Got a CYCLONE drive for the PSION Series 3/3a 🙂

It's just an external floppy drive but ic connects to 3 or 3a easily (as a C:) and works as any other disk device.
Hopefully I still have a bunch of usunsed 1.44MB Verbatim floppies and an USB floppy drive for my workstation! 😋

Oh, an another TRGpro on the eBay! With a WiFi card, BTW.

This time in US. Battery door is broken (does exist any TRGpro without broken battery door? 😟 )

Spend all the weekend in bug hunting (in my code). The oldest bug I found was 17 years old 😠

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ok it finally works. wifi via ath5k mPCIe card. backlight keyboard. LiFePO4 battery charging. speakers.

The Sharp NetWalker at work (this thing:

It's slow as hell but it still run most ot software that I need.

I connected a tiny non-powered USB 2 hub to it (a 4-port TRUS thing) to connect both mouse and an USB ehernet adapter to the device. And it works (not exactly reliably but it works).

No MIPS today :-( But also no x86 this week! ;-) Just powerpc64le, powerpc and a lot of m68k! :-)

If there is no Gtk+/gtkglext then the old good GLUT helps. No X11 here.

But I should compile the Gtk+ on my powerbook even at cost of X11 use. It worken on my iBook before 15 years so it have to work now, too.

And it PalmPix - indoor photo in relatively bad light.

It's 20 year old technology...

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Palm Tungsten W + Progect. I use the TRGpro (a Palm IIIx clone) for real stuff but color screenshots from the Tungsten W are much cooler...

I tried to make a simple chart in the LibreOffice Calc. But I ended with sc+gnuplot. It was easier for me and faster, too. And I'm more satisfied with the result.

The Palm Pixi Plus is really small. So small so I am not able to find it.

Today I had time to activate it but I was not able to find this damn device! 😠

Well, I should turn off the text prediction feature on the TouchPad...

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Finally I have found zimě to chargé and turn on my HP Touchpad tablet -(with Android now). is perfect here!

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