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Finally, I thought I might as well play Dune II over again before jumping into Dune 2000, so yesterday I built the DuneLegacy source port through . I'll recommend this one over OpenDune: texture replacements, multi unit selection, queued base building, good scaling at higher resolutions, make it overall a better fit for modern PCs, even if this comes at the expense of a lower adherence to the vanilla DOS game.

I also decided to re-read my very old Italian edition of Dune, from Nord Editor, as part of the golden 'Classic of Scientific Fiction' series, dated 1973

Also, I've come to appreciate TimothΓ©e Hal Chalamet even more. To me, he had already given proof of his talent when he played the starring role in Call Me by Your Name, and it's interesting to see him maturing and evolving as an actor

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I went watching Dune (2021) at theater, and I won't deny being really impressed: in the of wake Blade Runner 2049 and Arrival, Villeneuve managed to gift the spectator with an immersive cinematic journey into wide-angle framed landscapes of Arrakis. He successfully reinvented Dune, while still keeping as true as possible to the novel and Lynch's movie.

As a side note, I had the chance to get a cool poster for free.

Yesterday I went to Vintage Market Roma, host inside a an former warehouse for the local public transports unit.
Tons of old goodies, used and new, handmade accessories, indie and retro art, alternative and sustainable initiatives. Even met a young man who was printing his photos in cyanotype on handmade paperback!
Eventually bought a poster featuring a story of About Today song, by the National, designed by a local artist.

This is interesting:

The development of adenovirus vectors, as employed in some SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, follows a very long trail of research. A long-standing researcher in the field reviews here the lab-scale safety research of decades.

One excerpt:
"A decision in favor of vaccination against life-threatening disease appears prudent. Informing the public about the complexities of biology will be a reliable guide when having to reach personal decisions about vaccinations."

So, the adventure begins? I signed for the SDF Fall 2021 Plan9 Boot Camp. I had never used a Plan9 system before. It feels different, maybe not as much as something like VMS, but definitely a different beast.
Thanks @SDF for this initiative and the precious learning opportunity they're offering to users

The Gallows Pole by Ben Myers is really hammering home the grittiness of life on the moors, it's all laid on heavy and it suits the story (even if it is a bit over the top at times like this passage), but the reality of life up here is just as much kestrel, curlew, and lapwing as buzzard and raven. #theLibrary

Took Dad and Brother to see #Genesis. I have a real love/hate relationship with the band. Through the 70s and early 80s they made brilliant records but on the flip side, I don't like what they became and by all accounts, Phil Collins is **** (pay Earth Wind and Fire horns ffs). From a production point of view the show was incredible but musically less satisfying, PC was frail and set favored hits but Nic Collins was an absolute beast on drums.

Most importantly, Dad had a great time. x

Back on Slackware, it was first distro I ever installed around 1997 and my first encounter with Linux. Can't believe it took me so long to come back to this cosy place

Yesterday, a new volcano erupted in La Palma, an island of the Canary Islands. These pictures by AbiΓ‘n San Gil HernΓ‘ndez are incredible.

Nobody was killed by the eruption, but the lava has already devoured dozens of houses and the nearby school.

On suffering

β€œI am writing these words while sitting in a comfortable chair in a comfortable 70 degree house. And, I suspect, you are too. Basically comfortable, that is. Physically. Maybe you’re a little cold, but not consumed by the screaming anguish of an icy ocean you cannot escape. Maybe stressed, but not asphyxiating.

It’s times like these I find it far too easy to ignore the most urgent, most serious, most fundamental problem in our world.β€ž

So, my take on that recent article published on PLOS about Alzheimer's originating in liver: this is nothing new. Apolipoprotein E (ApoE) Ι›4 allele is a well known genetic risk factor for AD^[1] (RR=15 in homozygotes), and this finding is supported by the evidence of its correlation with an impaired hepatic AΞ² degradation, which ultimately leads to extracellular amyloid plaques build-up in CNS.
But AD's pathophysiology is multifactorial and way more complex than that.

Couple of quick photos at the start of Elbow’s gig at the Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff last night 🎡

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