Tried the latest Void Linux for PowerPC. On the IBM Intellistation 185 (the G5-based one) it even does not start the Grub. It simply does nothing :-(

On the iMac G5 things are much better.

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Shipping notification for my BlackBird bundle just arrived!

Can anyone suggest a good hostname for the new workstation?

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MetaArray IV will be implemented in TWO systems: MAIVa as NetBSD and MAIVb as Debian. Since 45% in the poll prefered we have decided to offer two independent MetaArrays which will be equally maintained. You can choose to use either, or both .. effectively doubling your storage capacity. The disks have been donated and are ready to install. Standby for a cut over event announcement from MetaArrray III. And BTW SDF.

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A good read by @tomasino about the state of the world. CW: Everything is Evil.

Inspired by the post by @logout ( I have tried to compile some of my software (which use Gtk+ and OpenGL) on a Windows10 under the embedded Ubuntu.

Surprisingly, they work. This might not be an ideal solution but it is better than my previous attempts to port them.

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The cascades of Yerevan, the Geghard Monastery, the pagan temple of Garni – I like Armenia. #photography #armenia

What is your favorite alarm clock for the Palm OS? (3.x)

Before rain (this Tuesday, Beskydy Mountains, Czech Republic)

Just updated my TenFourFox to FPR14. Works well (on a PowerBook G4 @1.67GHz, OS 10.5).
Many thanks to Cameron!

Got the Think Python e-book from O'Reilly ( today.

So now I'm sitting in the front of my SGI O2 workstation, reading the e-book with the MUPDF and trying some turtle graphics in the Python 3...

Screenshot: Sharp NetWalker with Lynx (Ubuntu 9.x, GNOME 2.x)

It's still a bit slow and it has too bad keyboard, unfortunately.

I use the USB-Ethernet adapter here.

I should try to use the Sharp Zaurus SL-C3200 this way (it has even smaller screen but much better - albeit much smaller - keyboard).

I have got a new digital camera: the Kodak FZ101 (a low-end device but which runs of a pair of AA batteries).

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We just found a box of 30 new SDF mug cups from 2012 (25th anniversary). They were thought to be all sold out! Now is your chance to support SDF and drink from a cool mug cup

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The old Mac Mini (G4) is now running — trickiest part was dealing with Open Firmware commands to trigger the installer

Less or more updated the AddressBook on my Palm III (exported a VCF file from a Ubuntu Touch device, merged with the Palm file in the Palm Desktop for OS X, hand-edited the data).

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