Tried to install another PCIe GFX board (a cheap nVidia) to my Raptor Blackbird POWER9 computer.

No success.

The only reason for doing this is the internal framebuffer's unability to drive 1920x1200 display (it can only do 192x1080). So I will probably give up any further attempts.

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Tried to add a FireWire camera to a linux workstation (and AMD-based one, not to my POWER9 one).

The cheap FireWire 800/400 card works. The iSigh does not.

So I will have to connect a $20 USB camera here. The iSight will remain with the iMac G5.

But I will have to find other FireWire pheripherals to use that card....

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OK, i guess this is release candidate 1 of the MNT Reform motherboard. still need to tweak some component values (mostly ferrites) but i'll order a few of these tomorrow.

I hope that I didn't mixed the modules (I had some non-working).
What model is it? (I will find and check my notes - I hope I din't pass the bad ones to you)

My current RAM modulles started to be accepted by the Blackbird after ten or so repeated boot cycles (then tehy start to work normally). So one two resets may say nothing.

I think the step 13 or 14 is some RAM testing or callibrating (cannot see it as I'm on the Blackbird).

Another vain attempt to revive my IIe.

The Return and possibly the Reset key don't work properly, the "B" key does not work at all.

After searching of WWW and reading some books (from it is very possible that keyboard encoder is dead.

Ubuntu Touch OTA-13 just installed and so far it works on the BQ M10 tablet.

Small watl with the and the (a Palm III) during the lunch break.

I never realised that there is a nice park just outside my workplace!

So it was a sort of outdoor 😋

Any Apple II expert here?

I have found very weird issue with my Apple IIe keyboard: when I press the "Return" key it acts as the "9" key (it prints number "9" on the screen). Other keys seem to work normally.

Is it normal? I have no idea whan can be wrong.

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I'm looking for a company hiring sysadmin with a 100% remote status. I speak French and English.

If you know such places, please tell me :)

Boost welcome

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David Given rambles (for an hour) about PalmOS and demonstrates a Palm IIIe and AlphaSmart Dana.

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Starting August 2020 I decided to cut the amount of my hobbies a bit and refocus to just some of them. It's because when you do too many things at once, you don't do any of them properly. As I always considered ZX Spectrum, the activities and people around it to be the centre of my life, I started with that. So right now the czech ZX Spectrum scene has again a diskmag after almost twenty years ( - czech only). Then I patched the Prometheus assembler to work on BSDOS but without the DMA (it's already released on demodisk with the Speccy 2010 clone firmware v1.2.8 - I also managed to get the last Spectrum I didn't have yet - the +3. Several more things are in progress...

@logout I noticed that you changed your blog logo last week (

Is it related your current ZX activities?

It looks like a nice standing desk.

Except the poor Ultra 20 refuses to start at all... 😞

(picture made by the Koadak PalmPix and the Palm III so sorry for its quality...)

Just installed my recently ipgraded Sun Ultra 20 in thedesired place, turned it on and ... another RAM error :-(

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virtually assembling a MNT Reform from STEP files with FreeCAD Assembly3 fork!

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