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I could deal with a fat phone if it meant repairs were less of a pain in the ass

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me: hey I made this game. I think I took care of all the really stupid bugs.
them: it crashes if I press enter in the terminal without typing a command
me: oh no

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Beyond the shouting match: what is a blockchain, really? dustycloud.org/blog/what-is-a-

A blogpost I've promised for a while. It's long, but I hope it brings some clarity.

I peaked when I disclosed my one and only VM escape.

I haven't submitted this to any site aggregators because I don't think this is particularly insightful or well-written. You're welcome to do so if you disagree with my judgement.

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Home brew risc-v computer?? Help I got coffee grounds everywhere and the sparks have set my butterfinger wrappers on fire

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omg. OMG. **OMG!!!**

Okay I know this sounds like nonsense but oh my god! Captp + handoffs on three *independent* peers over tor onion services, with everyone chatting over goblin-chat!

Each user has their own address on the p2p network! *No* central server!

This is HUGE!

I've been using a grayscale :blobcatreach: as a QED symbol in my problem sets for at least a year now, and no one has said anything about it.

I spend a lot of time thinking about the NSA employee who did the artwork for Ghidra. I hope they're having a good day.

Weight voting in progress and we're already at 23.5/25 :')

This was our first time. I'm glad people enjoyed the challenges. The team worked really hard to make this happen and I'm so proud.

That's the most stressed I've been in a while.

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We're hosting a next weekend, March 26-28. (With prizes!)
It should be fun. We've got all of the categories you would expect (binexp, reversing, game hacking, crypto)
Hope you can join us!

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Vaccinated with Bill Gate's microchips. Probably the least painful shot I've ever received.

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