my instant pot chicken & rice w/mushroom 

~2lb boneless skinless chicken (Costco package)
1/4 cup dark soy sauce
1tsp rice wine vinegar
1/2 tsp five spice powder
2tsp squeezy ginger (fresh grated is better, I'm lazy

1tsp toasted sesame oil
2tsp olive oil

2 cup white rice
4 cup chicken broth or stock
heap o' mushrooms

Whisk soy, vinegar, 5 spice, and ginger.

Chop chicken into 1 inch squares. Fling into marinade, let it fester. (cont)

I made this thing to put the keys and your stuff when you arrive home.

Well spent time.

Want one?

Dusk was settling in on the time-displaced neighborhood. The last of the tourists found themselves getting the evil-eye from the townies who wanted the neighborhood to themselves. Tourists came to gawk at a way of life almost modern but trapped in the frayed edges of memory. The townies didn’t know any different. It was just life to them but to the snooty tourists from First World nations this town was an anomaly. The townies were sick of the nuisances the tourists brought. The dusk gave the town back to the the townies and the townies would not relinquish it.

The evening wasn’t sultry, because using the word sultry would be terribly cliche. The evening was thick, mosquito-laden, and muggy, however. It was easy to sweat but breathing could be a challenge to one not paying attention. The weather created a sedentary lifestyle.

At dusk most townies gather at the Cafe Shisha. The cafe was a red stucco festival of light on the corner whose sole draw was almost adequate air conditioning. The place was generally sub-par with the bright red paint covering mould and helping to hold the building together. The food was a gastronomical armageddon with a stench that drilled itself into your skin but the drinks were almost cold and the company was almost pleasant.

The Cafe finds itself surrounded by a mish-mash of seemingly dilapidated but inhabited buildings packed so tightly in the neighborhood one can not help but compare them to a tin of sardines. The smell, luckily, was not of sardines. A nauseating aroma of old permeated the neighbourhood. The stench was not of an old anything, just the overpowering smell of old itself. The architecture was all wrong and from various epochs, a falling down Gothic here and a Georgian there missing a column. At one time the colours shone brightly through the gloom but gloom has a way of conquering even the cheeriest of dispositions. Once brightly coloured chunks of stucco had long since fallen from their places on buildings only to become mounds of dust on the street below. Observers casually remark that the street is really more of a path. Those who knew the truth would say that the path is more like a parking lot.

During the day faceless vendors setup a makeshift bazaar on the path to sell handmade trinkets to the gullible tourists who believe they are helping the natives out by forking over a few shillings for some worthless junk to take home to their families. A few shillings here or there doesn’t make a dent in the Old Quarter. It may be enough to buy a drink at Cafe Shisha. It may be enough to get you mugged on your way home from the bazaar.

This is the forgotten quarter. During the day it lives as an historical anomaly, a tourist trap of ancient life.

The night was a different matter…

As the embryonic darkness grew this neighbourhood would slowly become a small suburban nightmare. Soon hookers would be out plying their wares and performing their deeds in the mould covered apartments surrounding the Cafe and other criminal elements would come out from dark infernal alleys with objectives in the hearts that defy the imaginings of the civilized tourists of the daylight.
- La situación es muy grave en muchos puntos de España
- Haz todo lo posible por no contagiarte
- Haz todo lo posible por no contagiar a otros
- El riesgo ahora mismo de contagio es enorme

and preparing a dessert for tomorrow, I feel like Tony Montana in Scarface 🤣

I mean, thankfully, we had already downloaded the latest version (2020-09-20 according to their site,, which is still up) on our phone, so we could copy it from there.

We just hadn't updated the copy on our desktop in a while and so that's how we found this.

And on that note, if anyone else needs the latest version, here. We uploaded it elsewhere:

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1) " #Github has taken down all repositories and sites hosting code for the popular utility `youtube-dl`, which allows you download and view YouTube videos without the tracking and the Ads, under pressure from the Record Industry Association of America."

Published the @fsfe newsletter this month in English, Spanish, French, Italian, and Dutch:

Thanks to our volunteers from the translators team who make sure that more people can read news about #SoftwareFreedom in their native language. #nt

Santiago Abascal quiere ser califa en lugar del califa. En el próximo episodio lo intentará otra vez.


«El placer de hacer y compartir»
«The pleasure of doing and sharing»
«Le plaisir de faire et de partager»
«Das Vergnügen zu tun und zu teilen»
«Il piacere di fare e condividere»
«Удовольствие делать и делиться»
«O prazer de fazer e partilhar»

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