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I think drawterm itself could definitely benefit from valuing documentation more.

The code is simple, polished and relatively understandable even by a beginner like me, but it's hardly commented at all, and the build framework opts for a series of questionable choices in make/compiler/linker flags.

You can get an idea by having a look at OpenBSD's patches [1].


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@SDF sound on NetBSD is available via ossaudio(3) emulation, and on OpenBSD via sndio(7). FreeBSd and other OSs can benefit from OSSv3 support, but macOS and Solaris won't. I don't know much about macOS sound subsystem, but Solaris API (sunadio, aka audio(4)) is strictly related to NetBSD's, with the different it doesn't provide OSS emulation.

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In occasion of the @SDF's Plan9 Summer Bootcamp [1], this afternoon I decided to package 9front's drawterm[2] on pkgsrc / wip [3].

The Makefile for SunOS, was probably tailored for Solaris 9-10 and used an obsolete syntax of SUNPro. Now building with GCC-11 on Illumos.
Sound support for Linux via alsa-lib was included but only enabled for framebuffer console. The pkgsrc enables it by default on X11.


That article is paywalled, but I recommend Louise Barrett's "Beyond the Brain" as a good introduction to the topic:

#science This is a framework I find very appealing, so I'm happy to see this paper. They go beyond the idea of "it's all prediction error!" to tie in neuroinflammation and the known dopamine issues in schizophrenia. Give it a go--the prediction error approach requires you re-think what we conceptualize as separate cognitive processes, and it drives home the neurophysiology underlying internal experience (which is why schizophrenia is THE psychiatric disorder, for me).

🍝 Da dottorando in una disciplina scientifica, sono molti anni che noto con tristezza la situazione attuale della divulgazione. I cittadini non si fidano della scienza perché nessuno si prende la briga di parlare con loro, di ascoltare i loro dubbi e le loro domande.

Così io e un altro dottorando (in economia) abbiamo deciso di iniziare questo podcast divulgativo, in cui spieghiamo i meccanismi economici e geopolitici che hanno costruito il mondo che ora scricchiola.

In a world of abundance, famine is not a natural disaster. It's a crime against humanity that has perpetrators. And if millions of starving people isn't top news, the media are accomplices.

Humans only see 1% of the colors a bird can see. What else are we missing?

Umwelt is a term coined by the zoologist Jakob von Uexküll in 1909 to describe the sensory bubble that surrounds an animal—its perceptual world.

The Umwelt concept “tells us that all is not as it seems and that everything we experience is but a filtered version of everything that we could experience.It reminds us that there is light in darkness, noise in silence, richness in nothingness.”

Playing with some abstract Mitochondria patterns in today's #inkyDays drawing. Finished drawing now posted for my supporters on #Kofi and #Patreon

#generativeart #ink #drawing #art #WorkinProgress #WomensArt #WomenWhoCode #SciArt

Symptoms include drowsiness, confusion, irritability, headache, nausea, blurry vision, sun sensitivity, eczema, mouth ulcers, and bone fragility.
The condition is considered benign and under most circumstances resolves with supplement interruption.

Compared to hypervitaminosis, vitamin A deficiency is much more common world-wide, especially among children in 'developing' countries. Elsewhere it's mainly seen as a consequence of GI malabsorption and sometimes renal disease.

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Hypervitaminosis A usually happens as a consequence of excessive assumption of food supplements (megavitamin therapy).

Sometimes it can be witnessed in people eating large amounts of animal liver and derivatives. Certain drugs used in severe acne, such as isotretinoin, can cause it too, as they contains large amounts of retenyl esters.

Hypervitaminosis A is _not_ caused by high consumption of food rich of provitamin A carotenoids (vegetables).

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The majority got it right again. An excessive intake of vitamin A is much more likelier to lead to a symptomatic overload, compared to the others, due to its fat-soluble nature, which makes it stay in the body for longer. A similar reasoning applies to vitamin D.

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Today we have another very captivating retro software suggestion for UNIX lovers: etsh[1]. an enhanced, backward-compatible port of the historically V6 shell by Ken Thompson. Courtesy of @v6shell.

Packaged on pkgsrc-wip [2], got it building on NetBSD, Linux and SunOS already.

"Consider trying etsh and tsh for yourself to see that doing more with less is both possible and beneficial. "


I was recently pointed to eMWM [1], the Enhanced Motif Window Manager. As a fan of traditional stacking wms, I decided to package it for . It's available in wip. Really lovely.
RoboNuggie made a nice review [2] of EMWM running on FreeBSD.


Erotophobia of corporate web 

Reason a zillion and one not to use corporate social media as an archive: Google deleted a university library's *entire archive of videos* for posting an interview with the creators of the lesbian magazine "On our backs" #youtube #google #censorship #lesbian

What I like about good hard sci-fi is that it even challenges the very laws of physics as the absolute limits to what's imaginable, in dire contrast to a daily reality of the lowest of lowly aspirations grinding to a halt amid a suffocating runaway expansion of made-up constraints created by regressive forces and maintained by subservient drones with no imagination or humour

Hi all. If you're looking for us today you might have missed our announcement last week where we said we're taking a break today. In that episode, we also talked about SARS-CoV-2 sniffing dogs and AlphaFold 2 among other topics. We'll be back on the 26th.

As always, let us know if you see a paper you want us to look at. We appreciate suggestions. In addition to news shows we also do deep dives, like our last one on microbial ink for 3D printing.

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