Decided to replace my new Vortex keyboard (Cherry switches) with the old good Silicon Graphics granite keyboard (Alps switches).
It is easier to me to have the same input device both at home and at work...

Oh, only now I found that the latest PalmPix camera model supports 800x600! (the older ones can do 640x480 at max)

My office in the eye of the KODAK "PalmPix for m500". And some other pictures taken at the waz to my work. I'm still learning how to use it...

First attempt to make pictures with "Kodak PalmPix for Palm m500" camera. Bad light conditions, bad distance,...

Got the PalmPix camera for m500 on theeBay as ""untested". So its condition is perfect. But the software is problem. The old PalmPix.prc does not work with the Tungsten W and the TungPix.prc is for evaluation only (its page says that is is no open source but the server with code is gone...).

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I found this in my bookmarks: an example of a simple flight simulator in the C++ and the GLUT

Did I mentioned that the Brutaldon ( is excellent?
It runs very well on my old SGI (IRIX/Firefox3)!

SGI-only day at home today. Decided not to power up my OpenPOWER workstation today. The MIPS @250MHz must be enough for everyone! ;-)

Now I'm using my OpenPOWER Blackbird rather routinely.

There is actually very little number of things that run on the x86_64 Linux but not here (the Wine is problaby the most known example).

@jynx Well, I can connect the Palm Tungsten W to my x86 machine with the Ubuntu 18.04. Just with "modprobe visor" (editing of /etc/modules seems to be ignored).

The OpenPOWER/Fedora seems to be non-cooperative...

Now it's in process of installing Plucker and some books for it.

@jynx Going to visit the ...

@jynx Are you able to connect your Tungsten W (or C) to your Raspberry Pi with use of the USB cable/craddle?

My FWVM pager at the moment...

It's not as crazy as it may look... 🙂

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