@Maya @maperal @claudiom @snowdusk @tbn97 @dokuja In just 30 minutes on tilderadio is the special 11th episode of the ! This time different renditions of Guantanamera, La Bamba, and El Manicero! Tune in soon!

@maperal @Maya @claudiom @snowdusk @tbn97 @dokuja De nada, Maria! Bienvenidos! Disfrutalo!

@maperal @Maya @claudiom @snowdusk @tbn97 @dokuja Sorry for the dang IRC bot, everyone!! Hope you are still enjoying the music 🙂

@maperal @Maya @claudiom @snowdusk @tbn97 @dokuja Hey @deepend and @ben please boot @paper from the IRC channels!

@deepend @maperal @Maya @claudiom @snowdusk @tbn97 @dokuja @ben @paper Thanks a lot!!

@deepend @maperal @Maya @claudiom @snowdusk @tbn97 @dokuja @ben @paper Come quick @deepend, no one can deal with it!

@deepend @maperal @Maya @claudiom @snowdusk @tbn97 @dokuja @ben @paper Thanks for dealing with it @deepend !!

@deepend @maperal @Maya @claudiom @snowdusk @tbn97 @dokuja @ben @paper

Alright, all done! Tune in on anonradio at 8 pm EDT tomorrow!

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