I have actually been putting off doing this post for a while, but here goes.

I've had dogs, on and off, for for all my life.They come and go, and I've loved all of them. But there are some who are special -- Libby was one such. She arrived at @els Mussols in our second month here when we still living in tents. She was in a terrible state -- malnourished, infested with ticks and fleas, and terrified of everything and everyone. She had escaped from somewhere really bad. Long story short, she chose us.

In the intervening thirteen years, she turned into the friendliest, most loving dog I have ever encountered. Everyone who encountered her loved her to bits. On Saturday, 27 June she died. Of old age, pain free, peacefully and at home. I buried her next to Noggin.

I cried a river and find it difficult to imagine life without my lovely, fluffy girl.

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