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The Interim Computer Museum has a new Retro Computing Challenge: MASTER THE MINICOMPUTER!

Challenge yourself to writing programs on the PiDP-8/i running TSS/8 and win a prize!


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VCF Midwest is coming up very soon. Submissions are still being accepted and the event will be virtual on September 12th.


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Just a quick reminder that the "Vintage Computer Festival Midwest 15" is happening as a virtual event this Saturday, Sept 12 beginning at 14:45 UTC

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VCF Midwest 15 Virtual Event!

Let's do this thing online

A Virtual VCF Midwest?

We're going to try...

The year is 2020. It should have been the 15th Vintage Computer Festival Midwest, exceeding Number 14 in size and scope and all dimensions and laying (temporary) waste to another hotel ballroom...

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I am going to rest a little while after my excellent Sunday supper, probably finish a letter or two, & then begin reading "Pickwickians Abroad". If you want to watch, tune in in an hour or two.


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VCF Midwest 2020 Cancellation

** We regret to announce

There will be no VCF Midwest this year.

The conditions imposed upon us by the CoViD-19 pandemic and related government regulations, as well as a depressed expected turn-out figure, will make it impossible for us to host an event of the size and quality our dedicated fans have come to expect. Thus today we have terminated our 2020 contract with Waterford Banquets and the Clarion Inn hotel.


Virtual CoCoFEST! On CoCoTALK!

Celebrating the TRS-80 Color Computer

Saturday April 18th @ 2:00 PM EDT

People interested in speaking or presenting have been directed to send an email message to cocotalk@cocotalk.live or to communicate via the CoCo Discord service at discord.gg/4J5nHXm

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Coming up on aNONradio.net in 10 minutes is the debut of
THE SERVER ROOM! A call in 30 minute talk show to discuss activities
of servers and datacenters. Please listen and call (910)665-9191 to
join the conversation.

I attended 14 and helped to man the table.

I have uploaded the bulk of my photos to my SDF User Image Gallery.

The @SDF Traveling AT&T 605 UNIX Terminal arrived safely in Chicago earlier this week. The exhibit will grace the upcoming "Vintage Computer Festival Midwest"


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