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I tried to fix this. several times. it defeated me. Since it would work if I said "DB ('X'+80) " I just put up with it.

until tonight!
Every time I tried to fix this code I tried to be clever with it, and it never worked. So tonight I said, forget that! All I had to do, when db() found an opening quote, don't be clever. Just look 2 more characters ahead. If i see a closing quote I can just hand the whole thing off to expr(), otherwise the ascii handler gets it.

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1) - we are baking and preparing food to re-open the coffee shop.

2) - we are cleaning a million things and making arrangements for safe social distancing and proper sanitization within the coffee shop. That means removing all the board games and books and marking off tables and so on and so forth.

3) - I am going to print a bunch of signs and such to hang up

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tbh, wanting to get off this planet so badly that you arrange a launch in a pandemic is a mood

The idea of "your life's purpose" is also utter bullshit. As if a "force" outside of you pre-determined your destiny and tasked you to find it. Nonsense. However the Japanese have some up with a cool thing which is pragmatic and useful - Ikegai.

I'm really excited about the falcon-9/dragon launch today. I'm not at all excited that Elon Musk was involved, but people went from Florida to Space, and that's exciting.

Power distribution wraps are done. The fat wires bring power in from the supply to the board center with 10uf bulk decoupling cap. I brought power from the center to each IC, and also connected some of the ICs' power pins together. Maybe this is overkill.

it supports regex based filters using PCRE so it can be hella powerful

I wish Mastodon supported things like this for example the signup application form

if a automated spammer puts a http/https url in the field you can immediately match that using regex and drop the registration immediately

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If the newer version of cawf supports mandoc macros it might be worth porting.

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Yay, I got an ancient MINIX version of cawf to compile!

I'm not sure if I'll just stick with this version or attempt to compile a current version...

(cawf is the C version of awf, Henry Spencer's nroff clone written in AWK!)

"Confirmed" --The Presence of an Earth Around the Nearest Star | The Daily Galaxy

  ESPRESSO, the successor to HARPS, one of most productive and precise planet hunters, “has made it possible to measure the mass of the planet with a precision of over one-tenth of the mass of Earth. It’s completely unheard of,” says Michel Mayor, mission architect. Mayor is winner of the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2019 […]

It's kind of hilarious watching Godzilla after Shin Godzilla, because the gov't board hears like 4 testimonies and gets some investigation going. Shin is a bureaucratic maze and they have to scrape out any science at the sides, if the politicians don't just deny everything.
#godzilla #kaiju

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