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I tried to fix this. several times. it defeated me. Since it would work if I said "DB ('X'+80) " I just put up with it.

until tonight!
Every time I tried to fix this code I tried to be clever with it, and it never worked. So tonight I said, forget that! All I had to do, when db() found an opening quote, don't be clever. Just look 2 more characters ahead. If i see a closing quote I can just hand the whole thing off to expr(), otherwise the ascii handler gets it.

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Argentina, Chile, Uruguay photographers from the International Station, with the Moon behind the .
Photo: NASA, DegreaseNeil

New on the left, old (yet awesome) on the right.

As Ubuntu upgrades on the Latitude, moving massive amounts of Whdload data to a new hard drive structure on the Amiga 2000.

Finally managed to get some drawing done again, this one inspired by the high quality gradient project, plus the fact it's currently freezing properly since years in the Netherlands. I saw a swan today who was terribly confused by the ice, which struck me as funny given the Ugly Duckling has made me associate swans with winter, so I decided to immortalize it.

Original was made in linear rec 2020 with 32 float per channel, one day I'll figure out how to master those properly.

#krita, #MastoArt

Where To Buy GNU+Linux #Preinstalled Computers II

Sharing is very appreciated.

Kubuntu Focus :kubuntu: 🇺🇸

Laptop With Linux :zorin: 🇳🇱

PineBook :manjaro: 🇨🇳

Slimbook :kde: :ubuntu: 🇪🇸

Star Labs :elementary: 🇬🇧

ThinkPenguin :linuxmint: :trisquel: 🇺🇸

Tuxedo :opensuse: 🇩🇪

Curated List :gnu: :linux:

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I did this like 30 years ago, so stuff's fuzzy. Most of the monsters were just hazards, made the world a worse place but not *different*.

Elves were annoying because they'd do weird magic stuff, turn whole city areas into their own. Pal. Elves aren't woodsy hippies, more long-lived racist imperialists.

Changelings, Bugbears, other stealthy infiltrators were a problem. Lot of politicians & military got replaced or eaten before they established sensors.

Vampires were everywhere.

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#AndroidAppRain 🌧️ at @fdroidorg again, with 58 updates and 8 new apps:

* AnXray: proxy chain
* Bubble: bubble level
* Droid-ify: materialized F-Droid client
* monocles mail: mail client
* Notification Dictionary: look up terms
* Ojo RTSP IP Camera viewer
* Sav PDF Viewer Pro
* Gravity Force Finger: game to feel gravity effects

Enjoy your #foss #android #apps from #fdroid :awesome:

Finding more 🤯 stuff looking into the history of computer ownership.

In 1952 IBM did not sell computers but would rent a model 701 for $15K for 40 hours of use a month.

One of their competitors, Elecom, would sell you a computer for nearly a million USD. (In 1952 dollars.)

Elecom was considered successful for the time. They sold nearly a dozen computers!

Elecom was bought by Underwood Typewriter Company, then closed a few years later when Underwood realized they were in over their heads.

But look at this! The new ones don't work! The lower (vernier) scale is printed wrong.

You'll notice that the tick-marks never line up to make a measurement. For the two decimal places after the 7mm you scan across the lower scale and NOTHING EVER ALIGNS.

UGH. Who made these things and put them on a store shelf.

(Someone who didn't take a science/eng class, that's who.)

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#2532 Censored Vaccine Card 

CVS's pharmacies are fine, but I much prefer their [censored]s.

The EBTKS expansion card for the HP-85/86 series of computers is a pricey piece of kit, but it sure is beautifully and _extremely_ professionally done. I can't wait to try this out ... Maybe on Monday, if I'm lucky!

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