Does anyone know an existing tool or set of tools that will allow me to generate lesser-used types of signatures, such as 0x1F (direct key signature) and 0x50 (third party confirmation), and add them to keys? I'm in an experimental mood.

More weirdness: why are trust signatures attached to one or more UIDs, rather than to the key itself? The whole point of a trust signature is that you are vouching for certs made by the key. UIDs don't issue certs.

Given that pretty much every user should and will change master keys at some point, it's kind of astonishing that there's no standard in-band mechanism for doing that and we have to resort to out-of-band "transition statements" and manual keyring management.

Just published a working DNS CERT record for my key. There is basically no good documentation on how to do this, which is a shame because it really wasn't that hard (if you're the sort of person who would do it in the first place) and seems easy enough to automate. I might release a script/howto if I ever get around to it.

Anyone know of any upcoming or regular / parties in or thereabouts? If not, am I going to have to organize one?

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