"`sudo echo ocsp.apple.com >> /etc/hosts` is the quick fix...."

"ocsp.apple.com is having issues and causing huge hang-ups for Apple users... this is hilariously bad"

Trump: "Don't vote by mail"
Also Trump: "There can't possibly be this many demo votes by mail, FRAUD!"

Interested to know if anyone's seen issues with Raspberry Pi 4 and 2.4Ghz wifi. It just barely sees my 5Ghz and seems to have better signal on 2.4 but it intermittently disappears so I'm not able to connect to it reliably.

Hello from the sdf.org vpn! I finally pulled the trigger after my PIA subscription expired. Hopefully they prove more reliable. I'm certainly happy to further support this great community service!

Upgrade curl, what could go wrong? Oh, yum requires the old libcurl you say? Oh, puppet has pushed the curl update to your fleet of over 1000 hosts? Guess you're spending the rest of the night reverting that one by hand 😭

Forgot to update earlier. Did not make it. Could only entertain with my phone for an hour.

Meeting a friend for coffee. Show up early because I'm in the right part of town for other reasons. Two hours to kill but no laptop. Let's see if I can read on my phone for the duration... I dislike reading on such a small screen.

Day two of working exclusively on a Pixelbook: Considering I spend most of my time in the Ubuntu container anyway, I can't tell much of a difference

jquery.... not that terrible in small doses I suppose.

“Portable shell scripts” is a pipe dream (see what I did there?).

Custom Crostini environments. Neat! So glad I'm not stuck in Debían 9 land. Going to start with Ubuntu 18.04. I what else works!

Keep your eye on the wind. Go where it blows, if it does not blow to your liking, look for signs of positive change. If none can be found, change your destination

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"Administrating a Kubernetes management cluster can be a full time job if you are not able to leverage one of the many managed services most major cloud providers offer today" -- I can feel this quote in my bones

"Nothing indicates that you have a lack of perspective and awareness like a poorly thought out and nonconstructive tweet that slings venomous insults. It’s a junior engineer mistake to toss insults about a piece of complex technology in 140 characters."

"Senior developers: Unblocking and being a force multiplier to the junior developers on your team is literally the most important thing you can and should be doing with your time. If you're crushing code, while members of your team are stuck, you're actively hurting the team -- Steve Kinney"

Today in "How to be a senior engineer", we explore what it means to spend hours implementing a simple fix. Want to implement that one line change? Cool! Refactor the codebase! 😆

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