We need 7 more subscribers to reach 50 and have a proper name in our @YouTube channel.

Do you help us?

#subscribe www.youtube.com/channel/UCqvdo…

The fact that browsers implement tracking prevention and a distraction-free reading mode tells a lot about the general state of the web.

Good morning! Deactivated my personal Twitter account yesterday. And deleted the Mastodon fan page on Facebook, along with the temporary account I had created for it ☺️

Quedan solo unos dias para iniciar el proyecto WEBetica, mucha ilusión en este nuevo proyecto profesional.

He iniciado este proyecto professional @webetica para desarrollar webs éticas para colectivos sin ánimo de lucro, se agradece difusión ;)

En principio como quiero visitar los proyectos en persona con mi compañera preferimos que esten en Catalunya pero bueno difundid si podeis.

Gracias mil, os dejo con el vídeo explicativo.


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Looks like the UK has 'A Deal' or has it? The Tories, yet again, are getting ready to stab their leader in the back.

@jwildeboer tells us how he helps translate at sales meetings. We so hope it's through the medium of mime? 🎭
@rpcutts has been doing an impersonation of Marty Feldman all week with a gammy eye 😜
@djsumdog tells us that Aussies call boxed wine "Goon" we just think Aussies will drink anything! 🤮
@kevie has reappeared having completed his prison term👮

Anyone using the social media should learn to remove unique identifiers before sharing articles. It is used for tracking how a post spreads. https://social.systemreboot.net/attachment/99779

#TuxJam 69 – Tuxy McJamface is out, featuring @mcnalu , @thelovebug and @kevie. In this episode we look at KDE Neon and #Android ebook reader Booky McBookface as well as the usual mix of #ccmusic tuxjam.otherside.network/?p=36 #podcast #indiemusic #Linux

Anyone on the fediverse diagnosed with POTS?

I got some thoughts and related questions.

Washing machine repair 175€ . At least cheaper than a new one .

I'm actively recruiting volunteer devs for a native Signal / Signal-like client in Gtk, in the hopes that we can bring it to the @Purism Librem 5 phone. Please contact sean.obrien@puri.sm if interested.

PGP/GPG: FA9D 40F1 5FE1 D8AB 8312 4AAA 77E3 1447 CD1F C3F6

Chris Webber, the co-editor of ActivityPub (which enables Mastodon, Pleroma, Peertube, etc.) is inventing the next generation protocol for decentralized social games & online collaboration.

It is really important work.

I am convinced that there are institutions out there that would give him a grant to work on this.

Foundations? Boston-area universities? If you know of one, please consider nominating him!

Please boost!

God Said Give ‘Em Drum Machines: The Story of Detroit Techno' examines how the city became the epicentre of techno in the 1980s, its global rise in popularity and how the music business has since betrayed these black artists. thevinylfactory.com/news/new-f

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