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Since many users are joining today and over the next few days/weeks, a refresh for those new or want to get a reminder of who I'm about:

Here's some hashtags. If you relate to any of these and more, I would love to interact with you all!

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Just as I have feared for years that a EU -like bill makes its way towards the US.

Tillis and Leahy are officially introducing a bill that would effectively kill the internet for Hollywood's benefit and it's called the .

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So the is back in the proposal stage. This would be a huge killer blow to not only our and but our online freedom of expression all at once.

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Looks like I too lost some followers after the instance upgrade. If you interacted with me before, let's reconnect since that was beyond my control.


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Activists rally to save Internet Archive as a lawsuit from publishers threaten to shut it down

If people are smart, it's time to archive the Archive right now. In other words, fork it and turn it unto a decentralized platform. I hope someone out there is working on that.

Plus you have to think libraries need some decentralization as well as this lawsuit could kill libraries as we know them.

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USPol A modest proposal 

Thank Cthulhu, smart(er) people than I were way ahead of me. Here are a few resources, including links to donation pages:

And The Satanic Temple is already mounting legal challenges left right and center, Beelzebuth bless their hearts:

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In other developments, I had to get some last minute adjustments and polishes to my sliding project after a client didn't like the layout. Sigh...

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For folks looking, you can search for local abortion funds here:

US Pol - SCOTUS - Human Rights 

Oh by the way, prepare for your electronic devices to be pawns in the radical right as it'll be weaponized against you...

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US Pol - SCOTUS - Human Rights 

The future and the state of the US is so grim that this is going to get even worse over the next few years and there's a possibility that the America I knew is dead forever.

I would love to be wrong on this, but it doesn't look good considering that the GOP is likely going to take back Congress because most Americans are so stupid to realize that their No. 1 midterm strategy is attacking LGBTQIA+ people and accusing Dems of killing children.

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US Pol - SCOTUS - Human Rights 

As the radical right taking over this country piece by piece and as I have said this morning, this is only the beginning.

Now that Roe v. Wade is killed, expect other precedents to fall such as Obergefell v. Hodges, Lawrence v. Texas, Griswold v. Connecticut, NYT v. Sullivan, and even Loving v. Virginia among others over the next few years and the US is on it's way to becoming like Hungary, possibly triggering a second Civil War...


I feel today is the beginning of the end for any human rights and its only the beginning.

Belle Film 

My reaction to Belle after finally watching it: not Hosoda-san's best (actually one of his weakest) but acceptable.

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Senators Lummis and Gillibrand put the text of their proposed crypto legislation on Github, and the first comment is from a person with a Pepe avatar writing "Taxation is theft! Eliminate the FED!!!"

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Apple & Google track you, no matter how hard you try: "Both iOS and Google Android transmit telemetry, despite the user explicitly opting out of this. iOS sends the MAC addresses of nearby devices, e.g. other handsets and the home gateway, to Apple together with their GPS location. Users have no opt out from this and currently there are few, if any, realistic options for preventing this data sharing."

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Consumer watchdog eyes crackdown on credit card late fees as inflation threatens to increase them

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau signaled Wednesday it may try to rewrite rules governing fees for late credit card payments, with the aim of saving cardholders billions of dollars a year.

More than 175 million Americans hold at least one credit card, according to the CFPB. In 2019, consumers paid $26 for each late payment, on average.

For the first time since October 23, 1993 (which was the original air date), Joel is going to do a riff on a regular episode this Friday. What a glorious time...

A only future seems more realistic and likely by the day, which this post describes what a future with it being the sole browsing option would look like.

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So let me get this straight:

Github scanned a bunch of open source projects.

They trained an AI with it.

They basically ignored the licenses and tried to shove a "because we are basically copying GPL code, it doesn't mean the result is GPL".

And now they are charging for it?

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Lots of understandable concern today as #Microsoft #GitHub announced their new #Copilot availability today. Probably worth a reminder that @conservancy has convened a working group on #ethics, #licensing, and other related issues, especially for #FreeSoftware and #OpenSource contributors.

Perhaps you or others may want to join or read more?

Boosts welcome! :boost_requested:

Mini projects over the next two weeks which I had to get a client to get a coding and basics pitch plus a Kotlin lesson which isn't easy as you might think.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

The old saying that it's still relevant even today.

There was a altercation nearby my home and had to check it out. Thankfully it was only a minor accident and everyone is okay even the cars.

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