Time to make "art" thanks in part to libcaca. I'm actually just trying to convert normal vidya game art to colored ascii text.

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I mean have you been to the Internet, ssh? People are doing nasty things there all the time

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Just updated my Philadelphia-based network infrastructure exploration site with new things I found on the street, networksofphilly.org

It also keeps an index of various surveillance-based info requests open with the city police.

Consider starting one for your city!

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Try writing a page or two of your thoughts down first thing in the morning.

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Follow @gnupropaganda for all your open source brain washing needs.

SystemD is a threat to our freedoms.
Even windows is joining the cause by using the Linux kernel.

Remember. No DOS.


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Asking for help with small things is a great way to build up the confidence to ask for help with bigger things, too!

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We need more ads like shit. Holy crap look how clean, efficient, and sleek they make making these devices look.


How to get Hori controllers working on Steam. (hoping it will work on my powerA controllers)


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@cwebber @maloki

frankly, i don’t think the biggest problem with web is the governance structure. the “standard tech” is slow, heavy, and poorly designed from its roots. even after massive investments from multiple large organizations. now the complexity is so high that even microsoft has pulled out of the browser race. mozilla is still around for ideological reasons, but they will have a hell of a time keeping up.

we need intentionally simple protocols for building portable, modular, network applications. not ..whatever web has become.
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