When you have out-of-order execution, your whole security mechanism may become out of order.

Best bit of #prelingerwiki event was me finding this hanky-code for hexadecimal in a 1968 copy of Datamation, and Liz insta-popularising it:

OK got the pi3 sending audio out the analog port again.

rocking some Tai Mai Shu.... i have the weirdest mp3s... 😁

For the first time in his 4.5 years of life, he caught a mouse. He's pretty proud of himself! He's getting all the treats and loves this morning. #cat #cats #catpics #kitty #kitties #kitten #kittens #mastocats #catstodon #catsofmastodon #bot redd.it/cuc7ds

Things I liked about 80's/90's computing:
- Total control over my hardware
- Software that worked with me, not against me
- Superior aesthetics (yeah I said it :3 )
- Overall sense of promise and freedom

Things I like about computing today:
- Easy and open access to knowledge
- Insane amounts of storage
- The sheer computing POWERRRR

Now if only we could make these attributes come together instead of being period exclusive. :blobthinking:

OK so now the won't boot.

And the is refusing to send audio out the analog port...

I would really appreciate it if things would quit failing on me, just for a couple of months? Please?

‪after 4.69 years of uptime and over 16 years of continuous service our very last 64 bit DEC Alpha retired itself early this morning. @netbsd

The is the disk drive for my and i wondered if it could be the cassette player too, but i don't have the combination of adapters to go from trrs to cassette. Short a 1/8" mono female-female adapter. 😑

I could swear I have one but I can't find it!

Software entropy defies grand unified attempts to start over and make things simpler.

The Tragedy of UCS-2 unascribed.com/b/2019-08-02-th

Don't think I've linked this here before, but since it came up in one of my old bookmark files, here you go:

OS/A65 - a Multitasking/Multithreading Operating System for 6502 computers


to the tune of Avril Lavigne’s “Complicated” 

Snagged a pi 4 2GB. Going to migrate my home hosting efforts to the pi4. If this works out like I'm expecting it to, this will be a long term solution.

two fans seized in the aNONradio server. luckily we had spares.

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