ah yeah, system administration documentation or how I like to call it "~/.bash_history"

@praxeology Yeah, my favorite thing about the ecosystem is that it has a sort of culture that allows it to be ok for something to be "finished": when I was starting out, I was worried about apparently unmaintained libraries, but they haven't been the problem they would be in webdev or Python

A little slime contrib (emacs mode for Common Lisp) I'm working on: open a stream from Lisp that streams data written to it to a dedicated Emacs buffer.

Code here (for now): github.com/fiddlerwoaroof/slim

I mean, Nouevau has not seen many improvements for some time now, I feel like community is finally growing tired of the ways NVIDIA treats them, and after seeing that there is a better way (that being AMD example from earlier).

Don't buy NVIDIA, please, for the love of god, this has to stop.

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