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Hi, my name is Walter.
I am a technology enthusiast. My hobbies in this area range from programming to retrocomputing and diverse other things.
You can find more about me on my website.

And I know. I'm forgetting many hashes to put here, but this is ok for now.

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Serial Experiments Lain
Parallel Experiments Lain
IEEE-488 Experiments Lain

About NetBSD... I'm still sad with the lack of binary packages of important software for old machines, like Seamonkey and Arctic Fox this last took more than 7 hours to compile from pkgsrc on this machine...

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I'm done with OpenBSD on the X40, this bug with the Intel video driver make me mad.
Back to NetBSD.

lol, one stick of 1GB DDR1 costs more than the machine I'm going to install it on.

This 30GB SSD on my X40 is not small for a unique S.O.
But for now I will call this machine "My BSD test machine".
With a dual boot of NetBSD and OpenBSD... and a small partition of Linux just for Grub, and yeah, I not happy with this Linux thing just for boot the systems. And that things gets very small...

I don't know, maybe I install it on a USB Flash. Still sucks!

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@SDF Can we have emojis of tech related things here in this instance? Ex: NetBSD Flag, Plan 9 Mascot etc.

Oh no! The Sata controller of my obscure hardware is not compatible with 9front.
This Atom board sucks.

As a last goodbye to my 9front server I decided to build the complete system from source for no reason.
The CPU is a Geode LX800 500MHZ and RAM is 512MB.
Here are the results for both system and kernel.

The fame of "tool system" is ok but need to stop, NetBSD is more than that.

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FreeBSD, OpenBSD and even Plan9 have especialized channels.

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NetBSD needs more love on YouTube. Most videos are presentations or installation guides.

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Thinking in hosting some wiki software for writing my crazy and dumb ideas, I wanna to write notes from command line and GUI environments from most all my machines.
Something simple, any software recommendation?

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I think I've found the best real-life analogue of a Star Trek TOS bridge workstation: the circa 1985 Aesthedes 2 computer graphics workstation.

* same layout of swivel chair, control board, row of big monitors, row of small monitors
* you want buttons? we got buttons!

Just not the "semicircle" button layout, which seemed sensible in the 1960s but was going out of style by the 80s. And then the keys got eaten too.

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homebrew your devices, sideload your apps.

don't bother with using technology how you are "supposed" to.

It would be a nice project to make a software like that if I can't find it.
Too bad I already have other projects at the moment.

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