Great media facilitate attacking ideas. Average media facilitate attacking actions. Social media facilitate attacking people.

This situation at work reminds me of an auction scene from an old Western film when I was younger.

"What're ya gonna do now that yer outta cash, Shady Vendor? Ya can't sell yer IP 'cause they ain't worth nothin'. Ya can't sell yer lawyers 'cause yer gonna need 'em. Yeah, yer gonna need 'em bad."

The Dubious Goals Committee returns to Heron Haven, for perhaps the last time this year:

A cheer for the Mystery DJ who filled in for @snowdusk_ on today's Intergalactic Wasabi Mix.

The Great War is a century past.

Nationalism, militarism, and autocrats are still with us.

So envy them none of their powers
Ask not the use of their tools
For the great of this world are cowards
And all who hope in them are fools

An interesting interview with RMS:

I think this is the first time I've heard him tell the story about the Lisp machine wars, without mentioning the printer story.

I almost tripped over this well-disguised character yesterday.

tob plays the blues on today:

I shouldn't listen to the Dubious Goals Committee at work. It gets so hard to stay there for the rest of the afternoon.

Tonight @snowdusk_ started by taking us on a cruise down the Information Superhighway in one of those road-hugging sports cars, the winds of progress blowing through our bleached and gelled hair.

Then we ran into some potholes. Lots and lots of potholes. Network tuning was hard to get right in the 90's too.

It was still fun. I'm told it's all smooth in the archives:

In tonight's , we got eaten by sharks, time-traveled around the universe by thought, and ended up becoming the enlightened despot of Atlantis, with our own volcano lair. And there were shark hats.

Today on , the Dubious Goals Committee returned to Heron Haven.

Featuring the last-minute Fatted Marmot.

Whatever genre @snowdusk_ is playing on , it's always classic Intergalactic Wasabi.

Listen to this one on a long-distance railroad trip. A smooth ride... yet not so smooth.

These restless waters
always churning up mire
never at peace

"The course of true love never did run smooth", but we got through the audio problems and some difficulty with breathing, and conquered the Romeo/Juliet choose-your-own-adventure.

Hey @snowdusk_! What happened to the echo in your shoutouts?

Throughout most of history, humans have had the problem of not enough food. Too much food is a recent problem. Only in the last century have we had to adjust to the counterintuitive idea that food can make us sick and weak.

We may now have a similar problem with information that can make us ignorant and foolish.

My latest nature exploration got mentioned in the Dubious Goals Committee on ! 5 or 10 minutes in:

The mushroom pictures tob is talking about are here:

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