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A silly experiment 

Ok this is maybe one of the most stupid setup I’ve tried... but I kind of like it! The keys feel rubber-ish and since I can only type with thumbs I can’t be really fast. And the most stupid thing is the phone is much heavier than the keyboard so it feels tipping🤦🏻

Its perfect for the terminal app as none of the screen is taken by soft keyboard.

I’ve used this setup for several days and get used to it. But now my eyes hurt looking at the small screen for too long 👀

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My current desktop. I'm thinking about adding the Conky to some corner, there is not much else I want to change.

Op.Sys: Void PPC
Win.Man: IceWM
FileMan: SpaceFM
Term: UXTerm

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Here it is on 9front (the terminal in the middle and the editor window)! Generating the font via ssh, importing it thanks to sshfs :D

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hey i'm thinking to order a smol batch of MNT branded hoodies, earth positive unisex EP61Z, black, with black MNT logo printed over the back. i have to take at least 10, so: would you like one? price will be around 50 EUR + shipping

Short city bike ride yesterday (we were testing of our new Bromptons). It was just over 10 km.

Nothing special, I think. We still have some sort of lockdown here (we cannot leave the district) so possibilities are limited a bit.

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current work-in-progress on FPGA module for MNT Reform (1/2). decided to go with TC358778 for MIPI-DSI encoding because there are existing linux drivers.

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been working at home in the morning on the Kintex-7 module for MNT Reform. using KiCAD on MNT Reform with GPU acceleration.

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Slackware 1.1.2 with FVWM 1.2 on an AMD 386DX40 with whopping 20 MB of RAM. Booted from a 200MB notebook IDE drive, removed from the Compaq Contura 3/25, where it was replaced by a CF card. I wanted to test some Trident 9000 cards before selling them and nothing better was available. The install happened in 2018 from floppies. Except for the Y2K bug in date command it was a nice OS. And still is, which is why all my PCs run current version of Slackware. And also Raspberry Pi. And MacBook.

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KODAK PalmPix versus semi-modern camera. Taken fro mthe same position (the modern camera had much better lens, of course)

The PalmPix is an add-on for the Palm III devices (here it was used with the TRGpro).

Initially I wanted to write a Gopher post on my tablet. But it seems that the Cambridge Z88 offers much better experience...

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SDF today:

Unattended service
Multics MR12.3b: SDF (Channel sty.s_telnet_tty45)
Load = 0.71 out of 150.0 units: users = 74, 04/01/21 1604.22 utc Thu


I'm in my office and actually working (not doing that boring office stuff which I'm usually have to do).

Is it the April Fools Day today?

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The SDF ESKESEN Floaty "PING" Pen is available for free shipping in the USA. It's a very cool custom collectable floaty pen and is available in black, white or red colors. Made in Denmark. Link is in the description of the peertube video.

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Remember, there is a generation that don't see nothing wrong here.

Boost if you get it ;)

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