makes me login everytime I open lynx. That's the main annoyance so far.

In other news I almost got lost in the forest if it wasn't by modern technology and I lost my shit when I saw a tiny snake repting in my direction. I'm glad she escaped without being treaded on

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I read my @SDF blog and it looks kinda alright with Lynx but not perfect. Is there a way to improve website for text based browsers? (like a standard or a jekyll plugin)

'This is mutilation': Chile's blinded protesters seek justice after Covid lockdown I The Guardian

I just made a post on SDF's newsgroups with a couple of ideas to give it more life :)

Thinking about that uncomfortable spot of people I know IRL and follow in some social media but I'm not friends with and probably never will.

Twitter, Twtxt, Mastodon. I wish my life was that interesting to keep three profiles lol

What's the point of .txt? Anyone uses it? I have one in flounder and others read your entries but I think it's a bit of a particular implementation of it.

Reading a Python ebook gives me a strong old school vibe. It makes me remember the days when I'd peruse the BASIC manual of the toy computer my father bought to me.

Can mpv stream straight from the protocol? gemini:// I don't get this.

Ever since I learned about static sites I loved the idea of not having a backend for everything. If you have a blog or a portfolio why do you need a database or a dynamic language underneath?

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