Mung beans are just split peas that don't look like split peas.

Classes are cancelled. This is a good time to play Cataclysm: DDA.

Cryptographically secure randomness xD rawr :3c source

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New blogpost: Vats and Propagators: towards a global brain

Largely some scifi-sounding notes to self about how to make our networks more intelligent, but figured I'd write them down in case others found it interesting.

Taking algorithms as a self-taught programmer has thus far been an interesting experience. My years hacking on stuff has left me with an ability to "see" solutions to problems, but now I need to sit down and prove the correctness of these solutions. Often, there are cases in which they don't hold water, and I don't think that's something I'd be able to realize that if I weren't reasoning about them with this level of rigor.

I patched the app for this BLE cup my friend bought from 7-11 so he could make it say naughty things

Trying to play in SarCTF this weekend but their server is so slow that I can't submit flags

The domain squatters got Boston Key Party :(

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@jakob Myuu is in your network, MITMing your communications.

The professor who teaches the applied cryptography class I'm in draws the adversary with what I assume are supposed to be horns, but to me it always looks like a catgirl.

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If you are using haunt and org-mode and you liked ox-hugo then you may be interested in ox-haunt by @jakob and the slight additions I did to it. Read more here:
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I found out about this when I was showing that writeup about Backdoor.SH.SHELLBOT.AA to someone from my CTF team and he mentioned that my site looked familiar

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Yo holy shit I got a tentative job offer from my dream employer

Friendship ended with COMMON LISP Now SCHEME is my best friend

Heads up: if anyone's sent an email to an address of mine ending in '' between January 2nd, 2020 and now, I have not received it. From now on, please use my key with fingerprint 6581 A4FC 404F 6434 AEA3 008C 45ED 4DC3 05BA DA33.

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It seems there's a lot of interest in continuing work on Guile Emacs, since it keeps coming up on Reddit and Hacker News and everyone is lamenting the fact that there are too few Scheme hackers and they don't seem to be interested in the project. (Someone even offered to fund it.)

Right now I'm seriously considering starting a revival project. Is anyone here interested in such a venture?

#Guile #Emacs #Scheme
@guile @emacs @scheme

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