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@SDF This book was typeset (troff -ms -mpictures | lp -dstdout | ps2pdf) in Lucida Sans by the author, using a Lenovo ThinkPad X250 running the 9front operating system.

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We still have 12 new SDF Ceramic Mug Cups available for good homes in the SDF Fundraiser store from that hidden stash we found in a storage box! They feature a stainless steel cap and were made to celebrate SDF's 25th anniversary in 2012.

Thank you for supporting SDF

The Brandy BASIC on the OpenPOWER works OK 🙂

Tried to port the Brandy BASIC ( to the SGI IRIX 5.3 and it worked. Then I wanted to re-compile and run it on the IRIX 6.5. And it does not run here ("Bus error.")
The latest version of this software is from 2004 to it's mode close to the IRIX 6.5 than to the ancient 5.3.

I tried to review trhe code, ran the GDB but still have no idea what is wrong.

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The Cambridge Z88 with a lot ot eeprom/ram. Even with an eeprom eraser.

Why I need THAT?

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Interesting: if I use the "octave-cli" under WSL (yes, under Linux subsystem on W10) the graphics plot works. When I ran the same script from the Octave GUI the I got just an empty canvas. No matter which graphics toolkit option I use...

PalmPix pictures from Saturday. Taken with the Palm Tungsten W and the later KODAK "PalmPix for m500" camera (with the full resolution of 800x600). Being 2001 technology it's still not the true but is is close.

Eocaching on the Ubuntu touch was never easy but now it seems that a working app exists!

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we did it. you did it. thank you all! 🖤🖤🖤

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