to suspend automatically without too much trouble.

A DE like GNOME really does a lot out of the box like autolocking, imo better bluetooth controls, just better for on-the-go stuff.

Either way, I find myself using GNOME on laptops and openbox on the desktop, so I'm kind of a multi-DE/WM user. Anyone else like this?

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Anyone else out there use multiple WMs/DEs?


I find myself leaning towards using a more "full featured" (read: heavy handed) DE which in my case is GNOME when I'm using a laptop - since it is a keyboard based DE and I tend to enjoy it.

But on my desktop I really prefer just plain ole openbox. Honestly the configurability + speed is just great.

xautolock works great on the desktop - but when it comes to laptops its _just not quite enough_ because I really would like my laptop (...)

why do I always go from mechanical keyboard <-> thinkpad external keyboard. They're both great in their own ways but I can't seem to make up my mind!

tfw checking logs of new service deployed _right before PTO_ and there are 0 errors after 2 weeks πŸ‘Œ

following up: i missed the ritual of sipping coffee while catching up in the morning. very zen.

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after being away for longer than a week it's quite hard to come back to work. Not that I'm dissatisfied with my job or anything but going from vacation mode to work mode again is always kind of a jolt to the brain.

100+ emails
slack is one big '!'

Has anyone else been getting a metric butt-load of recruiter spam recently? I went from getting maybe ~1 per week to getting multiple per day.

Some even follow up less than a week later.

It's maddening.

after giving gnome 40 the ole' college try it looks like I'm going to go back to a more "hybrid" DE approach - gnome is great on the laptop (ie when I am forced to use a touchpad), but openbox has won me over again for kb/trackball motions.

I do like the look of 40 admittedly, but miss the vertical workspaces. A LOT!

Theres something about coming back from PTO and kinda forgetting how to troubleshoot and slowly getting it back thats horrifying - but also saddening. I was only gone a week really, and all of a sudden I can't read error messages properly anymore? WTF Brain?!

Is it weird that the main thing I miss from my OSX days (basically '14 up until they announced the touchbar macs, yuck) is "Dash" the doc browser?

We have Zeal on linux and it works great but crashes on wayland and the developer is basically nonexistent sadly. I'm trying out dasht (dash for terminal) and in the meantime - but they definitely aren't as polished as the Dash mac application. I gladly paid for it and used it daily! Not sure why offline doc tools aren't more common.



Not sure when it happened but the fact that bluetooth now *stays on* when I toggle airplane mode when I have my headphones 🎧 connected on 11 is SICK!

No more awkward re-connect when about to take off! πŸ›«

Even with the brewing shitstorm of changing mastodon's "Toot" to "Post" all I can think about is how thankful I am for Mastodon and the fact that we can have _open discourse_ about this change.

With traditional SaaS we would get no say, and that would just be normal. With mastodon we actually get to talk about it and even *gasp* influence certain changes! What a concept.

>cracks knuckles
> `dlv debug`

(((loud hacker noises)))

gotta say I'm pretty happy with the teeny telegram bot i made over the last week. I can forward it URLs of basically any video, and it queues them up in my MPV instance using the --ytdl option.

Now when my wife spams me with 7 tiktoks over night I can just forward them all and enjoy them rather than the click + alt-tab dance!

tfw M$'s vscode repo is downloading at a STAGGERING 90KB/s

why is dunst such a good notification daemon. exactly what i need for my openbox setup!

is it bad that I'm listening to music during the retrospective :| absolutely worst meeting ever

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