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I'm Willard. I live in Socorro, New Mexico, USA
I work in fast food and it has eaten my life, i don't really do much else. So I boost the people on here that do.

“87th floor, room 24,” says the hotel receptionist as I check in.

“87?! How tall is this hotel?” I exclaim.

“Oh, it’s only two floors up,” she smiles, “but we skip unlucky numbers, and there are a LOT of those around the world.”

“Did you know 87 is unlucky for cricketers?” I joke as I reach for the key.

She frowns, pulls back the key. “Your floor is now called—[typing]—the 111th floor.”

I am about to say something about the number 111, think better of it, and accept the key.


Q: How does an RF designer find the input impedance of an amplifier?

A: By taking a moment of reflection.

Q: Why did digital designers come late to work?

A: Insufficient margin in the bus timing.

Post-script: two hours of waiting in the stuffy minivan, no tow truck.

I cancelled the service call and walked to a store, bought a battery (and borrowed tools) and installed it in the parking lot. Success!

Turned in old battery/tools, drove home, changed tire, now having a beer.

Again, so grateful that I could just drop $220 on a car battery without even checking. It was not long ago that that would have been a VERY CONCERNING expenditure. I am grateful for the blessings in my life.

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@atomicpoet Well, well, well, my old Palm TX still works. Puts all my old Mac hardware to shame.

Seen on a button at an SF Convention:
Veteran of the Bermuda Triangle Expeditionary Force. 1990-1951.

@ajroach42 Has to be the Pure Digital CVS "disposable" camera for me. (See wundervisionenvisionthefuture. etc.) Nothing too fancy, about the quality of an early webcam in your pocket, for ~$25. You were supposed to return them to get the video, but people figured out the protocol and made software to grab the videos anyway. Always had one in my pocket in school after they came out. If the best camera is the one you have with you, that was the best for years.

@ifixcoinops Drywall Mud is your friend. You can solve all the world's walll problems with Drywall Mud.

You can never have too much Drywall Mud.

The key to remember is that a wall patch is like a parfait...or maybe more like an onion.

It has layers (of Mud). Thin layers. Many thin layers. Layers upon sanding upon layers.

It is like Bondo when you are getting that beater car ready to take to MAACO and get all spiffy to list in the Auto Trader...except for walls.

I have just seen BBC BASIC for SDL: cross-platform implementation of BBC BASIC.

Not had a chance to run it myself but it looks interesting and thought I should share for the #RetroComputing and #RetroGaming crowd.

Amila didn't hear Torin start moving. Still without looking back she chided him, "You didn't seem to mind the Driders in the forest."

She imagined Torin jumping a little and looking in five directions at once. A moment later his voice came, slightly higher than usual, "What do you mean?"

"Some of them build nests in dead falls. They trap rodents that wander too near. We saw at least one between Shady Glade and here. See, nothing to fear since you've already braved this."

The talking was good. It would warn the Drider ahead that they were approaching. Amila, normally light footed, didn't do anything to conceal her footfalls either. The extra sound and vibrations being yet more signals of where they were.


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Some sort of flying #vehicle for lovers of rough terrain.
Not that flying over rough terrain is a probelm for other flying cars, but with this one it's a better experience consuming lots of extra fuel.

#Ballpoint #doodle with digital color overlay.

Today's computer horror: I lost basically a day trying to figure out why a commit was causing breakage to previously working functionality entirely unrelated to the things the commit changed. After lots of git difftool, I figured out the change that triggered the bug was *just* adding two additional members to the middle of an enum.

Consider this a pop C quiz. Where is the bug in the code below, and why does it have the effect it has? You'll know you see it when you feel ice in your veins.

# make

Well.. time to take a nap, that'll be done in a couple hours probably.

Bought a Palm IIIxe recently just for fun, and it's now unironically my main driver for notes and scheduling now. So much better than constantly getting distracted by my phone when I just want to write something down.
electronics forever.

As promised, photos from the vintage CB radio install in my bus. Antenna is not currently connected, but will be.

Putting a sacrificial piece of wood underneath when drilling with a massive chonker like this is the secret to not accidentally blowing the back out.

(I swear I do try to keep this account family-friendly, but it gets hard sometimes)

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