Tell me, does a red sun rise in Hong Kong?
Tell me, will the world ever care?

At the protest yesterday, in this rural town, a man walked up to us. He was somewhat overweight, in a worn T-shirt, with a tangled full beard. The kind of guy it wouldn't be hard to imagine with a Confederate flag and a beer can.

He gave us $20 and told us to get ourselves some water bottles.

Once again, you can't judge by appearances.

Quarantine project: converting public domain books about 17th century history into modern e-books.

Around 1618, several of the crowned heads of Europe had the idea of saving costs on war by using someone else's army and money. They then discovered that this meant someone else got to decide when the war was over.

Everyone is warned not to listen to the latest Dubious Goals Committee mind control on :

Don't be fooled by the opening ramblings about football or the informative lecture on the history of ska. It is all an elaborate prank to get the Spice Girls stuck in your head. You have been warned.

Team lead: elwin, $VENDOR's code is not working. Try to debug it.

Comment in $VENDOR's code: DD/MM/2001: I believe there is actually abug or a realy bad design practice!

elwin: This is going to be a fun week.

When nothing yet had any shape, you filled the world with light.
Your resurrection's glory shone upon our hearts' dark night.
As in that light you formed all things, and then pronounced their worth,
your glorious vision forms anew the heavens and the earth.

My cable modem has stopped handing out DHCP leases from a publicly routable /20.

Either my ISP fixed their settings, or somebody malicious realized turning off NAT was a giveaway.

@hardmous just finished this show:

@froggyme says "this is music for driving a car with all red gauges and no stupid touchscreen at night on the freeway expressway at 200 kph". Well put.

Today I dug into the archives and came up with this from DJ Harvey aka @elita :

The selection seemed a little more energetic than usual. And Mila sang for us.

The latest Wasabi Mix from @snowdusk_ went over quite well with the crowd:

Listen to this one under a gentle summer rain. (But listen from under a roof too. It's not entirely gentle.)

I was listening to Tuesday's Wasabi Mix from the archives:

At about 7:00, @snowdusk_ reads through the names in com and gives me a shoutout, which is slightly odd, as I'm fairly certain I was not there.

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