They (sdf) can be as selective as they wish, because I don't care. They have nothing to trade with me.
I already have remote ssh shell accounts and I already have web servers galore. They can be as bitchy and small as they want: I don't care. Eff them.
They just drove me further from bsd into the arms of the gpl as if the calgarian hadn't already done the job.
I don't care. It's meh as far as I'm concerned. Later.
I'll just give more money to mastodon.club/about
I don't care.

"Three adult fruit flies have been detected on mainland Tasmania in a prime fruit growing area on the state's north-west coast."

They are so common here, we wouldn't bother to count them? That was a weird headline for me to read!


When they show up in my house, it's the old vinegar and soap routine.

I HATE the 12hr clock!!! Who thought not numbering the hours was a good idea? Are we short of integers somewhere in the world? Maximum of 12 and no more?? Lazy clock makers?

Got this email:

"the 24th at 10:40

and back march 24th at 10:00

would you be able to take me and pick me up?"

Make me guess???? There are flights at either 10h00 or 22h00...

I've only ever done it from a linux box. I have a win10 box beside me just now (I take them home to configure) and have the linux extensions and bash installed, but that isn't going to emulate PuTTY for you on w/e version of ms you are using.
On the physical box I'm on (not one I'm already shelled into!), I run the -D line. Then just config a manual proxy in my browser to match the port number as shown in the screenshot I supplied earlier.

lastweektonight was interesting. I didn't realize there were so many embassies without diplomats. Many are quite key.
To me trump is a step beyond boris and I couldn't understand how he got into office either.

@vfrmedia did you use -D 9999 (or w/e port) via ssh? I use contabo and it is allowed no problem.

@ChristinaO I paypalled them at xmass, but i didn't do it to validate, just to donate -- I just read the validate cmd output this afternoon.

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Are you validated at sdf? Can you validate me? I'm gemlog there too. I know we joined at the same time. @ChristinaO

Thank you generous people of the fediverse for allowing our small extraterritorial, sovereign, quasi-national entity to be part of your world.

Fella's. @Mainebot wrote this blog post for the Mastodon blog: medium.com/tootsuite/this-isnt It'd be cool to have it shared around. Especially if you still got a presence on other social media

Well. After a long eve of discussing cob homes, rocket stoves and timber frame construction with my boy... I'm going to turn in myself.

@ChristinaO this is a horribly interesting little book. I've gone over 40 pages already 'just having a look in'.

What the Thinker thinks, the Prover proves is quite a powerful observation and explains a lot of silly behaviour.

By its binary nature it ,perforce, can't explain everything, but it explains a good chunk of my confusion with consciousness.

Dear internet:

Do you need a peristaltic pump for some reason, and do you have or know someone who has a 3D printer?

If you answered yes to both, check this out: youtube.com/watch?v=AMiXme4bMU

I went upstairs to get a bit of nosh.

I came back downstairs and Do no turn off your computer and Updating crap on the screen. Did I tell it to do that? No. Did it ask me to do that? No.
What a piece of shit is microsoft. I'm so glad I only get paid to use it. What utter garbage.
Please keep Apple and Microsoft a thousand light years away from my own personal computer, which will happily run on bsd and linux.

You should digitize the stuff on iron oxide post haste.

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