simultaneously regularly feel like people don't take the directions I'm trying to push seriously enough and that I'm not worth taking seriously


@cwebber Yeah, that feels familiar. Impostor syndrome hits hard. You're definitely worth taking seriously though, and the projects you're working on are the most exciting ones I've been following.

As for people not taking the directions you're pushing seriously... I've felt the same at work, and I think part of it is that there's only so much one person can do. But also part of it is:'s hard to get ideas across to someone until they can interact with it themselves

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@jfred Wow... what a perfect reply. Way to follow it up with a Habitat Chronicles post of all things! Right on the dot, too.

Well a lot of people weighed in saying how much they do take me seriously and I guess I can't counteract that. Still, even when people tell me I don't really believe they believe until they can try it themselves.

This post explains really well why. And it does validate Spritely's philosophy of "prove it with demos", too.

@jfred Also that story about fujitsu habitat with the company turning it into a mainframe style architecture on accident, holy moly

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