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I should automatize SSL/TLS certificate renewal. Lost matrix and mail for a week without even noticing. Most importantly missed few messages from a friend. My bad :|

Julia <Butterfly> Hill lived for 738 days, from December 1997 to December 1999, in the canopy of a giant 1500 year old redwood tree named Luna. She ended her revolutionary action when an agreement was made with Pacific Lumber Company to spare the tree and a 200 foot buffer zone sourrounding it. and

The Velvet Underground & Nico - S/T (1967)
Genre: Rock
Rating: ★★★★★
This is one of my favorite albums. How much do I love and cherish it? "I'll Be Your Mirror" was performed at my wedding. If my wife and I have a special song, it's that one. But the whole album is perfection. Even though the recording itself wasn't perfect, that just gives the album character. I would prefer vinyl, but the CD is still excellent. If you've never heard this, go hear it.

Tonight I'm loving this slowed-down ambient rendition of Vangelis's "Rachel's Song" from "Blade Runner". Already a beautiful song, it's like there's a beautiful and even more ethereal song hidden in there, brought out in this video for us to enjoy. 🙂

#music #video #ambience #scifi #sciencefiction #film #cinema #culture #thoughts

Up to 400,000 people and 100,000 children are directly affected by drought in Mandera county only in #Kenya

Just saw a post saying blogging is dying. It’s not in its hey-day but it’s far from dead. These posts do disservice to the small web by discouraging others from blogging or seeking blogs. They’re out there, just harder to find cuz of the crud Google prioritizes. Blog on!

As mentioned on the most recent "A Step Farther Out", @TauAs sent me mail all the way from Lithuania!

You don't need to stick to #Spotify, #Tidal or any other #music cloud just to get new music suggestions and new releases delivered to your doorstep.

Spotify's discover weekly and release radar playlists are definitely a useful feature for those who want to discover new music, but replicating such features isn't rocket science.

In this article I show how to generate your own discover weekly and release radar playlists (as well as keep a local record of your listening history) using #Platypush, #RSS feeds, the APIs, some #Python scripting and a pinch of SQL.

Why would we continue to do science if its results do not make us shape society more consciously?

*1912*, that is 110 years ago.

What is going wrong here, and what will we do about it?

Amanita pantherina in the wild.

This mushroom contains the psychoactive compounds ibotenic acid and muscimol which can cause effects such as hallucinations, synaesthesia, euphoria, dysphoria and retrograde amnesia. The effects of muscimol and ibotenic acid most closely resemble that of a Z drug, like Ambien at high doses, and not a classical psychedelic, i.e. psilocybin.

Sapporo with an extraordinary view tonight

(Lucky to have someone to cheer me up when nothing seems to work out & thankful for a very friendly group helping me out as icing on the cake 🧁)

People make King Charles out to be some kind of nut because he talks to trees, but if you ask me if you want to be king of a Germanic country it's sus if you *don't* talk to trees.

Peder Mørk Mønsted's "En strøm gennem dal, rådyr i afstanden".

#art #traditionalart #painting #oilpainting #beautifullandscape #culture #thoughts

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