The willows say what turns today will turn again tomorrow.
The chains they bore, the crowns they wore, alike were forged in sorrow.
Both blazing light and storms at night blot out their sight and feeling,
And leave them there to flail the air through loss or new revealing.

I'm up to chapter 61 of Gardiner's History of England, finally reaching the eventful year 1628.

It's fitting to dedicate to the freedom of Ukraine this entry in the eternal list of incompetent rulers starting pointless wars and bringing misery to everyone but themselves.

For the first time in a very long time on , we had @hardmous, @snowdusk, and froggyme all playing in sequence. But now they're joined by tanakian. Four silver shows.

One of these weeks I'll catch Zulu Kingdom live too.

Today on , bronzie took us back to an alternate universe version of the 80's where everything was slower and clearer.

Listen to this one on your way to a hike in a hilltop forest sometime when smog and acid rain never happened.

Another malfunction has befallen @guofu. Someone seems to have delisted the Copacetic Music Hour instead of SDFARC, which was scheduled for the same time tomorrow.

Tune in at and listen with us. Redundancy improves any network.

Today I'm catching up on the Dubious Goals Committee on .

I want to be there when tob plays the ice cream parlor:

And I want to know where he is getting rice at $0.0417 / kg.

No live Dally Rhythms on today, but the faithful repeater filled in with an episode we're calling "Mellow Arvhive".

northernlights is calling this 90's night on , but I'm hearing a lot of John dos Passos echoes. We started out with a man wandering around a crowded city, utterly alone. There was some stream-of-consciousness about sitting in a diner. Then someone named Sunny came home like Stan Emery.

These songs about fish, though, don't fit at all.

It pretends to persecute no one. It pretends to fear nothing. It pretends to pretend nothing." -Václav Havel

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The US and UK are celebrating Human Rights Day by agreeing to try Julian for spilling their secrets. I think these words are fitting:

"Because the regime is captive to its own lies, it must falsify everything. It falsifies the past. It falsifies the present, and it falsifies the future. It falsifies statistics. It pretends not to possess an omnipotent and unprincipled police apparatus. It pretends to respect human rights. …

Apple and Epic's filings talking about user security and choice are like the grievance books from the eve of the French Revolution. Representatives of each of the Three Estates got together and wrote down accusations that the other two were causing all the poor people's problems.

Maybe the end of feudal computing is near.

24 hours studying Rust, and this shell can change directories and launch commands.

I still have trouble guessing what kind of borrow or move is going to happen, and handling status makes me feel like I'm managing Schrodinger's kitten farm, but I'm beginning to think there's something to this language.

The big oil companies have been spending decades buying up, suppressing, and politically obstructing every form of alternative energy.

Except for nuclear, which has failed entirely because of its own unfixable shortcomings.

(I think this is a joke...)

It's another beautiful beach day for in the Banana Republic.

Roly played a clip of a friend named Scott talking about how the area needed a club where local bands could play. There's nothing like a vibrant music scene to bring life to a town and distract from the activities of Sun-Brite Banana Corp., so I nominated Scott for Propaganda Minister, and the citizens of COM confirmed his appointment.

Welcome to the lineup, roly!

Listen to this one on a bright summer morning while putting together one of those plastic playhouses kids used to have.

git ls-tree -r | awk --black-magic | xargs cksum | awk --more-black-magic >file_listing.csv

The policy may require me to document the integrity of the new release using legacy non-cryptographic checksums, but it doesn't require me to do it with Excel.

But the "bitwise NGX" lives on as a little-known operator in some C variants. Its "multiocular O", borrowed from an unrelated APL symbol, was usually represented in ASCII environments with the trigraph ??0.

It does exactly what you would expect. If two input bits are equal, it is equivalent to bitwise OR. Otherwise, the behavior is undefined.

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