“The technology behind the internet is not incompatible with our rights, but the business model Facebook and Google have chosen is.”

Yep, that’s Amnesty International saying that.


Nayego is a modern team chat for organisations and communities


Yes, it is based on XMPP and is open source

Asking to more experienced mastodon users: what are the main pros to run a local mastodon instance?

Okay. My game has a working Monster AI now. Next I need a death screen, a start screen and inventory interactions to make something playable out of it. Furthermore I should think about a good boss stage for the end game.

... and about a good name of course. (I'm bad in giving things a name.)

#zxspectrum #retro #roguelike #gamedev #8bit

good and strong dear fedizens . Remember one day like this but in 1985 began a wonderful adventure gocomics.com/calvinandhobbes/1

To #India and other #newbies: How to find people and be found.

ENGAGE. Toot, respond, boost.

The best way to see, be seen, and engage, is, well, to get out, look for things, and be visible.

DON'T over-share. 1-10x daily? Pretty good. 10-100x daily? Excessive. Less than a few times a month? Where'd you go?

Hashtags. Use them AND search them. Search tags you used for others with like interests.

Be human. Self-promotion, rudeness, single-topic obsession, goes badly.


I've preordered a #pinephone 😀
But I don't know which OS I will install on it. Which one is your prefered ? Why ?

J'ai précommandé un #pinephone 😀
Mais je ne sais pas quel OS installer dessus. Quel est votre favori ? Pourquoi ?

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To be clear: 99% of what you see pitched as a cool new application of facial recognition, is the tech sector expanding the surveillance economy, because they're the beneficiaries.

Anybody doing that, and any collaborator in the press, is doing evil.

Looking at you, @mashable@twitter.com.

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so what is Pleroma about anyway?

in a nutshell, it's about autonomy. it's about social media autonomy for every person on the planet. all 7.6 billion of us. nobody else telling us to do, what to say, and nobody else forcing us to see things we don't want to see.

this means Pleroma is being built for an entirely new scale of fediverse: one with billions of nodes. it's also why Pleroma supports alternative transports such as TOR and I2P out of the box.

it also is a major differentiator between Pleroma and Mastodon. in the Mastodon model, there's maybe a few million islands which host a few thousand people each. to contrast, in our model, everyone who wants to host their own instance does so. that means everyone can choose to have total social media freedom.

but it's not just social media, we also intend to use the same underlying tech to enable real-time communications with the same capabilities as the social media side of things.

and it's universal: different frontends for different preferences. like Mastodon but don't have the resources to run it? use Pleroma with Mastodon frontend and apps. like GNU social? Pleroma's default frontend was modelled after it. like diaspora* but want to talk to your fediverse friends? use Feather. like the alternative Mastodon frontends like Pinafore and Brutaldon? they work too.

hate spam and harrassment? we have a mostly as yet untapped framework called MRF which can be leveraged to automate moderation of an instance.

want to modify it? drop by #pleroma on freenode and we help with that too.

Chilean protesters are using lasers to bring down drones. Facial recognition cameras, drones and robots in general will make it hard for humans to protest in future.

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