Dad Lunchbox Joke of the Day: What do you call a cow that has just given birth? 

Dad Lunchbox Joke of the Day: What did the tornado say to the sports car? 

Dad Lunchbox Joke of the Day: What happened to the man after he got punched in the nose by a clown? 

Dad Lunchbox Joke of the Day: What did the Buddhist monk say when he walked into a bagel store? 

Dad Lunchbox Joke of the Day: Why did the farmer name her most rambunctious pig "Ink"? 

### Morning Mastodonians!

Just crossing the T's and dotting the I's before we head out on vacation tomorrow. Think I've got my stuff pretty well organized, but the ladies are requiring lots of last minute stuff before they'll be ready. Can't wait to hit the road tomorrow!

Need to make sure my laptop is ready to go. VPN installed so I can check email at work if I want to...

Still thinking about a social media blackout for the week. Maybe just write only - don't do any reading or replying.

### Morning Mastodonians!

Two more days of work before I am off for 11 days. I can do this...

Stupid . That was a winnable game last night, now they've lost the home ice advantage. To be honest, they didn't work hard enough to win. But the longer the series goes, the more likely we'll be back in time for a parade!

Besides news, I don't want to hear anything else beginning Tuesday, okay?

I have one targeted release I must accomplish before I go. Very doable too.

Dad Lunchbox Joke of the Day: Why did the bowlegged cowboy get fired? 

Morning Mastondonians!

Just marking time until we head to Key West on vacation next week. I'm honestly thinking of a social media blackout for me. Just get away from all of it for 8 days. That wouldn't be so bad? When I'm back, I'd bury you with pictures!

Not a great month for my 750 words. So far, only 43 points. Last month was over 180 pts, writing something every day but one.

Just trying to wrap up some projects. Boss is doing his best to get a pound of flesh out of me before I go away!

Dad LUnchbox Joke of the Day: Why don't crabs give to charity? 

Dad Lunchbox Joke of the Day: How do the dentist and the manicurist fight? 

### Morning Mastodonians!

Sooo tired. My FitBit does not lie - I'm down to an average of 5 hours a night sleep. Not good enough. Sleeping late this weekend no matter what!

No writing either. Are the two connected? Probably.

No plans for the long weekend. The "Honey Do" list is long and demanding attention!

Still struggling with updating the Opal library. Too many changes! Lesson: Keep up on your APIs!

Dad lunchbox Joke of the Day: What do you call two hippopotamuses on a bicycle? 

Dad Lunchbox Joke of the Day: What is Harry Potter's favorite way to get down a hill? 

Dad Lunchbox Joke of the Day: Why don't dogs make good dancers? 

Morning Mastodonians!

Slow day between the pipes today, ending up a 5-5 tie. Couldn't stop the breakaways!

Moved all our stuff out of the camper on Saturday. What a long day - 4 hr drive, clean out, 4 hr drive. I got nearly 16k steps in and I was in a car for 8 hours! Bittersweet.

Introduced A18.8 to Young Frankenstein last night. She, of course, loved it and, of course, loved Marty Feldman.

At work, just trying to get stuff to compile on the new build server. - harder than it ought to be!

### Morning Mastodonians!

Still haven't buckled down and wrote 750 words, although at least last night I thought about doing it. It's a start, right?

Operation Passport Family is *almost* complete. Took A to the post office to send in her application. When it shows up, all 4 of us will finally have up to date passports. Watch out world!

I think I fixed my crash by rebuilding the offending library myself, instead of letting WebRTC do it. Fingers crossed!

Dad Lunchbox Joke of the Day: How many sheep does it take to knit a sweater? 

### Morning Mastodonians!

Still haven't found the energy for my 750 words. Perhaps today?

Played a bit more DoD with R last night. Always a good time. Play some RE:5 with C tonight. I lowered the difficulty 1 step, so we are making better progress.

Looks like a great free ebook from Tor - Annalee Newitz's "Autonomous", which is on my ever growing To Read list. Find it here (US & Canada only I think):

*Still* struggling with the weird crash on the Surface...

### Morning Mastodonians!

So I haven't written 750 words since last Wed. I wrote about 300 words on Thu but then just decided to take a break. Hopefully, the time off has re-energized me!

Great win yesterday! Trying not to get too excited but man, they look great! 6 more wins...

No real gaming, besides a bit of DoD with R. Tried to get the girls to watch a movie, but didn't get that going either. Oh well.

Still trying to fix a bizarre crash at work. Making me crazy.

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