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Since it's a new year, a refresh for those new or want to get a reminder of who I'm about:

Here's some hashtags to what I'm all about. If you relate to any of these, I would love to interact with you all!

And more!

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BULLETIN: A federal judge has set a tentative trial hearing date of Big Publishing's lawsuit against the Internet Archive on November 2021.

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Activists rally to save Internet Archive as a lawsuit from publishers threaten to shut it down

If people are smart, it's time to archive the Archive right now. In other words, fork it and turn it unto a decentralized platform. I hope someone out there is working on that.

Plus you have to think libraries need some decentralization as well as this lawsuit could kill libraries as we know them.

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Publishers/authors are trying to officially kill the Internet Archive

It's become very clear that these publishers and authors want to kill libraries and it would be a dangerous precedent if they win.

For example: libraries never needed permission to lend books, and these same publishers are trying to change that with this suit.

We may have just seen the end of rooting on Android:

Makes buying a PinePhone and a Librem 5 mean even more now...

Planning on going out expansionally for the first time in 15 months. A good feeling.

Yet another mega merger could take place as Amazon might acquire MGM:

I get a whole gut feeling that this is only going to be the start of MergerMania running wild post-pandemic where there will be a lot of moves like this on every industry and antitrust can't keep up.

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Apple vs. Epic trial 

“Mr. Schiller, are you a gamer?”

“I think so."

Reality: He really isn't

Spending this night looking at plans when I get funky vaxxed. Glad to have getting out of the house more expansively.

covid - vaccine 

Nearly back to my normal self, not as bad as feared.

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Time to revive Lacus Shephard again for one more Mass Effect run.

covid - vaccine 

Update: Turns out so far a sore arm but no major side effects thus far. More tomorrow.

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A 20m antenna in Bochum was used to listen in on the Tianwen-1 orbiter and lander during yesterday's Mars landing. The analysis based on the radio signals is fascinating:

covid - vaccine 

Mission Complete!

Now the waiting begins...

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today devs get 100% of revenue on itch, so and I have put our games together in a bundle~!

you get Marshmallow in Fruit Land, Super Climb Up, Pizza Time Explosion, and Pyo, all for $5~! and you support a couple of trans gamedevs~

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Бронзы Бить Café 80s 42 - Scanning between the lines

The 80s may have superficially mirrored the 50s’ conservative pop consumerism more than the 60s’ idealistic open-minded adventurism, but the psychedelic aesthetic was by no means dead. Not only did it boil potently below the surface, often times it influenced mainstream sounds, sometimes rearing its head in the open.

Trip out with Bronzie and the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew at at 00:00 utc

All are welcome! 🧡💜💚☮️🦄👽

covid - vaccine 

Today's the day I'll get my second vaccine shot. It's been a long road.

FragAttacks: Security flaws in all Wi-Fi devices -

Must-read folks, huge stuff.

covid - CDC 

Sorry CDC.

I'm still masking up since you just don't know who is/who isn't vaccinated and not taking any risks.

uspol - economy 

A must-read if you care about the US economy and it's shortcomings.

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