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I tried to fix this. several times. it defeated me. Since it would work if I said "DB ('X'+80) " I just put up with it.

until tonight!
Every time I tried to fix this code I tried to be clever with it, and it never worked. So tonight I said, forget that! All I had to do, when db() found an opening quote, don't be clever. Just look 2 more characters ahead. If i see a closing quote I can just hand the whole thing off to expr(), otherwise the ascii handler gets it.

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Dreamed I was under investigation by the ftc, fbi, and tsa becuase I invented FTL.

It turns out there's an amusing anecdote behind the decision to split stdout and stderr:

... and, as usual, something that started out as a complete joke has turned into a serious project. I just spent the last few hours on a rough draft of a GURPS campaign centred around shitty off-brand/also-ran military action figures from the 1980s.

The takeaway from this is "Having a fertile mind is easy when you're largely full of shit."

I briefly toyed with the idea of designing the Cobra H.I.S.S. tank using GURPS Vehicles, which led to a discussion of running a 1980s GI Joe GURPS campaign. But... me being me, I thought of running instead a campaign centred on "military action figure" toy lines that were knock-offs/also-rans in the same time period.

Chief among them was Gen. Patch vs Evil Enemy. My sister and I had the whole set when we were kids (shitty vehicles included). They were so bad, but they exuded personality.

Madman's player: I'm taking a shot at Gen. Patch
(Rolls, crit fail)
Me: The machine gun slips out of your hands, thanks to the judicious coating of vaguely smoke-scented oil that gives your gun "the smell of battle".
Gen. Patch: I'm using a Ready move to get my own gun out
Me: -4 DX penalty for horribly articulated arms.
(Rolls, crit fail)
Me: The General's right arm snaps off when he exceeded the bend radius of his shoulder joint.

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it wasn't because of the hub.

there seems to be something in the Raspberry Pi hardware that latches onto the specific device ID of the keyboard and won't let it go - even after a reboot of RISC OS, which makes me think it's something in the GPU

powercycling forces the GPU to start over, though

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OK, was somewhat surprised to find that the USB keyboard i dropped in as a replacement didn't want to work. even after resetting RISC OS. turns out i had to completely powercycle the damn thing in order to get everything to play together!

i dunno whether that was because the other keyboard had a 2-port USB hub in it or what, but... yeah. USB - not as plug'n'play as people think

I'm happy to announce that #Retro #Forth 2021.1 is now complete. It's available at

A full changelog is included in the source, but a summary:

- conditionals now treat non-zero as true
- the full image is smaller
- several obscure bugs were fixed
- code and test block delimiters in Unu now user definable
- refactored the assembler
- refactored & expanded python implementation of Nga
- added a full python implementation of the build tools
- added a nim implementation of Nga

Tauon OS hit version 1.00!

I've got some downloading to do...

The other day elsewhere on social media, I shared a newspaper article on the rising hobby of retrocomputing, or bringing old computers back to life. After 3D printing turns to micromanufacturing, retrocomputing will give rise to retrofantasy computing, or bringing computers that never existed to life.

art by Cem Tezcan

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