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Now I'm copying stuff from 3.5" floppy. It's somewhat unusual experience these days. These long forgotten sounds, unusual speed and so...

Recent Firexox on Fedora/ppc64le development: no Mozilla tool works (even nor older ones nor testing ones work) after yesterday update so I ahve had to switch to the Otter Browser (a Qt engine-based thing). Not as nice as the FireFox is but it does its job.

I tried to send all crash reports available.

But it seems that no one experiences similar issues on the POWER platform jsut now. That's strange.

My Fedora 30 (ppc64le) was updated today. The NetworkManager was updated. Ang the Firefox stopped to work. That's a progress...

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Trying to optimize my (czech) blog for Netscape Navigator 4.8. I'm not insane, my mother had me tested.

I'm still playing with my new Raptor Blackbird POWER9 system. It seems that for normal desktop usage (WWW browser, terminals, text editors etc) it is enough to use 2 cores on the lowest frequency. I even set just 1 thred per core.

Then the CPU stays on 71~73 Celsius all time, the system is quiet and it is not noticeably slower. That's cool.

IT is described here how to do it:

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Oops. Tried to start my SGI Indy after some time but got just SCSI errors.

It seems that the HDD died 😠

Finally here it is: the Raptor Blackbird (4x POWER9 CPU, 16GB of RAM, 512GB SDD) with the Fedora 30/MATE and with proper resolution.


Tooting from my newly installed workstation (Fedora 30/MATE at the moment)!

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Heavy load while doing "real" tar (write to physical tape) on luna88k :-)

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Hm, got a new RAM module for my Blackbird (the exact one which is listed in the POWER9 compatibility list: Hynix HMA82GR7AFR8N-UH) and it seems to be bad...

"CheckMinimum Hardware found no fuctional dim cards".

Too bad...

Playing with the Tektronix 40xx emulation in the XTerm. The Gnuplot can produce output for such device ("set term tek40xx"). And it also works remotely.

By the way, the Kermit for the MS-DOS can emulate the tek40xx, too...

I have got a Nokia N800 Internet Tablet!

The Mastodon is unfortunately too slow on the device...

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definitely recommend playing with microsoft word on UNIXv on @SDF 's 3B2 ( ssh -l sdf )

My Intellistation 185 still fails with the error code D011. The manual says that there may be problem with the hardware but no diagnostic LED indicates an error.

It seems that I have to connect the serial terminal to the Service Processor as the only way to figure out what is wrong. But where is my terminal cable?!

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