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I tried to fix this. several times. it defeated me. Since it would work if I said "DB ('X'+80) " I just put up with it.

until tonight!
Every time I tried to fix this code I tried to be clever with it, and it never worked. So tonight I said, forget that! All I had to do, when db() found an opening quote, don't be clever. Just look 2 more characters ahead. If i see a closing quote I can just hand the whole thing off to expr(), otherwise the ascii handler gets it.

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To those who haven't been in the know, it seems like has returned with this v15 beta.

But in reality, it never left! Slackware-current has been very much active and will continue to be so. πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Ž


Oh hello. Haven't heard much from you lately: Linux veteran Slackware rides again with a beta of version 15 β€’ The Register

50th Anniversary Blackmoor Day!

I love Dave's original character system. Looks, Brains, Sex, Guts, Health, Misc. He added a bunch of weapons and other skills in the next couple years.

It was all sorta-Chainmailish, so they'd be 2d6 roll-under.

His later Adventures in Fantasy game is mechanically complex d100, so the actual system he used is mostly lost.

#ttrpg #dnd @ttrpg

By far my biggest past project was IRON CROWN, the (currently on hiatus) gothic thriller webcomic about a dictator's daughter, demons, and enormous dicks backstabing all around.

Really loved the art and characters in here (several of the characters live on in other stories), and I'm not even done with this world yet ... Perpetually readable on my site here:

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day off is winding down
did laundry
got groceries
snuggled kitties!
moved a throw rug from the kitchen to my room, so it can cover the dual trip hazards (aka extension cords) in front of my room door.

am i the only person whose mind goes to a DEC place on reading the word "vax", or are there other relics...? ;-)

Finally got the RetroLair under way, but I'm going to change that name. Not much of a lair when you look at it. πŸ˜•

Closet o' Classics? πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

I dunno. Regardless, the Power Mac G5 and the Motorola StarMax 4000 MT are set up. No network yet, but I might have a solution.

Dad Joke 

A few puns make me numb, but math puns make me number.

They looked at the primordial entity emerging from the roiling ocean.
"Well," the cat said, "who'll collar that?"
His human sighed.
After the fight was over, she heaved tentacles aside to fit the mystic collar around Cthulhu's neck.
"Still easier than you," she called to the cat.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #Small

Does your D&D game need 100 shopkeepers?

No? That's way too many?

Well too bad. I wrote 100 shopkeepers and now it's your responsibility to justify the way I spend my time by using this resource in your game:

My GM and I playtested a campaign idea of ours well into the early hours. It involved designing and field testing mecha powered by internal combustion engines (using aviation fuel), and armed with repurposed tank guns.

We lost six test pilots, half the ground support crew, and the lead engineer in the first few minutes of the session.

Kinda glad we haven't fielded the unit with the flamethrower.

We each rolled against WILL, and I won. His character has to fill out the paperwork.

#gurps #mecha #ttrpg @ttrpg

Morning, cretins. Time to warm up the solar sails.

Way cool art by Arnaud Kleindienst

The game was getting intense, and then, out of nowhere, a kitten found its way onto the poker table.

Not as a prize, it just decided this well lit table with it's warm felt top was the perfect place to curl up for a nap.

"Is this one of your's?" the counselor asked the android.

"It is not," he answered.

"Well, I fold," said the doctor.

"I'll fold too," said the engineer.

No one on the starship wanted to wake the cute kitten up.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #SciFi #Caturday

Before going away for a week I decide to risk it and do preliminary testing of my 8Bit version of the #RTL8019 #ISA #networkcard card (
The results are promising: lucky me, otherwise I would have had it in my mind for a whole week, gnawing at my sanity. #homebrewcomputing #retrocomputing

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