I bit the bullet and bought a 4-slot expander for my MSX2. Now I can have either my CF-IDE controller or MegaFlashRom cart in the main slot, and my Musical Memory mapper and FM-PAC in the expander... with room for a serial cart and perhaps a network cart.

Kind of excited about this project.

i feel like the continued use of the meaningless anachronism "word processor" is mostly to obscure the fact that 90% of documents would be better communicated in plain text

This is soooooo good!!

From Cynthia Stohl and @GeorgeCheney 's paper "Participatory Processes/ Paradoxical Practices"

The seven paradoxes of participation:

Systemd is trying to turn Linux into Windows NT.

Automotive warning lights and what they mean.
(Courtesy DaveTVChannel)

Maesie the Cat just loves to sleep on my Macbook for some reason. So I looked up how to disable the keyboard while she is on it, and, lo and behold, I found this:


A bunch of MS-DOS games are free on archive.org and are playable right within the browser! This includes Microsoft Flight Simulator, The Elder Scrolls: Redguard, and Descent!

Go nuts and have fun! archive.org/details/softwareli

@SDF Thanks for all the hard work & keeping this place going! ✌️😁

It's not sustainable to keep churning through labor staff until you HAPPEN upon a combination of 'can do their job well' and 'can tolerate the shithead management'.

The ancient hard drive whirs under the apprentices right hand, as the others' fingertips rest over the keying board. The kernel ventures to the dead sectors, fragmented and distant from the seek head though they may be. The codec, deftly won in a game the evening prior, lays open on the desk nearby.

Runes suddenly flood the screen. Attention is closely paid, notes are taken. Within moments, the drive succumbs to its oxidation and the screen darkens, but the secret has been told. The apprentice utters a small gasp. "The rumors were false," he says. "Rust really does have a specification."

Link, you must use the Sweet-Ass-Radical Axe of the Goddess to awaken the Seven Sages and prevent Ganon from bumming everyone out with his totally downer vibe

#art #mastoart #zelda #makar #tloz #smashbros

So I guess Erfworld is done...

I had quit reading erfworld but they managed to hook me back in, and now its over. 😑

It looks like something *bad* happened with the writers? I dunno, but I hope they're OK.


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