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Say you're using a block of memory to store data that you're going to need later. Then you can't use that same memory for something else, unless you swap out the data or compress it or something first, right?

Not quite!

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Hi! My main skills are in theoretical CS and . I'm interested in , , (playing the ), (the board game), and lots of other things I'm forgetting.

I've been taking time to relax and play after having most recently worked at . Some things I've been doing:

* teaching

* projects, e.g.

* , mostly and

A question: how many of you have friends who use Mastodon who you met elsewhere?

There was Karaoke with backup dancers in the middle of Queen St last night. It must have been part of Nuit Blanche.

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The image in this post displays its own MD5 hash.

You can download and hash it yourself, and it should still match - 1337e2ef42b9bee8de06a4d223a51337

I think this is the first PNG/MD5 hashquine.

Welp, Wells Fargo emailed me saying I can't keep my bank account if I don't live in the US. They were happy to keep me as a customer for four years after I moved back to Canada; maybe something changed. Any expats have bank recommendations?

Started another book: Perhaps the Stars by Ada Palmer, the fourth in a quartet with a unique and vivid vision of Earth's future society.

James Bond the Lovecraftian computer hacker. Just finished reading The Atrocity Archives and The Concrete Jungle, the first two of The Laundry Files by Charles Stross. A great premise and really entertaining. I'll be reading more of this series. Thanks @cstross!

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Version control system #gameoftrees 0.75 has been released.

This is the first release which ships gotwebd, a Fast-CGI Git repository web server written by @basepr1me and lots of help by @op and others. In the long term, gotwebd will replace its ancestor, the gotweb CGI program. If you already run gotweb then please try gotwebd and let us know about any issues.

This release contains way too many changes to list in a Toot! See the CHANGES file at if you want to know about all the bug fixes, new features, and changes made to key-bindings and run-time behaviour. Contributors include @florian , @tj, @jrick, and @sh Thanks a lot!

Who is the clock for? (Near the centre of the photo, beside the UP Express logo, facing the tracks.)

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A young dragon landed on the thatched roof of the witch's cottage.
"What do you want?" she asked.
"Oh, nothing."
She grumbled, but work called and she soon forgot about it. Then, after a month, she had a thought.
"Are you hoarding my cottage?"
"No," said the dragon.
#MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

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I made a photo gallery with the best results I got from stable-diffusion yesterday :flan_thumbs:

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Was looking to book a hotel room today. Much time spent online at, expedia, others. Narrowed down to a hotel, called them to check on a detail or two, got a rate $10 per night better than the best rate online.

Woot! 👍
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"So you just adopted them?" the princess said.
"When they failed to defeat me," the dragon said, "they all said they couldn't return home in shame."
"You can't hoard princes."
"I'm not trying to. But someone must look after them. Anyway, do you see your brother?"
"That one!"
#TypoCorrected #MicroFiction #SmallStories #TootFic

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