Hey there #pixelartists

I am working on a FramaWorld WorkAdventureMap (8bit world) but I am not good in drawing.
Anyone here who want to help me with the 8bit graphics? If yes, please DM me.

Thanks for sharing :)

Nueva viñeta para @metode_esp@twitter.com en la sección de humor científico La Pipeta.👇🏻

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📍🏜«Desierto» en #LaPipeta de @ferranmartin@twitter.com para la Revista Mètode. 👉 ir.uv.es/0rZkGI9

🐦🔗: twitter.com/metode_esp/status/

Hierarchies disgust me. No one is my superior for the same reason no one is my inferior. If we cannot learn to make things work as equals, humanity will never graduate into adulthood.

@fosstodon I plan to get rid of my online persona / alias. I want to erase as much data from my nickname and domain as possible. do you have any advice?

Boosts highly apreciated

Happy #EarthDay!

As we look for ways to #RestoreOurEarth, land restoration offers a key solution to:
☀️ #ClimateCrisis
🐛 #Biodiversity loss
🥦 #FoodInsecurity
while protecting livelihoods and reducing disaster risks.

Let's not take our planet for granted.

🛠️ Seamless transition from VSCode to Codium.

1. Install gitlab.com/paulcarroty/vscodiu

2. Copy 2 folders:
~/.vscode/extensions ➡️

~/.config/Code/User ➡️

Full instructions by @aral ar.al/2019/10/24/how-to-migrat

I am happy to reveal that a non-profit legal entity for Mastodon, Mastodon gGmbH, is in the process of being entered into the German company register.

For context, I have been operating as a sole proprietor so far.

It's been in the works for 8 months but I didn't want to announce anything until everything was finalized just in case it didn't work out. Yesterday, I paid in the starting capital.

It wouldn't be possible without the help and advice of @mellifluousbox. More to follow in blog form.

Boosts appreciated.
I'm close to moving back to Windows. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to hold oneself back, deny oneself better and easier accessibility in the name of open source, when many open source developers don't give a crap about accessibility, and/or don't educate themselves on it. KDE connect, GSConnect, all were inaccessible for one reason or another, not the least because of Gnome-shell's terrible accessibility issues. That was just the last straw. With the only thing holding me to Linux being Emacs+Emacspeak, I think its time to quit Linux and just use what actually works. It's interesting how being "free" just means being under the power and whim of other people, a mass of developers who have no insentive for accessibility, rather than a cohesive company who does. This is serious, and I want every developer to understand this, understand my deep frustration with FOSS.

#FOSS #Linux #KDE #a11y #accessibility #Windows #comunism #capitalism #software #developers

Childish humor NASA Mars 

Amazing what NASA is doing: they put a small helicopter on Mars. Unbelievable. Exclusive image.

Los nazis de Vox manipulan con datos falsos a seguidores radicales y violentos....y eso es #DelitoDeOdio
Desprecian a los pobres,solo quieren sus votos para luego desmantelar el #EstadoDeBienestar


#VoxEsRacismo #VoxMitivox #VoxEsViolencia #VoxEsOdio #VoxEsHomofobia

reMarkable tablet users: what is your preferred rM tool for *writing* specifically, and why?

I've been mainly using biro, but find it makes me grip the stylus very tightly to get a consistent line, so trying fineliner for a bit.


this is tim. from new zealand but currently living in berlin (but currently currently back in nz.. 😵 🌏 )

these days im mostly thinking about accessible and open source tools for video-artists. i have some existing and some upcoming projects im looking forward to sharing with you here !

you can also find me on scanlines.xyz - an online community space for diy a/v i help to run

#poll 🗳️ There's been a passionate discussion recently of whether #Mastodon should ditch the term 'Toot' and change it to 'Post'.

Which side of the fence are you on? #TootVsPost

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