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#UMassCTF 2022 is coming up, and I've been spending many evenings making challenges. Hope to see you there.

Hi, all. I'm going to be slowly migrating my presence to @jakob@social.jakob.space. It'll be a little while before I'm comfy enough to set this account up as a redirect, but if you want to help me iron out federation issues, follow me there.

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@jakob I always feel like I got my workout in just by inflating the tires 😅

Employer is giving me the option to list three schools on my tuition assistance proposal. I've got a good ROI down for my first choice, but I'm too burned out to write about the other two. So I'm going to pose random questions to admissions in hopes they'll inadvertently write it for me. Sort of like how you would feed a prompt into GP3 and get some insubstantial but reasonable-looking text as a response.

Guess it's time to break out the tire pump and start biking 13 miles to work

I relate to websites where pressing your browser's "back" button breaks absolutely everything and starts a small fire somewhere.


Слава Україні 🇺🇦

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Manifest for @dthompson's #haunt was added to #sourcehut pages examples repo git.sr.ht/~sircmpwn/pages.sr.h It looks like the easiest way to automatically deploy Haunt static sites. As an extra bonus the build is running on #guix

Don't remember how I got here, but I now have a functional Sixel parser for GNU Emacs.

How the hell is it 2022 and my ISP still hasn't deployed IPv6?

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Btw, an example of this is the interurban network, which linked not only large cities, but small towns across the so called United States. Here's a map of electric railways on 1899 in Massachusetts, which is considerably better than any transit offered today. Interurban at the zenith of their technical development (which coincided with their ridership decline) could go 90mph. It's likely that without state intervention in the form of highway building these would still exist.

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harmful satire 

Whenever I need to securely generate a random password I just run `shuf -n 10 rockyou.txt` and pick the prettiest looking one

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SDF-1 Apple ][e Mecha BBS concept by Kiel Hosier. This art became a limited run of prints.

Sent by FAX on 14-Nov-2004

There are a handful of folks I remember being mutuals with; if I go to their profile, I can find myself under "followers" and "following", but it isn't reciprocated here.

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I have no idea what the hell happened but half of my following/followers list got nuked. I find it very unlikely that around a hundred people decided to all softblock me at once. Is SDF having federation issues?

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cancer cells in the human body be like "the problem with the other cells is that they lack ambition, they should develop a growth mindset and invest in other parts of the body"

If you're a vendor, and you put my work email on a promotional mailing list just because we've had correspondence or I've given you my card: I hate you.

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