I set my hallway thermometer to Fahrenheit a week ago, and I’ve been waiting on uncooperative weather since.

I’m not sure I believe the promised benefits of this kale…

This is an actual question you must answer when applying for a UK visa

It’s nice to get the biannual reminder that time offsets and calendaring in general is hard, and it’s not just you 🙂

Slack: living long enough to see itself become the villain

Next time I’ll mince the onion super fine, I think that will improve the texture.

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Trying out a recipe from Persiana by Sabrina Ghayour — predictably these are delicious

I added SVG visualisations and an area index to my Sunday evening UK COVID-19 stats thingy. It might actually be of use to someone now 🙂


It’s a very rudimentary thing, but it *can* query for other UK local authority areas:


(I’ve only looked at Hereford’s data, so I’m sure there are many bugs)

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I fiddled with the UK COVID-19 data API to see if I could answer the question “how many days has it been since someone tested positive in Hereford?”


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Looking for an easy way to create a mock GraphQL server for your schema? Kimera, from some of my productive colleagues might be of interest lola-tech.github.io/graphql-ki

You're obviously a garbage person if you do this, but mid-June?!

Why are the only local restaurants still operational all terrible combi-pizza/kebab/chicken places?

I’m late to this, but did Slack really do a redesign and NOT add the ability to collapse its goddamn sidebar?

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