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victory!! i finally figured out the biggest gripe i had with how my remodeling of the 9front ui was going: these weird gaps between the "screen" of a window in the border. because this is a hardcoded value in libdraw, everything needs to be re-compiled. but it works and now i can go on to the remaining visual glitches plaguing acme!

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when calling the TrackPoint™-style pointer by its most formal name, you might come to the realization that… really, why is it called a TrackPoint?

…and why is the TrackPoint on a ThinkPad called the TrackPoint II, III, or IV?

…because there was an original TrackPoint, the mouse IBM sold for the L40 SX, you see. (pic #1)

but it’s not just a mouse. it’s also a trackball. (pic #2) trackball, pointer. track, point. TrackPoint.

and then they reused the trademark on something completely unrelated.

now you know!


Just installed the NeuG USB True Random Number Generator (from

I'm not sure if it will actually help but it seems to be cool to have that thing in my computer. 😋

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btw yesterday all battery pack PCBs for MNT Reform batch 1 came. that means we are only waiting for the bulk of the production motherboards now in terms of PCBs. so far, the motherboard sample i’m using daily hasn’t shown any problems.

My POWER9 workstation with the "new" graphics card is working. I think I should re-seat the card's heatsink...

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because eris showed me the oberon ui and its the most beautiful thing ive ever seen im messing with making rio and acme both strictly 2-color and i am suddenly noticing every single graphical glitch in acme, of which there are very many. anyway here is a quick demo of what i have so far lol

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Some screens from my SGI Indigo. I made them few days ago.

The 8bit Entry graphics is not ideal for font rendering in Adobe Reader...

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electronics design of MNT Reform is complete. i gave the green light to finish motherboard assemblies.

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Post a toot from #9front:

hget -m 'POST' -r 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN' -r 'Content-Type: application/json' -p '{"status":"some text"}' https://YOUR_INSTANCE/api/v1/statuses

Trying to compile KerTeX on the (emulated) 9front. IF it will work I will try the same on the native 9front...

By the way, the KerTeX has a Plan9 install script by default.

Why I need (La)TeX? I want to use my Plan 9 computer for real stuff. And the troff is not accepted in scientific journals these days.

Now using command line "toot" tool as network is too unstable for a WWW browser...

Compiled the text-only version of my FEA software on the Plan9 (with the APE, though).

During the process I ahve found a bug which was not obvious on "normal" systems...

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Arachne, a web browser for DOS from 1996 (last updated 2013):

A native Plan9 (I mean the ) on the Lenovo x60 laptop.

I still have to set up a lot of things (sound, WiFi, power management) but now it works, it can connect to wired Ethernet (WWW/ssh/Gopher/Git) and it is fast.

Found this:

My emulated Plane 9 (a 9front clone) experiences some network-related issues (I still don't know where the problem is) so I am not able to test it properly.

But it seems to be very nice Gopher browser indeed!

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