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Forgot to do a problem on that homework I was complaining about last night + had to correct a few things after talking to my professor. Now I'm feeling 2x as dead. This weekend is going to be much needed x_X

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@jakob Find P(W), where W is the event that you whoop probability's ass back.

Guess we'll see if I decide to participate or not

That jam looks fun, but that week is also the week right before finals...

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Ugh that was the hardest problem set I've gotten all semester. Probability is kicking my ass

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videos are up for three of the four #fennel conf talks: conf.fennel-lang.org/2019

due to an operator error (I neglected to hit record) the first talk did not make it; sorry!

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[ "$(wc -c)" -lt 500 ] Book Review Show more

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Feeling liberated now that I've gotten around to transferring my domains from GoDaddy to

Git's one of those things where putting a little bit of time into exploring its nooks and crannies really pays off. Learned about fixup today and my mind is blown that I didn't know about it

Got to visit the teacher I used to TA for and speak to his classes about my experiences at university today :]

New blog post: "Writeups for Dennis Yurichev's Reverse Engineering Challenges (#2-#11)"

Apparently the decompiler portion of Ghidra is written in C++. r2ghidra inevitable?

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We have a working IRIX 6.2 system on the !!!

Now to figure out how to reset the root password and the network settings.


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