yeah i might need to write more articles and blogs.
or i just write short comment and blogs here and put a link to here on my website.


Most of the articles on itsfoss are pure trash.
Naming it BuzzFOSS would be better.

watching Ukrainian news like im watching someone's HOI4 log
jokes aside, hope civilians could just get the fuck outta this shithole.

Daily Myth #64
How about developing a formal system that focuses on simplifying the procedures.
Evaluators does this to expressions, we could do the same thing to procedures to so that a simpler and faster version of the original procedures could be generated, which has the exact same effect as the original procedure
This way the boilerplate codes and architectures could be encapsulated as a blackbox while optimized to the best efficiency.

We could do this

> I should host my own blog
> I should host my own git server
> I should host my own music streaming service
> I should host my own private tracker
---- ``How 'bout leaving /g/ for a while and stop being a paranoid?''
> seems cool.
> Ah... proprietary software...
> I gotta register an account?... okay... I guess...
> Ah... DRM-contents... desktop ads... endless time&energy suckholes...

nope, I'm done. I want my freedom and home server back please.

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I could probably solve every single problem in my life if I modelled it as a Nagios dashboard of problem states that needed turning green.

* tom/SOCIAL is CRITICAL: 0 people seen in 36 hours, phone friend and leave house
* tom/LAUNDRY is CRITICAL: 2 pairs of clean underwear remain
* tom/GRANDMOTHER_CALL is WARNING: Last call more than 12 days ago (>10)

Daily Myth #63
> I used Emacs for like 5 years and stuck to the original Emacs keybinding which has became muscle memory.
> I tried to learn using Evil today.
> I've understood why people just wanna stick to using Windows || Mac OS despite suffering from VM or WSLs.

Vim users are genuine freaks.

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For any of y’all that have been having issues with youtube-dl being throttled to ridiculous levels, it seems that google is on it’s BS again, and that youtube-dl isn’t maintained anymore [0].

That said you can instead use the yt-dlp fork that fixes this issue and probably more [1]

Also, if you’ve been using mpv to watch youtube, you can tell it to use yt-dlp by adding this line to .config/mpv/mpv.conf : script-opts-append=ytdl_hook-ytdl_path=yt-dlp [2]

[0] [1] [2]

org-roam v2 is def. better than org-roam v1.
at least i can arrange nodes in traditional dir/file architecture and export in other format (2html->blog etc.) without compromising capabilities of node links.

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