I know he was very sick for a while, but man 2020 claims another... RIP Alex Trebek an absolute legend

It's an ironclad rule that anytime I log a new DXCC entity, they won't use logbook of the world. Inevitably I have to work another station in that entity to get credit.

Today is the feast day of St Maximilian Kolbe, SP3RN, patron saint of amateur radio operators. He led a truly amazing life. He was sent to Auschwitz by the Nazis, and when they were picking prisoners to starve to death, Father Kolbe volunteered in place of another man.

I occasionally find myself in a place with landline phones but no good internet or cell service - does anyone have a recommendation for a prepaid dial up provider in the US? I could use SDFs dial up service but I've heard mixed reviews about numbers not working, etc. Let me know!

Ahhh!!! Worked all states! Finally managed to get Hawaii. Thanks to K9FD who had a nice signal on 17 meters and managed to pull my low power signal out of the muck!

I think I've found a candidate to replace Dark Sky: the "Yr" app. It's Norwegian but seems to work well here in the US

Yak has been shaved: git.sr.ht/~jboverfelt/idx2rss

This combined with ssg5 all glued with a makefile is *much* better.

I ranted a while back about static site generation. Found ssg5 which *almost* fits the bill but it's companion rss generator is a mess that doesn't do what I want. Well, this yak must be shaved. Off to write glue code to make an rss feed...

Ended up with 55 contacts for field day. Entry submitted and logs uploaded to lotw! All digimodes between FT8/4 and PSK31

Saw the reddit thread about public addresses in . I understand the concerns, but some information should really remain public. Maybe email, state, and county. Otherwise, say I contact K1RZ. Do I have to wait for confirmation in Logbook of the World to realize he's not actually in 1-land but is in fact in MD?

Wild propagation conditions on the east coast today. 10 meters was open for a while and I actually made a handful of contacts on 12m to the northeast!

The E skip opening continues and I am racking up 10m contacts now towards the Midwest 😁

Just made my first Sporadic-E contact on 10m FT8. It was wild. I'm told this time of year around 1700 is the time to sit on 10m FT8 and sure enough a bunch of Texas stations come blasting in! Cool!

Went to borrow a book for the Internet Archive and found that you have to register an account with Adobe and use their brain damaged software (with no Linux support) to view the books. Screw that!

Hams, it's 2020. There's no reason not to:

1. Use Logbook of the World
2. Set it up so your logs are uploaded right after a digital contact

Happy Easter to all of the Fediverse! He is Risen!

Lockdown = bands are jumping! Just nabbed Switzerland, Germany, and Poland in quick succession! All on 17m FT8

Worked my first 10m band opening today on FT8 - South American stations coming in very strong for a short period of time

Quarantine or not, I'll watch "The Princess Bride" anytime it's on tv. Definitely a top 5 movie for me

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