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Activists rally to save Internet Archive as a lawsuit from publishers threaten to shut it down

If people are smart, it's time to archive the Archive right now. In other words, fork it and turn it unto a decentralized platform. I hope someone out there is working on that.

Plus you have to think libraries need some decentralization as well as this lawsuit could kill libraries as we know them.

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Publishers/authors are trying to officially kill the Internet Archive

It's become very clear that these publishers and authors want to kill libraries and it would be a dangerous precedent if they win.

For example: libraries never needed permission to lend books, and these same publishers are trying to change that with this suit.

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For those new or want to be reaquainted, here's some hashtags to what I'm all about. If you relate to any ot these, I would love to meet you!

I always love looking at the die of processors. This read is no different. It's a Intel 8086 microprocessor

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Internet Explorer needs to be killed already. Like now.

This really is an excellent piece and surprisingly from a mainstream news outlet, it was well researched.

Especially that it correctly points out that is NOT the DMCA.

uspol, encryption 

"A backdoor for law enforcement is a backdoor for bad actors as well."

Tech trade groups, cyber experts, and civil-society groups warn the Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act's sponsors about the dangers of this anti-encryption bill:

This is what's going to happen if you all don't act now.

I feel Big Theater must die now. A long overdue time.

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Since the closing of the Liviing Computer Museum (LCM), I've found a few tempered comments from (former) employees and volunteers. This, from the incomparable Josh Dersch, is one of the sadder ones :-(

Some bit of good news: SCOTUS sided with consumers on no longer letting debt collectors making robocalls to people's phones.

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“Hearing-centric design in video chat apps”

Comparing Discord, Google Hangouts, Google Meet, Houseparty, Jitsi Meet, Skype, Zoom.

In general: cropping, chat overlays affected ASL. Captions meh. Screen sharing kills video feed.

I had to do some registry editor changes on one of my computer which has Windows 10 Pro due to some changes that Microsoft has made. If you have Pro/Enterprise/Edu you should read this in order to defer updates going forward.

One Ethernet port after another.

Testing after Testing.

All Go.

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money (-), need help 

Hey, I am a disabled queer suffering from trauma and I've basically reached the end of my ability to work (the little I was capable of) until I deal with my trauma and related things in some way. I've been running on empty for a very long time.

This month I announced that Mutant Standard is on hiatus and I refunded everyone for this month in case they aren't on board with this so I'm set back already.

Any help is much appreciated, I'm really sorry.

Illegal fireworks and legal fireworks combined and for a moment, we may be invaded by a Brotherhood of Steel

Sixpoint beer and several sandwiches for my holiday dinner and Vinyl records. Fitting night!

For those who are celebrating the Fourth safely I hope, here’s some Muppets for ya.


At this point, shutting down all sports is surely the best move.

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Is there a way to share internet connectivity from linux laptop to ubports phone? I have a Nexus 5 with dead Wi-Fi and no matching sim card to get at least some connectivitty...

#lazyweb #question #linux

Random bartender when there's a crisis: "Prepare to Please Stand By"

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