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I don't drink coffee too often but this one was excellent. "Vinckovo" caffeteria in Jesenik, Czech Republic

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ssh and login as visitor. It is time to put the old SDF 3B2 back online to celebrate part of SDF’s past. The machine is running now and through March 23rd and 24th in

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A 4 node #RaspberryPi cluster that runs #Plan9

That means that your filesystem, terminal and CPU intensive commands are basically independent from each other. All in one neat package.

And that etching πŸ‡

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Now the proud owner of a 256gb solid state iPod Video with RockBox installed. I managed to destroy the replacement battery I bought but the battery it came with seems decent so far.

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On the other hand: it means that with exception of one stupid typo, I managed to write a client for mass downloading from Flickr with just PHP and OAuth, without any of the existing (and stupid) Flickr API libraries. Well done, me!

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Three days of debugging the OAuth versus Flickr procedure in my code. I even calculated all the strings by hand (in a spreadsheet) to get to the problem. In the end it was a single missing "=" in if condition. Universe, you owe me three days of my life!

Actual office work (I'm trying to find changes between two documents):
pdftotext; vimdiff

Just "diff" is not enough as I have to understand the context.

Got something called "Fellowes WriteRIGHT". It's a screen protector for PalmPilot, Palm III and Visor devices. It covers both the screen and the graffiti area.

And it actually makes writing on a Palm somewhat easier.

Picture taken in the morning. University campus on the left, private gardens on the right.

Kodak PalmPix, of course.

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I wanted to digitize a moleskine to pdf using a sony digital camera. To photograph the pages, I need to hold the camera in a portrait orientation. This script expects to be run in a directory you’ve copied your pictures to, then generates an optimized pdf file:

but it works
mkdir /tmp/t
for x in *
convert -rotate 90 $x /tmp/t/$x
img2pdf /tmp/t/*JPG -o /tmp/t/$1.pdf
pdf2ps /tmp/t/$1.pdf /tmp/t/$
ps2pdf -dPDFSETTINGS=/ebook /tmp/t/$ ~/$1.pdf
rm -rf /tmp/t

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