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I'm Willard. I live in Socorro, New Mexico, USA
I work in fast food and it has eaten my life, i don't really do much else. So I boost the people on here that do.

The woodcutter, a lonely machine that wanders deep in the forest.
With it's main goal long ago forgotten, It has now developed a strong sense of territoriality, if you know what I mean.

#mechtober digital color over #ballpointpen #doodle with #Copic shading.

Anyway here’s one of my personal favorite #astrophotography shots so far! I’ve been into this hobby for about a year now and it’s so amazing.

Q: Why did you need to wait in a long line at Radio Shack to buy a 6502 microprocessor?

A: Not enough registers.

The mall had always been a labyrinthine temple to capitalism. I used to enjoy my trips there, but then came my first job.

I was too plain for the boutiques, but the basic shoe store was ecstatic to have me; everything would always be closed and dark by the time I clocked out.

Once I somehow got lost - I couldn't believe it. More unbelievably was the minotaur who escorted me to the parking lot.

We have lunch breaks together often now.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

TFW you can't remember how to spell "onomatopoeia" so you type your best guess into Google and discover your best guess is correct. :flan_trophy:

The V20-MBC homebrew computer I ordered finally arrived, here it is with its components. The V20-MBC is a single-board computer with a Nec V20 (8088, CP/M-86 + 8080, CP/M-80) by the same maker of the Z80-MBC2.

More to come.

#v20mbc #retrocomputing #sbc

Suddenly much more interested in Python now I know it has Curses bindings.

Q: What do you call an AC mains power supply that violates electrical spacing rules?

A: It's creepy.

I need to get some drawer units to hold spare capacitors and other electronics.

Also I’m glad I bought extras before I started this recap. I had to dip into the spares. Pun intended.

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