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I found out about this when I was showing that writeup about Backdoor.SH.SHELLBOT.AA to someone from my CTF team and he mentioned that my site looked familiar

Yo holy shit I got a tentative job offer from my dream employer

Friendship ended with COMMON LISP Now SCHEME is my best friend

Heads up: if anyone's sent an email to an address of mine ending in 'sdf.lonestar.org' between January 2nd, 2020 and now, I have not received it. From now on, please use my key with fingerprint 6581 A4FC 404F 6434 AEA3 008C 45ED 4DC3 05BA DA33.

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It seems there's a lot of interest in continuing work on Guile Emacs, since it keeps coming up on Reddit and Hacker News and everyone is lamenting the fact that there are too few Scheme hackers and they don't seem to be interested in the project. (Someone even offered to fund it.)

Right now I'm seriously considering starting a revival project. Is anyone here interested in such a venture?

#Guile #Emacs #Scheme
@guile @emacs @scheme

I haven't bought anything from them since last semester btw

"Dear JAKOB, Thank you for opting-in to receive email from Wiley."
I... never did..? Is this some sort of plausible deniability thing so I can't complain when they flood my inbox with garbage?

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Finally got around to adding pullovers to my routine and good lord are my lats sore

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Someone tried to connect to my MUD via their browser and because of how character creation works right now, that kind of worked so there's now a player standing in Crossed Candles Inn with the user name "GET / HTTP/1.1"

I've banged out three blog posts in the past couple of weeks. I'm happy about that.

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I didn't realize this until today, but LibrePlanet lines up with my spring break this year.

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Made a blogpost about Terminal Phase happening over on my Patreon account. Includes a few more screenshots! patreon.com/posts/33006392

Are you a patron? I thought it would be nice to thank people who are donating, so if you want to show up in the credits, you can do so by selecting a tier now!

Game should be released in the next week!

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