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I'm Willard. I live in Socorro, New Mexico, USA
I work in fast food and it has eaten my life, i don't really do much else. So I boost the people on here that do.

One of the challenges working on my CompuPro is getting leads hooked up to pins while the boards are in the case.

S-100 machines had “bus extender” cards so that you could plug the card in and have it stick up out of the case, making it easier to diagnose.

I got this Vector bus expander for $30! I didn’t expect it to be in the original plastic with the original instruction card!

Q: What does a programmer say when there's a mysterious integer overflow bug?

A: It just doesn't add up, I still can't wrap my head around it.

As a programmer, you'll always end up struggling with special characters...

...There's no escape.

With the recent announcement that #Stadia is shuttering, this comic is once again very relevant:

#AndroidAppRain today with 6 new (*) & 93 updated apps at @fdroidorg plus 4 new (+) & 10 updated apps in the #IzzySoftRepo:

* Aggregator Next: Feed reader
* Better Internet Tiles: Wi-Fi and mobile data tiles on Android 12+
* Drawterm: Access your Plan 9 machines
* Filester: simple file uploader
* GuitarFretboardTrainer: learn the notes on the guitar fretboard
* KitchenOwl: grocery list and recipe manager
+ Sideband: LXMF client


Q: What do you call a student who's learning vector calculus?

A: A "grad" student.

I recapped the C64C (in addition to taking the rust off of the lid of the RF modulator). Will be replacing the RF modulator with a modern replacement in the near future.

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