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When eBay hands you a bum Apple Cinema Display power supply, you take what you need and add your own juice

Just saw a Reddit post where the author described how he remembered
his dad used TeamSpeak when playing CS 1.6

I am dad age and playing CS is now a dad thing

achievement unlocked: I'm IN
successfully compile a C program on a simulated PDP-11

changing of the seasons: unsubscribe from wxstorm heavy rain mailing list; subscribe to wxstorm heavy snow mailing list

how does vim diesel delete the character under the cursor, the character before the cursor, and then the character under the cursor again?


another great set on ! NOT old people music! the underground indie hits from right before "indie" became a market segment

For anyone who missed COM during IGWM, to telnet to NASA's Horizons asteroid database type: telnet -6775

Space Disco on taking off for parts unknown on the Intergalactic Wasabi Mix!

gotta say what's up to all my peeps tuning in to the one, the only Intergalactic Wasabi Mix!

I have a tungsten wedding band because I like the idea that if I were trapped in a fusion reactor before activation they'd at least find my ring in there and know what happened


we build infra, nerds. bridges and roads, bolts and screws made of light and will. the consequences of our craft require higher standards than open source alone. we must accept the whole burden of stewardship, of governance, if we hope to ever make good software. that means binding ourselves and our communities of practice to both technical and ethical expectations.

you wouldn't trust a bridge that its builders consider their pet project, but that's so much modern software.

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Intergalactic Wasabi Mix - 80s night!
Sounds from back in the day like Wild Irish Rose

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