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Today I decided to dive into Franco Battiato's early albums (Fetus, Pollution, Sulle Corde di Aries) and, damn, I got the impression they represent a perfect and very seemingly overlooked example of '70s prog music.

Once again shocked and frustrated that there's no main stream option for DRM free video purchases.

I vaguely miss the dial-up days when neither society nor software expected you to be online all the time.

AmazΓ΄nia photographic exhibition highlights, by SebastiΓ£o Salgado. Eye contact, nudity 

"The exhibition highlights this ecosystem’s fragility, showing how in protected areas, where indigenous communities, ancestral guardians of the environment, lives in territories where the forest has suffered almost no damage. Salgado invites us to see, listen and reflect on the ecological situation and how people are addressing the crisis today."

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AmazΓ΄nia photographic exhibition highlights, by SebastiΓ£o Salgado. Eye contact, nudity 

Went visiting Salgado's "AmazΓ΄nia" exhibition at MAXXI, Rome, and it's been a an extraordinary, striking experience.
"For six years SebastiΓ£o Salgado travelled in the Brazilian Amazon, photographing the forest, the rivers, the mountains and the people who live there".

β€œSomeone needs to explain to me why wanting clean drinking water makes you an activist, and why proposing to destroy water with chemical warfare doesnt make a corporation a terroristβ€ž

["Canadian Oil Companies Trample on Our Rights" by Winona LaDuke, June 18, 2013.]

Notes on Doctoring: Dr. Stanley and the covenant of Medicine

Medicine is a profession, he says, more like a covenant than a contract. β€œDoctoring,” Stanley calls it: β€œYou get the privilege of meeting people in some of the most beautiful or strange or horrible parts of their lives.” And it’s important to remember, β€œEvery patient is an N of 1,” he says, borrowing the term for a clinical trial in which a single patient is the only subject.

@gemlog @snowdusk__ may the realms of possibility unfold before you as a cornucopia of opportunity ❀️
Come join us for my Xmas set if you have finished up in time and have nothing else on!. Hope your Xmas Eve goes smoothly sir - looking forward to catching up.

Study reveals 41% of US children think that bacon came from a plant.

"Eating a plant-based diet is one of the most effective ways people can reduce their carbon footprint. However, global consumption of meat and other animal products is increasing. Studying children's beliefs about food may shed light on the relationship between eating behaviors and climate change.."

Europe has agreed to expire Covid-Green-Passes 9 months post second vaccination, requiring a third shot to keep the legal status of "fully vaccined". Israel now offering the population already a fourth shot in face of the omicron variant. Protection from omicron infection still limited (though immune response maintained against severe disease).

The WHO rightly points out that this fuels vaccine inequality, thereby keeping the pandemic running...

What’s the point of holiday gifts?
Weaving webs of connections.
"Studies show that spending money on others feels better than splurging on ourselves. In fact, neuroscientists have found that making a donation makes the brain’s reward circuitry light up more than receiving a gift. Moreover, the joy of giving a gift lasts longer than the fleeting pleasure of accepting it."

First time I try to prepare tofu using homemade soy milk and some nigari I bought recently. Wonder if it's going to taste better than that I usually find at supermarkets here.

The world has the tools to end the coronavirus pandemic. They're not being used properly. At its heart, the pandemic is a crisis of solidarity and sharing.

[As rich countries roll out booster doses, poorer countries are struggling to vaccinate at all"
"We knew ahead of time what would happen if we took this nationalistic approach, but we did it anyway," Taylor said. "And we are now living with the consequences of that.]

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