I've thrown this around before, but if anyone knows of a device with a fat (3 Ah?) battery that runs LineageOS, PostmarketOS or Mer or whatever with reasonable functionality, I need it. I want to run Android apps, because I want Coinomi.

I'm down to my last phone now, and it often doesn't last even 1-2 hours without charging. But I would prefer not to replace it with another temporary solution.

Muere Stan Lee a los 95 años. El alma máter @Marvel tuvo varios problemas de salud en los últimos años. De su mente, solo o con otros artistas, salieron Spider-Man, Hulk, el Doctor Extraño, los 4 fantásticos o X-Men. diariodesevilla.es/_4d78ec97 en @diariosevilla #libros #cómics

Facebook has been censoring this post to raise funds to transport women and children of the caravan. Let's circulate the shit out of it on the #fediverse.

This journey for asylum seekers is treacherous- miles on foot, fighting sickness and fatigue and state violence.

This rad organizer Jessie Sandoval is on the ground organizing transport to those most vulnerable - making a weeks long trek on foot a short and safe trip on a bus.


More info:

The New Brazilian President Could Wreak Destruction on the Amazon Rainforest

Brazil’s new president’s embrace of corporations puts the Amazon rainforest and indigenous communities at risk.



I'm a terrorist according to my president.

Oh, and so are you.

Read more about how Bolsonaro and his team are trying to criminalize the left by framing regular people as terrorists:


"Behold: the great realm and Dwarf city of Dwarrowdelf ." It's not Moria but we have visited some of the old water deposits in the city. Old water deppsit

@merce Hay muchas webs que tienen RSS aún sin poner un enlace. SI el lector es medio inteligente, lo encuentra cuando le pasas la página web. SInó, siempre se puede buscar a mano. Miras el código fuente de la página y buscas las palabras "rss", "xml", o "atom". Creo que no he encontrado ni una web que no lo tenga, aunque la gente no lo use, es algo que está por defecto en todos los CMS, o gestores de webs de cualquier tipo. @izaro

Cuando un tuit o una canción es terrorismo pero el intento de asesinar al presidente, no

Ok friends romans and countrymen, You will probably be getting a follow from whistlewright @ osada.usezot.net That is me. This is still alpha stuff but if it works out I will move over there

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