Morning Mastodonians!

Mad I forgot to finish up my 750 words yesterday. Wrote a bit in the morning, but then was in such a hurry to go to bed last night, I never finished. I was on like a 13 day streak too.

Lost 5-1 this morning in hockey, but thought I played pretty well despite giving up 5. Not much I could do on most of them.

Not feeling all that great though. That's a work from home problem - how to call in sick?

Hate intermittent software errors, don't you? So hard to debug

Really interesting read on a new breed of crime writers. I added like 10 more books to my To Read list!

Crime Fiction's New Favorite Private Eyes-

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### Morning Mastodonians!

I highly recommend In The Thick podcast. Maria Hinojosa and Julio Ricardo Varela bring a unique POV, full of fire and passion. The "Infected with MAGA-ism" ep made me laugh and cry on the road yesterday. Great stuff!

Played some R6:Siege and some Nine Parchments. NP is fun, but getting a little stale. Wish we could use other characters.

Good list of Top 10 Boardgames from Jamey: - need to work on mine!

Qt. QWebEngine. Sigh

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Morning Mastondonians!

Man, that was a great win last night! Definitely the best game of the series for them, as even though they won game 6, this was a better effort all around. Should be a great series against the Blue Jackets.

One last drive to meet a daughter halfway to exchange forgotten items. And they only have 2 more weeks of school - I thought I was safe!

Trying to figure out a new co-op CRPG to play. Nothing seems to fit.

Back to Qt and WebEngine. Ugh.

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Morning Mastodonians! Started an epic journey almost sure to be derailed in no time - watching all the ★★★★ movies in the last Maltin's Video Guide. I watched The Ox-Box Incident. Review here:

Feel free, of course, to follow me on Letterboxd. No order to watching them, just ones I can get to. Ox-Bow was free On Demand, so I started with that. Why not?

Made some progress on my QWebEngine work. Kind of a pain, but it is working better.

Go -

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Wherein I write about my Mueller Report impressions.

I wrote 764 words in 747 minutes (8 day streak):

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Morning Mastodonians! Turnout has been pretty light at hockey, probably due to it being school vacation week and lots of folks like going away this time of year. Although it doesn't really affect me as a goalie, it really makes the play extra sloppy when there is only 1 sub per team. Oh well, good workout anyway. 4k steps, so that's not too bad.

Really enjoyed "K: A History of Baseball in Ten Pitches". Review here:

Still trying to solve QWebEngineView at work

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Unfortunately, I forgot to write last night, so my streak starts over. Still 10 1/2 days out of 12 isn't too bad!

I wrote 808 words in 52 minutes:

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