It might be unimportant for many but the UBports manager for XMir applications make end-user life much easier. It's simple but works well.

Also, the RoxTerm (and the most of the Gtk+-based apps) works both with Bluetooth keyboard and with the on-screen one.

The UBPorts X11 emulation is not exactly stable but at least the thing work and can be used. After years I am able to compile AND RUN my hand-crafted computational codes (they use Gtk+-2.0 and OpenGL). Whole environment crashes when I try to close a program but otherwise it works! 😃

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Tried this "bike sharing" thing for the first time. First 15 minutes is for free here and my ride to my work required 12 minutes.

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Just found that there was available the OTA-8 update of the UBports OS (Ubuntu Touch)! It was released in March.

So far it works well (BQ Aquares M10 FHD).

After more than ten years I have returned to use of the FVWM at work..

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The Turris MOX router arrived today:
A setup with 8x Ethernet.

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One of my favorite pieces from my collection, ca. 1978-79 official Apple II carrying bag, which has a Apple logo without the bite on it 🍎 #retrocomputing

PalmPix picture for today: Klimkovice spa area (Czech Republic). It's still too cold....

My first HP PhotoSmart 735 digital camera died in after 6 years of use (in 2010).

My second HP PhotoSmart 735 died after 6 years of use (today). :-(


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