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I tried to fix this. several times. it defeated me. Since it would work if I said "DB ('X'+80) " I just put up with it.

until tonight!
Every time I tried to fix this code I tried to be clever with it, and it never worked. So tonight I said, forget that! All I had to do, when db() found an opening quote, don't be clever. Just look 2 more characters ahead. If i see a closing quote I can just hand the whole thing off to expr(), otherwise the ascii handler gets it.

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The next demon looked more like a machine than anything. But looks are deceptive. I met its eye. “Can you talk?”


“Can you walk?”

“Yes…but not here.”

“What’s stopping you?”

“Autonomous algorithms rely on perspective analysis. Need parallel lines. These lines do not converge properly. No training data.”

I made a note in my book: keep the pentagram; it binds them.


Hello to everyone who has read our blog posts and supported us with your thoughts and opinions. has turned 1 years old today and we're very proud of the work we've done! One woman writing articles in her free time has been able to grow a small fan base, partner with some of our favorite companies and learn so much about what the open source world has to offer and to share that with all of you. The journey up to this point in time has been amazing. So it's with a heavy heart that....

"Does it matter to you?" the dragon asked.
"Not at all," the princess said, "but it matters to him."
"If this prince thinks he can only prove his worth and manhood by fighting a dragon, he needs education, not my indulgence."
"Find another."
"Another dragon?"
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'Fast travel for weary adventurers!' read the sign. A scarfed and goggled rider leaned against it. Behind her, her mount gently rasped at a large shrub.

I stared. It wasn't often you saw a snail of that size even in Mistembra.

'Isn't "fast travel" a bit disingenous?' I asked.

She shrugged. 'Buy a ride and find out.'

Curiosity got the better of me.

And as it turned out, a creature that was basically one giant foot could be pretty nippy if it was big enough.

#microfiction #TootFic

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Look at this little beaut. Just needed a new Kernal to get her back up to speed. Am leaving as stock at the moment as per instructions, but I do like the early ones... 👍👍

#2495 Universal Seat Belt 

The plug fits really snugly, so it should be safe in a crash.

"Bad news," the ship says. "A rock hit one of my solar arrays. It broke off. We are now using more energy than we bring in."
That explains that loud crunch.
"Will we make it back to Earth?"
The ship is silent a long time.
"One of us could."
"Wait, what?"
The ship is silent.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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