good lord why is redis so good. not only is it a great k/v store, it can now be used like kafka via xreadgroup???? WTF

sometimes it feels good to take charge in a meeting. I hate doing it all the time - but you can feel the respect that usually comes with it especially when _no one else_ wants to actually lead.

instead of sitting there scratching your head why you have to use 'interface{}' everywhere, perhaps you should re-think if Go is the best tool for the job when its obvious you really would rather be using a dynamically typed language.

here we go again. still talking about logging. 2 weeks later. ho boy.

pm just asked 'do we work on bugs' no we don't actually we just produce features, sorry. just as agile intended.

not very many 'senior engineers' that can take 3-4 weeks to set up a different logging mechanism for an application. but apparently we found one on my team. ugh.

I'm an asshole but I'll say it again: I hate working with people who have only ever used rails. the idea of being 'freed' from a framework apparently means they don't know anything. they just know the framework. wow.

sometimes working with other devs who have never coded anything other than Rails is annoying. Like yes technically its a controller, but in Go world we call it a handler. or whatever you want. we aren't bound to the framework anymore!!!

I'm sorry but no, retrying the same thing (with the same input) over and over again and hoping for different results is not 'investigating the problem'

TIL that 'xargs -l' can replace 'for i in ' most of the time for my usage, I liked xargs before but now I REALLY like it.

coding Go on a model M keeb make me feel like its straight out of the 80s. This is awesome!

the oracle cloud 'free forever' trial is so tempting....but do i trust oracle...the answer is basically always no tbh

it is so depressing to find out that a community you joined on discord isn't _actually_ into talking about tech, only games...

it does make me happy to see the /list output of grow in popularity significantly since the last time i checked. so many big communities!

its a good thing its friday because I've had enough of this crap for today and definitely need a few days off.

there will always be a _huge_ difference between developers who blindly read just enough documentation to get something done (read as: copy code snippets and mush around variables until it works) and developers who read the documentation _to understand_ what is going on, and then use that knowledge to accomplish the same task.

when there is a bug in 6 months the former dev will have NO IDEA what is going on and not be able to troubleshoot, the latter will be able to much more easily.

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