My ✪✪✪✪✩ review of Jill Lepore's "These Truths: A History of the United States" :

TLDR; interesting, good but frustrating

## Morning Mastodonians!

Power is BACK! It was out for about 14 hours, from 3am to 5pm yesterday. Scary too, because for a while there, it looked like it might not come back until Saturday! Has got me looking into a generator, altho I doubt it will happen again (knocks on wood).

Strange Brigade looks, well, strange. We played it 3 player. Feels a bit like Borderlands, which is not a good thing for us.

Getting excited about the iOS framework I'm working on. Should be pretty cool, I think.

Maesie the Cat just loves to sleep on my Macbook for some reason. So I looked up how to disable the keyboard while she is on it, and, lo and behold, I found this:

Dad Lunchbox Joke of the Day: How did the farmer find his daughter? 

## Morning Mastodonians!

Couldn't play RE:5 last night, as I had to make an emergency drive to Amherst to hand over a passport. R wants to study abroad next semester in Spain and needs it to apply for a visa, which I guess takes awhile. Sigh. They left noon yesterday and she forgot it!

Going to start Strange Brigade tonight for our 4 player co-op. Anyone played it yet?

Still working on the iOS library. I have to get it done and soon!

It's day! Have some mates coming over for an afternoon of games. I have , and lined up. Should be a great day! Pictures coming. Hope you can get something to the table today too

## Morning Mastodonians!

Still looking for a new co-op to play on our 4 player night. We played R6: Siege, which is fun enough, but we like a good campaign. Looking at *State of Decay 2* for next week.

Have to drive to Amherst this afternoon to pick up R. Both girls will be home for the long weekend, which will be nice. A has too many classes on Fri to come home with us.

Still struggling with the iOS library. Not sure how to break it up.

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## Morning Mastodonians!

Sigh. I had nice 9 day writing streak on 750 words going but I forgot to write last night. I should know better than to put it off until after I play video games. I just shut off the computer and go to bed.

Hoping to get a few folks over for some boardgames this weekend. A rainy Sat should be perfect.

I hate tech tutorials that are just "do this, do that and we're done!". This is especially endemic to video tutorials. I don't learn anything with these.

Morning Mastodonians!

Kind of a sluggish weekend, esp. yesterday, where I got in less than 5,000 steps. Still trying to shake of the cruds, the usual aftereffect of flying for me. But that was 2 weeks ago now and I want it gone!

We finished World War Z on Wed and now we're trying to figure out our next 4 player co-op game. Too bad none of us is a Borderlands fan. And when is the next Serious Sam coming out?

Got the Android library done. Now to the iOS version. Too bad there's no common code.

Dad Lunchbox Joke of the Day: What kind of shorts do clouds put on? 

## Morning Mastodonians!

Gotta make this one short, as I have a "company" meeting at 9am. Let's see how our software holds up! Could be up to 20 feeds in the meeting.

Felt good at hockey this morning, which is good because I'm playing again tomorrow morning. Not my first preference but as a goalie, sometimes ya gotta bail a friend's skate out.

Really - I'm going to wrap up this Android library thing if it kills me. I promised the iOS library by now too - oops!

Dad Lunchbox Joke of the Day: Why did the meatball tell the spaghetti to go to sleep? 

Dad Lunchbox Joke of the Day: Why was the mom worried when her son swallowed a frog? 

## Morning Mastodonians!

Another day at the standing desk. So far so good. I noticed I even get steps in if I'm dancing at my desk when a good song comes on! Trust me, you don't want to see it and maybe even think about it, but it is good for me.

Scariest podcast ever? It Could Happen Here. Thanks, Robert Evans, for the nightmares.

Made more progress on RE:5. Having fun!

Had to fix a ton of stuff on my VM to get my Android tests to work, but we're nearly there!

## Morning Mastodonians!

88pts last month on - not too bad. Best month in a while. I did lots of typing while in London to capture the spirit of things as they happened. Can't wait to get back! Let's see how long I can keep this month's string of words going.

Won in hockey this morning, holding on for a 4-3 win. Still not really feeling it in goal yet though.

Worked pretty hard on the Android library yesterday. A bit stuck at the moment, so I have to figure out how to get unstuck

## Morning Mastodonians!

First day with my standing desk. Let's see how it works out. The keyboard angle is a little weird. I may have to figure out a way to raise it up another inch or two. Anyone else use one?

Spent most of the beautiful weather yesterday in my home office, cleaning up and putting it in. Hope it is worth it.

Almost there on my Android project. A few slight mysteries, but so far so good. Then onto my iOS. Sure you don't want to help?

Dad Lunchbox Joke of the Day: What do Alexander the Great and Winnie-the-Pooh have in common? 

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