Crypto papers are so notation-heavy that it feels like you're reading something that's been encrypted.

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When a lisper writes a wikipedia entry about something related with XML

The only string I could find to change.

The substitution is courtesy of my close friend from school. Yes, we're immature.

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No stream tonight because... I said so. I'll tie up loose ends for this specific project with a proper writeup on my website.

Two things:
- I'm going to need to start doing these streams an hour earlier because of when my partner gets off work.
- Despite the feedback and somewhat regular viewership, I'd like to put more time into figuring out a format that "works" -- preserving how I'm currently sharing my thought process, while producing content that's more useful and less rambl-y.

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Photo of myself; could be considered suggestive. 

I spilled coffee on myself and thought I was going to be able to make a Saxton Hale joke about the shape of the burn, but looking at it now, it really doesn't look like Australia at all. What a shame.

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Random #emacs #lisp tip: Are you tired of typing `cl-destructuring-bind?` Do you not want to depend on dash.el? Try out `seq-let` for the simplest destructuring available out of the box as of 25.1:

(seq-let (a b c) '(3 4 5)
(= (+ (* a a) (* b b)) (* c c)))

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OH: "GNU Emacs, which is a sort of hybrid between Windows Notepad, a monolithic-kernel operating system, and the International Space Station."

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@jakob OK ...


Updated chart:

Interestingly, the chart is now disconnected ... I think someone must have deleted a linking toot, but I didn't keep a record of what I used in the first version.

I hope this is helpful.

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@cwebber @jakob @technomancy An application delivery framework that lets you ship crossplatform applications written in whatever programming language you want seems game changing to me, and we're just barely seeing the tip of the iceberg right now.

This is what people wanted from the JVM, but Java is a horrid language and even once the JVM started to be good for other languages you're still stuck with its horrible APIs. WASM doesn't impose these restrictions.

Unfortunately, this week's stream is going to be postponed to this coming Friday, the 21st. I'll be taking the GRE this Saturday which leaves me with little time to prepare for a proper finale.

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@technomancy @jakob But I think that also leads to optimism of a path out.

Weird thought: if Mozilla falters, maybe this could lead to enough entrenchment by Google controlling browsers and just making them straight up unpleasant enough that it actually leads to the downfall of browsers.

For the first time since the 90s, I'm considering "maybe stuff built for the web not only might not last in terms of bitrotting, but maybe people will stop using web browsers and switch to something else"

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#MDN and #Firefox #DevTools are both also essential and need to be saved. #Mozilla should unionize and fire the management that kept their huge salaries while getting rid of absolutely essential machinery for operating the Web. These are bad decisions.

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@technomancy @jakob As it happens my vague plan on how to deal with this is to embed an extremely, extremely simple (but more secure than present browsers) browser for minimal hypertext in Spritely for eg viewing user-written documents, etc.

Asking someone "install this more secure browser that has less of the features you've come to depend on!" won't work.

"Install this game that happens to include a stripped down but more secure browser!" just might.

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