[to the tune of Papa Roach’s “Last Resort”]

🎵 It is get-TING HOT in here
So take off ALL YOUR CLOTHES 🎵

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Biological systems are notoriously squishy & vague. Adding consciousness to that only compounds the problem. Hence, trying to draw boundaries around groups of people is pretty much guaranteed to have unsatisfactory results.

Sometimes I can't help feeling relief that nobody's "inclusion initiative" wants to include me.

Okay I didn't know as I posted this that she was in the middle of getting canceled, please ignore that aspect if you want to answer

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Can someone explain to me why hating Billie Eilish is such a common pastime? Is it just "anything teenage girls like is automatically bad" or is there more to it?

I feel like if she had 1/10000 of her fanbase she'd be the darling of the indie scene.

With singular “they” having become pretty much universally accepted, I figure the rise of the plural “th’all” is coming any day now.

Not sure where this came from but I'm looking forward to my letter from Hogwarts

Woke trolley problem: You can divert a train about to run over five people but the lever has an African-inspired design and by pulling it you'd be committing cultural appropriation

You can't just call every statement you disagree with "gaslighting"

...well, I guess you can, actually, but I'm going to keep grumbling about it

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"I'm not cyber-bullying you, this is just the consequences of your speech."

Nearly a year in, how are people still so bad at wearing masks?

It keeps happening in my groups that a person I don't know that well will say something insufficiently woke and get piled on for it, and I'll read along and everything that person says will seem reasonable and sensible and unworthy of that kind of vitriol. And finally I'll step in to defend them, and about 0.03 seconds later they will follow up with "You libtard cucks probably take part in the Clintons' satanic ritual baby sacrifices" and I feel like a dumbass for sticking my neck out yet again.

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Internet business idea: it's just Google search but it never shows any results from Pinterest. Please send me all the venture capital now. Thank you.

On this, the final day of Adobe Flash, I think it's important to be reassured that anything is still possible... at html5zombo.com/

Looking forward to the day the vaccine is distributed widely enough for people to start lying that they've had it.

Whee, it's time to try and learn Objective-C in like two weeks... without access to any kind of Apple environment. Any recommendations?

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