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Hmmm, should I start on in a few weeks? What should I ? Tips desired!

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Eating carrots doesn't really give you better low light vision, but you can carry a lot of carrots with you then throw them at the darkness to echolocate things like walls, bears, and other carrots.

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A sort of portable office: the TRGpro (a Palm IIIx variant) with a GoType keyboard and the SiPix A6 infrared portable printer. And with the modern Fischer pen/stylus. The calendar is a MUJI one.

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@pants @balrogboogie "free" is a trap word to obscure the flows of power. if you say "water should be free for Nestlé to come and fence it", you are empowering Nestlé to the detriment of people (BSD license). If you say "the rivers in our city should be freely accessible by fascist warships", you are giving resources to fascists (GPL Freedom 0).

The refusal of the free software movement to take a stance against capitalists has empowered capitalists, because Amazon can get a lot more power out of all the "freely" available code than individual workers can, in the same way that Nestlé can get a lot more power out of a spring than you can.

Moreover the very unspoken premise that this is a problem solvable by licenses in a legalist framework pressuposes that laws and courts are good and work for the people, preventing reforms of the real cause of software injustice: private ownership of the means of production. The freedom to see the source code means nothing if the server farms, networks, computer factories etc. are all controlled by a handful of capitalists.

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@guofu @Maya @maperal @cr0n0s @ffuentes @John @SDF All the political spectrum in Ecuador lacks experience. Lawfare practices are becoming typical in the region, where the Judiciary is not democratically elected and is entrenched defending real power.
Perú on the other hand have a strong power-party, but right wing Fujimorism lacked any ability to cope with the world changes. It's a XIX century structure. Perhaps that just works for Peru. IMO the unionist candidate has little chances on winning.

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"Our ship must seem primitive to you who have been spacefaring for millennia."
"Not at all," the Frinx ambassador said, "we find it very clever. Especially that reality evacuation facility. We have not seen anything like that before."
"Reality evac- Oh! You mean the library?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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Computer advice request:

My friend is going to be doing GIS computing work for a grad program and asked for advice on a good computer that could handle the graphics heavy workload. Since I'm not mega-familiar with the latest and greatest personal computers, I'd appreciate if the community here could recommend something reliable.

The hardware requirements she was provided are listed here:

She would prefer a laptop form factor if it all possible.

We also found a "list of best laptops for GIS and ArcGIS 2021" type article, but neither of us can really evaluate if these are good selections or not (or if them would be equally good):

Thank you and boosts welcome.

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@kelbot Also games.

Nethack, infocom games, any mud. Anything that assumes it's running on a multi user system and allows real time multiplayer.



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What are the CLI/TUI applications that spark joy for you?

For me a nicely customized tmux, tut fediverse client (so I can talk to you lovely people), amfora (for gemini), profanity (xmpp), newsboat and tui_launcher (because who doesn't want touchscreen buttons in their terminal).

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I went live for the first time on aNONradio today. Played four Brazilian songs. :) Here is my home setup. I used iziCast app on iPhone and an old iPod. Note the connector is not in all the way. (in red) I did that so my audio cable would behave as a mic connector. The quality wasn't great. Next time I will setup the butt app. Thanks to everyone listening.

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Tinkering with some late 90's beige boxes, fun projects! Made a video of my plans for these.

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