Not seeing @SDF posts here but I can see them in my other account. Strange.

Haven't yet had the chance to listen to snowdusk's show back on anonradio

Is there a way to make vscode work in OpenBSD?

Yvon Chouinard: Why there is no kinship between Apple and Patagonia

I went to a mountain last saturday and my knees failed me. I feel like a grandpa

After watching the Not Just Bikes channel on YT I don't like Canada anymore 😂

How can I remove DRM from a book in calibre using Linux? I wanted to use a book on my nook but I cannot take it out of my computer as it's locked inside. De_DRM seems fine on Windows but on Linux it's a different story.

Is anyone else having issues with Chromecast and the YouTube app when the app is not in the foreground?

Couldn't make relayd work. It can't connect to its own sock file...

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I went on to the #openbsd website to download 7.0, and god dammit I spent an hour listening to some of their songs again. On that note, Systemagic is fucking great

What do you think about these tips? I tend to have serious issues waking up but I blame the lack of routine lol (yeah and the phone, freaking phone)

The SDF just sent an e-mail. That certificate upgrade really hit every pubnix

Apparently @SDF's pixelfed doesn't federate, right?

Last updates on the last SDF e-mail sound very interesting!

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I glanced at the IRC channel list on the tildeverse today and just happened to notice someone had revived!
It's now

Feel free to try calling me at 202-3102 between 0:00 and 5:00 UTC :p

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user and dev "jcs" blogs about his experience running OpenBSD on the laptop. So far, it looks promising!

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