OK being very obscure here :-)
It's like x-wing, but in text mode :-)
Anyway, one of the things it lets you do is define the 5-character string that displays as the "enemy fighter"
so, |-*-| for a classic TIE, <-*-> for TIE Advanced, :X: Star Fury, -oVo- f-15 style Decepticon, >8*8< X-Wing, etc etc

Just noticed that the Android code editor app Acode's icon is <A> and that is such a perfect ship for STARWARS.BAS

I could swear that when I looked at ebay a couple of weeks ago, there were some Cromemco D+7A S100 cards going for approx. $100
(d+7a is basically a S100 joystick card)

and I kind of convinced myself I should get one.
So I look on ebay, and there's only one, and they want $200 for it...

And nope, that's outa my budget.

(grr, that's the second time I've lost out on an S100 card I wanted. Next time I see one I want for $100 I'm getting it then and there!)

z80 *NMI is hard-coded to call address 0x0066. This is the middle of the default FCB in CP/M. Can't really use it in CP/M itself, but a user program is free to set up a vector in the FCB, so the *NMI switch is at least potentially useful.

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Spent a few hours on this s100 card last night. This is the front panel controller for my .

I was mainly trying to figure out why its responding to disk controller writes, but the wiring seems ok...

Mostly i was trying to figure out how the speaker output is wired up... if i did that right, it needs a DtoA and still wouldn't work? I don't know op-amp wiring...


I'm still amazed at how few rs232 line I use these days. The coco and the teletek have serial lines to my server, and of course the teletek has a serial line to its terminal. A free connection for the m100 and wp2 and that's it! Everything else is wifi or ethernet.

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