Rosey's a funny one. She climbed up all the way to my shoulder, and then panicked because she didn't know what to do next.

Logging into SDF I get "ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host"

Is it on my end or sdf's end?

I've tried several new AUR helpers today, and despite all the hate yaourt gets, I still think it's the best one.

I just realized that the future is now legally an adult.

There is more sugar in one single can of Coke than in an entire 25 lb bag of salt.

@vaguerant there is more sugar in a single can of coke than the entire Morton salt factory!

@elomatreb The kind of bugs which really bother me these days are not the kind of thing that will get fixed by updates. 😝

"Help, my networked document rendering system has mutated into a bloated application platform full of surveillance mechanisms?"

Issue closed, will not fix.

Cool. Great write-up. Good job FSF. Now if only IceCat ran on the same platforms as Safari, so that your article could have some relevance to the reader.

You carpet bagger! (stop) I'll give you what's more! (stop)

> The word "tricorder" is an abbreviation of the device's full name, the "TRI-function reCORDER", referring to the device's primary functions: sensing, computing, and recording.

The other day I realized phones weren't computers because they aren't for creating, just consumption. Now I suspect we missed the whole point, and focused on the dumbest tricorder design.

I am calling it!

“Sometimes I retweet the @noagendaquotes if I like it…people take offense at it!” — @adam #noagenda 969

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