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Bought a Palm IIIxe recently just for fun, and it's now unironically my main driver for notes and scheduling now. So much better than constantly getting distracted by my phone when I just want to write something down.
electronics forever.

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Yesterday I used uuencode and uudecode for the first time in ages. It worked!

Before I discovered that I had uudecode available, I tried to use xxd to encode and awk to decode.

But my awk one-liner did everything right except never outputting any zero bytes.

This was on BSD 2.11 on a PDP 11/84... it's a machine called snake and you can use it too, just go to

Anyhow, I successfully computed 100 digits of Pi using BBC Basic!

Saturday Evening ride. Some substantial climbing on a 5-speed bike... fortunately it wasn't too long... (going down was great fun of course)

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Something different this time. Saturday on an mountain bike. Some 22km through various terain - from good road through gravel to dirt.

A 1990s Czech Velamos mountain-wannabe (a classic steel frame with roadster geometry combined with a Shimano derailleur and a so).

Actually, the bike rides very well!

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For many years, I've been dealing with #bikefit problems. Even after seeing many fitters, it was only after I used the services of Footworks Cycles that I was put on the right path, and after some more time of riding and figuring out what to do when, I finally have a perfect fit on this bike!

The funny thing is that the 109% rule ended up matching up with my final saddle height here. I guess this sort of rule works well for a lot of people, even me! #cycling #bicycle
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@normandc @robert588 @pizza_pal @darkstar @jirka @publius @snowdusk @claudiom @RJF @kelbot @stug @cosullivan @ParadeGrotesque @gemlog @elb Key things were lubing cable, adjusting high screw, and reducing cable tension. Here are some more photos from the Sycamore Bluffs area beside Four Mile Creek on the way there.

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Normal people: "Wooah you're a scientist, you must work with loads of high tech stuff"
Manuscript websites:

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First longer ride with #jazda. Impressions:
- I need to show battery level. I don't know if it was fully charged
- it survived the entire ride
- it shut off after I got back, after almost 5 hours with GPS on
- when the wind is blowing, I'm going way slower than I thought :S

#bike #cycling #floss #cyclocomputer

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So in the past few weeks I had been listing, delisting then relisting, listing again, delisting again… old computers etc that I have not been using (well using but for fun and entertainment lol)… and the same loop went on and on maybe about 5 times (I’m not kidding). Even put my bike on sale —- I have also just delisted it LOL I had the same purging spree the last time I moved a few years ago but that one I somehow succeeded giving up my priceless (but old and maybe useless) tech [1]

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@Pepijn @mastobikes I passed a similar station in Massachusetts, USA, end of March. Bike rack, pump, some tools, and a water station.

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@gdr No vandalism ever (yet..?). Otherwise it has been there for a year now and looks as new.

Only maintenance I've done is lubricate the pump seals (prolongs life) and the tools/metal chains (slows corrosion). 'bout five minutes every two months.

I took the pump and tools away between December and February as I figured they wouldn't get any use in that period. Will probably keep doing that as it will massively prolong the life (and takes maybe 15 minutes to do).

Kodak Palmpix picture for today: The PalmPix was attached to my TRGpro PDA.

This 640x480 is the maximum for this version of the PalmPix.

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Hi cycling people :) I installed and maintain a free bicycle repair station on a cycle lane near were we live (rural Denmark).

Am always interested in what cycling service infrastructure is available elsewhere, so if you have something: share it here! :-)

#bicycle #cycling @mastobikes

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I need more pretty bikes in my timeline. Please show me your pretty bikes. Boosts appreciated.

I posted one of mine yesterday. Here's some posts I wrote about a couple of my favorite bikes with more photos.



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Managed to compile the #gnustep version of #emacs. Looking good so far but a bit buggy

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