I think the biggest telltale sign that I’m slightly bored with my job is wanting to completely redo a bunch of code at home to be significantly more complicated just for the fun of it. It doesn’t help that I’m off for a month for parental leave.

Why have a tiny go program and systemd timers when you could design something that does it all with Elixir+OTP system? /s

oh the joys of profiling on a friday afternoon! nothing quite as satisfying as finding and fixing a memory leak.

i swear the more i use redis the more i enjoy it. something that is as simple as a k/v store but also has lists, hashes, and even kafka-esque streams??? in a small format??? sign me the hell up!

playing around with cgo today. It's remarkably easy to call C code from Go. This could come in very nicely someday!

oh how i love go channels and contexts. the more i use them the more i cant live without them!

Getting really frustrated with Google's shit on this pixel 4a. It was working mostly swimmingly for the past 1.5 years (since launch) and after the latest update it decides to hang all the time. Hopefully can survive until the 6a inevitably comes out.

The backup iPhone 7 in my drawer is faster upon a comparison. What the heck!


Today is one of those days where it feels like the toil of writing tests outweighs their benefits. By a lot.

I'd rather write e2e integration tests than mock the everloving fuck out of everything for that warm fuzzy. And even then this warm fuzzy doesn't actually fix anything - it only warns on changed behavior where 80% of the time you just....update the test rather than the test catching a bug.

...also just realized I am using my new (to me) keyboard to look at other keyboards already. Poor thing!

getting a new mechy keeb is always a gateway back into this hobby that is....alarmingly addictive.

I now have mostly 87 key boards but a planck is starting to look awfully tempting at the moment.

slack, google chat, telegram, discord, and IRC.

Is this enough chat clients? probably. Am I happy about it? Not really. Of all of these the only ones I can say I actually like are IRC (duh) and Telegram (great clients, easy to write bots). The rest are either ok (gchat) or just plain bad (slack, discord)

I know I will get crucified for some of these - but its just my opinion!

Admittedly I really do think the idea behind Twitter spaces is pretty cool, kind of like a live ad-hoc podcast if you will.

But the fact that currently it seems like the only people who do them are crypto bros and NFT shills completely decimates the validity of the feature.

Yo can I get a crypto crash one of these days....my GPU is starting to artifact. The ole rx550 has served me well for all these years.

And I'd rather not buy a 3+yr old used GPU for $500 💀

days like today I really appreciate gmail's old HTML view. It's speedy even on a 600kbps hotspot!

ok yeah memory is getting to be cheap...$500 for 128gb of ddr4!

the sheer amount of people that argue that Go is a bad language is kind of daunting...yes it has its warts (usually when compared to the do-know-wrong crab language) but idk its easy to just get shit done in it even if it has limitations.

Reminds me of the quote that becomes more and more apparent the longer I get in my career:

'There are 2 types of languages, those that everyone bitches about, and those that nobody actually uses'

feeling cold this winter? just run 'cargo build --release' and you'll be fixed right up!

hmm. so turning _off_ hardware acceleration makes Slack bearable on every computer I own including the craptastic Celeron Thinkpad.

I know Linux defies logic a lot of ways - but this is not one of the things I expected at all.

i swear the hardest thing about being an adult is remembering to drink water...chugging coffee in the morning? Easy! I need the bean juice. Drink 1-2 cups in the afternoon because dehydration is extremely hard on your body? nahhh....I forgot again

Incredibly useful and if Telegram ever goes rogue I am going to have a very hard time with it.

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