Morning Mastodonians! Can't believe I totally forgot to do my 750 words yesterday! I kept thinking about it, but putting it off and before you know it, we had drank 2 bottles of wine with our grilled steak and somehow, it never came up again. Oops. Time to start another streak!

So I got a FitBit Charge 3 for my birthday. It's quite a step up from the Flex I used to have. Already like having the heart rate and the text messages on it.

We may finally have gotten a new Mac build out - yay!

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Morning Mastodonians! Happy Valentine's Day! Normally, I wouldn't care much about these made up holidays, but it also happens to be my birthday, so no more excuses - remember it next year! 😜

Getting older, of course, but as my grandfather used to say, better than the alternative. TBH, it was a pretty crappy year, so I'm hoping for better in this next one.

Other than that, just a regular day at the salt mine. Trying to push my Mac capture fix out there and build 64bit Windows DLLs. Yay

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US & Canada - Free ebook from "Witchmark" by C.L. Polk. Until Feb. 16:

Morning Mastodonians! Had a great game between the pipes this morning - finally! Just need to stay focused and it's amazing how much better I play.

And speaking of playing goal, have you seen what the Google Doodle is today? It celebrates Jacques Plante, the guy who saved more teeth and prevented more stitches than anyone in history, by popularizing the goalie mask.

Okay, back to the grind. 64 bit Windows build and Android work.

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Morning Mastodonians! Nope, I didn't do my exercise routine, like I promise myself I would start today. Didn't get to bed early enough and felt extremely slow this morning. I am wearing ankle weights, so that counts for something, right?

Finished Russian Doll this morning - whoa! I am going to have to rewatch it to get the full effect I think. Wonder where they'll go for season 2?

Finally got my Mac video bug fixed. Not solved mind you. Still hoping for some help from Apple Dev Support.

Whoa. Just finished and I'm totally blown away. Probably too early in the morning for those last 2 episodes, but wow, just wow.

Where do they go from here for the next season?

I wrote 777 words in 37 minutes (8 day streak). I'm up to 9 out 10 days this month. Too bad I missed day 2!

Well, doc gave me a pretty good thumbs up at my annual physical. But he pushed for the Big Three, esp. at my advanced age, of course: More Exercise. Less Weight. Eat Better.

Sigh. I do need this yearly wakeup call though.

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Morning Mastodonians! Got beaten like a rented mule at hockey this morning. I blame the dog. He woke me up before 4am, moving around in the closet(!), then asked to be let out, then took his time coming back in. So sleep was not great and I am already tired. Early bed time I think.

Unfortunately, a busy day. I have to take the cat to the vets and then myself to the doc's for my annual. Blood work came back okay, so that's a good start.

Got some good customer feedback on my bug. Fix it today?

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Morning Mastodonians! Had some fun playing Iron Brigade last night. It's an interesting twist on a tower defense game, with some decidedly average graphics. You've got these mech-like things you pilot to destroy the odd monsters coming in. A tad too easy, but still fun.

Got some good feedback with my Mac video capture app. Hope for a bit more today, both from the customer and Apple Dev Support. We do things oddly and it doesn't play well with the Mac AV subsystem.

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Morning Mastondians! Had a pretty good time at the meetup last night in Cambridge. Didn't learn too much that was directly applicable to our usage cases, but still pretty interesting. Who knows, maybe I'll volunteer to give a talk.

My daughter had a good time at the parade yesterday. How could she not - the weather was perfect! I was happy enough to watch it on TV.

My Mac video capture test app is coming along nicely. Now if I could only figure out how to share it...

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