are they called 'bollards' because that's where it's likely to hit you if you accidentally walk into one?

mh +/- 

venting about superglue, i say a dirty word 

🎵 don't go petting service dogs
please stick to the kittens and the puppers you're used to 🎵

The Scotty Margin: what engineers add so that other, less cautious engineers do not exceed limits as often

your meditation for today 

your meditation for today 

I think I worked out how Tom Hanks is going to work peeing into the Mr. Rogers biopic. 

that's me in the garbage

that's me in the trash, bin

boosting all these shitposts

You ever hate that moment of indecision right _after_ you've typed in your desired username? In this case I told it it was being silly.

sometimes i think i want a account. but then, keeping track of many accounts is hard...

Also kudos to whoever thought of the "delete and redraft" option for toots. <3

I don't take enough time off. I need to devise a better system for determining when and how to use time off.

I need.... to start planning my next block of PTO

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