**Scientists solve mystery of icy plumes that may foretell deadly supercell storms**

"The most devastating tornadoes are often preceded by a cloudy plume of ice and water vapor billowing above a severe thunderstorm. New research reveals the mechanism for these plumes could be tied to 'hydraulic jumps' -- a phenomenon Leonardo Da Vinci observed more than 500 y…"


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"Not sure if they're looking for an employee or a god"

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you think coming out as gay is hard? try telling people you like pineapple on pizza. see how much acceptance you get from the "tolerant" left.

**Human, swine waste pose dual threats to water quality after flooding**

"A study that monitored surface waters in the wake of 2018's Hurricane Florence finds that waters contaminated by fecal bacteria were affected by both human and swine waste."


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Don't let the media lie to you the Asus ROG 5 has support for LDAC. when I pair it to my new Sony A55 it sees LDAC no problem.

LDAC has been in the android kernel since android 8.0 and uses Bluetooth 5.0

This is going to be a very exciting opportunity to contribute to Tor's (@torproject) documentation! Come, join us! (1/n) #DocsHackathon


Listen to an audio book. There are lots of public domain ones here: librivox.org/

KRDC is awesome. So glad I use it in lxqt. Copying stuff through rdp from Linux like nothing. 🤣👍

Ayy my old generic mechanical keyboard still works.
Just needs to be dusted. But Bluetooth works fine.

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