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But I have a confession to make - I did *not* make it to the last, spectacular, out of the game. I turned it off at 12:15, just as Kimbrel came in for a 2 inning "save". Glad I didn't wait up, because I'm not sure I would have been able to sleep! As it was, I only got 4.5 hours sleep. Lucky for me, after I dropped my wife off at the train, I came back home and zonked out for 1.5 hours more, so I feel almost okay.

Morning Mastodonians! After a bit of a delay getting the other gaming computer set up, we had a fun 3 player evening of Rainbow 6: Siege. At some point, we should probably venture out and try on a public server, but for now we have fun just trying to take out the baddies.

Guys were checking out the water damage after a pipe leaked. It's dry now (not too bad) but the wall has to get torn down to see how bad it is behind it. Ugh, what a pain.

Almost have screen broadcast working on iOS!

Morning Mastodonians! Fantastic game last night (or rather last evening)! Really battled hard and the JBJ grand slam was a masterpiece. Fun!

We played a couple more hours of Vikings. One more chapter in the story and cleaned up one more trial. Usual comments - brainless fun, smoothly done but not incredibly engaging. I'm sure we'll finish it.

Tonight R6: Siege, as B is away in China for a few weeks. M is coming over for first time in months - gotta make sure his computer is working!

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Morning Mastodonians! We went to see A Star Is Born (2018 version) in big screen Dolby. Fantastic way to see a movie - full recliners, booming sound, great picture. Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper were great, the songs solid, the story dragged a little. Maybe because it was a familiar one, even if expertly done. Few too many close close close ups, but otherwise, his directorial debut was solid as well. 7 out of 10.

Need to make a decision on the AMC A-List, due up for renewal soon.

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Morning Mastodonians! Knee is still bothering me after tweaking it in hockey Friday. Just takes so damn long to heal these days. I canceled out on hockey Sat morning and I probably should tomorrow morning. Sigh.

I did get my wife's computer back up and running, actually wielding a soldering iron without hurting myself or the motherboard. I also took apart the ice maker in the fridge and ordered a replacement. You can just call me a hardware god - ha!

Back to work on iOS extensions. Ugh.

Wow - I successfully did my first repair using a soldering iron! The old Dell brickhouse of a T5400 motherboard has these weird connectors for a heat sink that can pop off. And if they do, it won't boot. I had to solder it back on. And now all is better! Tis a miracle.

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I don't know about you, but when I get a job lead, telling me you're adding 250 engineers is a definite turn off. I'm am not a 20 engineer kind of guy, never mind 250+!

(Late) Morning Mastodonians! Took our newly adopted foster kitty Maesie to the vets this morning. She took it pretty well and all is good, save for a little ear infection. Always a good time for both human and cat when we have to put drops in their ears, right?

No gaming last night. Tonight, wife is going out, so I think I'll just settle in front of the TV, watch some and play some Mage Knight. To me - a perfect evening. Esp. if I can dig up a nice IPA.

Morning Mastodonians! Ever had one of those morning where you felt you had so much to do, so you just went back to bed and slept another hour?

Yeah, me either .

Another hour playing Vikings last night. It's an easy enough play but not much challenge and turning into a bit of a grind. Oh well, we'll keep going for a bit more.

We're missing our 4th, so instead of SW2, we'll play R6: Siege tonight. Friend has the S3 exp he wants to try out.

*Still* haven't gotten my provisioning fixed on iOS

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Morning Mastodonians! Not a great day so far - got shellacked in hockey, had to call in the plumber to tear apart a wall to get to a screwed up pipe, drain cleaners are coming for the 3rd time in two days, and I'm fighting with an Apple "provisioning profile" problem. Yay me.

Think I'll be ready to kill me some Viking gods tonight.

At least the Bruins and Red Sox won in convincing fashion. I could even shut off the Red Sox game early and get to sleep at a reasonable time.

Blah blah blah

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Morning Mastodonians! Pretty good time between the pipes at hockey this morning. Gave up a couple goals, but sometimes you just have to tip your cap to the shooter. Played solid otherwise. Luckily, I wasn't too busy, as I have to play again tomorrow morning - yikes!

Bruins game was much better last night, a solid 4-0 win over the Sabres.

Fighting with extensions on iOS. It was working like I expected for a bit, but then it stopped and I have no idea why. Argh!

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Want to win a sweet gaming table? The Jasper from

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