our , , and . Here's a birdsite thread (via nitter) on this.

Main article is here:

I saved a website that has several candles and now it suddenly 404ed.

I can guess they're quietly shut down which is a shame.

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Astronaut Mark Kelly once smuggled a full gorilla suit on board the International Space Station. He didn't tell anyone about it. One day, without anyone knowing, he put it on... #ISS

A update thread on the over in the EU which would affect people like you and me globally eventually.

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🇬🇧 Huge successes and major setbacks after the vote on the #DigitalServicesAct. We won backing for a right to use services anonymously, but there will be mandatory 📱number registration for adult content creators.

Find out who supported and who opposed your digital rights 🧵⬇

birdsite - ponzi scheme 

To simplify for you, they just launched their N/F/T tools.

More from Andi McClure here:

This was in the works since last September:

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It's days like today makes me glad I'm in fedi more often than on the birdsite.

You all know what they just did today...

Nice that ProtonMail stripped tracking pixels in emails now although it's in the desktop only for now. It was mostly requested by most folks me included so nice to see that.

If you have a G Suite free legacy account, it's now time to start paying or lose account access.

Glad I didn't fall for this back in 2009.

1Password has raised a $620 million Series C with a $6.8 billion valuation. It's become very clear that they have abandoned the consumer users that made them in the first place and they have put their focus on business and enterprise customers first. It's sad on what they have become.

Upgraded my self-hosted Nextcloud to be a bit more responsive and cleaner on the structure side. Feels good!

I just pinned my post on lost following/followers on the instance and the same applies.

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Around Dec 31/Jan 1 the configuration change/upgrade to Mastodon 3.4.4 resulted in inadvertent disconnections with some instances (two named: and and with locked accounts of other instances.
Users of other instances might not notice this disconnect.
I 'lost' roughly 43% of following/followers since Jan 1. If we've interacted, and you have a locked account outside my local instance, DM me so I can refollow you if necessary.

Got some new audio wired headphones that fit very well thanks to a sale happening in a electronics store where I live. I like it quite a ton!

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