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Well it took me a couple of days longer than I expected but I pushed @jakob's chocolate-doom patch to Guix master. Great work, Jakob! I for one welcome our chocolatey doom.

That issue I was having with log compression last night was the result of running out of space on /gnu/store. Guix has decent error reporting for that, but it was only triggered when I disabled compression. Maybe I should patch that.

At least it picked up to use -j4 this time.

Ugh, fuck this. I'm going to pkill guix-daemon and manually restart it without log compression.

"guix system: error: cannot close compressed log file (BZip2 error = -6)"

Guix was busy building the kernel for both times. Gonna try installing with thermald.

Everything's finally backed up, let's do this!

Welcome to the /gnu/store, where we sell free software and free software accessories.

Finally going to install GuixSD on that tower today. I took this as an opportunity to give it a de-dusting that was seven years overdue.

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Today's TODO:
- Write all about conflicts and CAP theorem stuff for the #Spritely Crystal docs
- Merge @jakob's chocolate doom patch into Guix mainline!

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Considering that "program that turns a light on and off" is literally one of the most boring, basic introductory examples for Arduino coding I'm kind of amazed that all the IoT / smart home fans still haven't got bored of the novelty of light bulbs controlled by a computer

Sadly, that was because I needed to load nonfree firmware for this machine to work. :((((

Feeling like an absolute H A C K E R M A N after creating and booting into a GuixSD disk image with a custom kernel

Making some homemade shrimp cocktail to feed the handful of people I invited over

Yesterday was productive enough that I think I can get away with a break from Guix stuff on my birthday

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