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@snowdusk_ put together another excellent show on yesterday: anonradio.net/archive/20180619

Listen to this one in a brightly colored city, to drown out the sound of traffic.

As promised, pictures from Heron Haven have been collected:


Customer: Hi, this is Greasy Dave's Fuel Service. We'd like to order a few tanker trucks.
Me: We've got several tanker product lines, I can find one that will work for you.
Customer: Keep in mind that the refinery sells us fuel that is on fire, so the trucks will need built-in fire engine capabilities. Do those come for free?

It's not open and federated until the protocol does everything people need, and multiple client and server implementations all work together.

I made it to this afternoon and saw several d00dz and distinguished personages. Unfortunately I packed my ancient 512MB SD card and nothing with which it is compatible. Low-quality pictures to follow in about a week.

I can tell SELinux is a NSA project. It sounds technically cool, but if you think about the implications, they quickly get disturbing, and no one can say what it really does, particularly the people officially responsible for explaining it.

No, I am not interested in flowers or candy. My mother is much too far away to be of any use for your shameless commercialization.

I wanted to post a video but it exceeded the upload size limit. Here's a reduced version.

Instead of safety, they proclaimed the threat
of other kinds of undead, calling for
a wiser struggle. Once they went to find
a power strong enough to make the peace.
They brought another more exhausting war.

They brought a message sure to disappoint,
for hopes were set upon a simple way
to stop the menace of the zombie plague.
There are no easy answers to be found
among the shadows of the Nightfall Land.

Five travelers began the journey home
to bring a warning to the unprepared.
Their future held more harder journeys, for
their land held others needing warning. Life
is rarely eased by unexpected truths.

"The spread will need to be contained before
it gets too far," said Tallid, though he gave
no further plans. The rest kept silent, while
the weight of what had happened settled down
upon their shoulders like their refilled packs.

"What could we do," asked Alkis, "if there is
another shelter that already made
a flawed immunity attempt? There might
be zombie-like conditions spreading now,
before our warning makes it to their ears."

The time had come to take the trail again.
As soon as they stepped off the lift and left
Mysterium behind, the travelers
saw rocky hills rise up. A mix of clouds
shadowed the plain, as when they saw it first.

"The warning shall be spread," said Mallen, and
the other travelers agreed. They all
thanked Moray for his insight, and made plans
for resting at Mysterium a day
or two. Then would begin the journey home.

"The process of immunity could be
discovered by another research group.
They might produce a different strain that has
a different set of drawbacks. Be prepared
for other schemes with similar high costs."

Then Moray made an offer: "I can write
a message to your shelter's leaders with
a warning of the flaws that mar their plans
for safety through this course of research work.
Be ready to explain the truth to them.

"We all agree then." Alkis looked above,
where mirrors showed him other mirrors stacked
to endless heights, unreal and out of reach.
"An easy answer to the zombie plague
has slipped between our fingers like the wind."

"I hoped," said Tallid, "we could benefit
somehow from this discovery, and give
immunity to just a few. But since
the risks you all have mentioned are so great,
we ought to lay aside this clumsy tool."