tfw deleting over 1gb of project files, my git folder lookin skinny!

always satisfying when you _actually_ start using 6+ cores and 20GB+ RAM for something running locally.


it's one thing to add a new tool to a container by downloading a statically linked Go binary (super convenient), it's another thing to _not even check if the tool is in the repositories_

come the hell on. we're already installing stuff with dnf, why not just tack the tool on the end rather than a curl + mv RUN command!

the fact that chromeOS remembers _all_ open windows when rebooting is something I never knew I needed in my life

tfw you have more USB-C chargers + adapters than USB-A blocks

always nice to read another person enjoying GNOME on linux.

I love linux for its flexibility but it seems like the minute I mention I ues GNOME certain people seem to think you're lesser or something. I know it's a vocal minority and most people sans distro hoppers and ricers don't really care - but it's still disheartening to get that reaction.

why would you write some complex nested function(s) that yeild what the nested function yields etc instead of just writing a damn iterator. literally explain it to me I don't get it. is writing a new iterator really harder to understand than this?

gotta love the days when you have stuff you really want to get done but instead you get to have fun deploying things!

note: do not run `git clean -fdx` without having enough caffeine first. good thing i have backups 💾

Addendum: I have (slowly) been going back to having each controller be self-contained. the amount of code I'm deleting is nuts and the code is easier to follow. Very satisfying.

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Would you rather:

- have tiny controller actions that are much the same across all controllers, so updating them is kind of tedious but not too bad

- spend days/weeks writing super generic AR code to figure out model relations and then have all of the controllers inherit from mixins, that way its hell to read the code


My current project started with the latter. I am baffled. Why would you spend time writing SUPER generic AR code when you could just...use the `rails g`enerated code?

honestly, the fact that I can download 25GB in ~20 minutes is just so insane. I used to download individual songs at 10 minutes plus PER SONG. the future is now and we are living it.

tfw b0rked home dir perms with rsync. damn thing

gnome 40 

on top of that the "hide top bar" extension I've been using forever got updated as well, so my workflow is mostly back to normal. really enjoying the new GNOME!

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gnome 40 

there are now extensions for:
- vertical overview ; to go back to the "old" layout which I prefer in my smooth brain
- blur my shell ; to make the overview more A E S T H E T I C
- Workspace Switch Wraparound ; to make the bottom workspace jump to the top. This one might have existed before, but I got really addicted to the openbox workspace wrap feature so I definitely need it now in GNOME.

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gnome 40 

wow, and just like that (openbox not fucking turning off my monitor and leaving it on all night AGAIN) I'm back on GNOME 40 and enjoying it.

the fact that my "budget" phone which is a Pixel 4a can handle:
1) being on a google meet (running in split-screen mode)
2) chatting through slack at the same time

is just wild. years ago anything that was less than flagship would have basically struggled to just run video chats.

It's really nice to be able to get a _good_ mobile experience for less than $400.

is there a phrase "client wars" for irc client arguments? akin to editor wars just way less common?

i can honestly say _THE_ differentiator between an 'ok' developer and a 'good' developer is purely the ability to look at documentation and figure out the docs are wrong (by actually reading the man pages or help text) vs just hopping on slack and saying 'why isnt this command working'

reading help text isn't even hard...or reading the error message for that matter

starting to need to make the distinction between work pc and play pc...having a hard time separating at the end of the day.

Maybe now it's time for the whole "separate users" situation like I used to do when I was forced to use winderps for work. That way at least all my work source etc will pollute my work profile's home directory rather than it all being one conglomerate.

I got away with this for 3.5yrs though so maybe I just need a break altogether.

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