For my fellow enthusiasts who want to play with programming, if you have programming experience, I recommend this book, CP/M Assembly Language Programming by Ken Barbier:

It basically walks you through the tools and APIs needed to create a file duplication program, with a reasonable quality of presentation and not too much putzing around.

For generally using the system, I recommend How to Get Started with CP/M by Carl Townsend.

i lucked out and got Barbier's book in hardback! it is indeed good stuff!

@elb i wrote > 20k lines of cpm assembler and am not sure i want to remember it. and you do it for fun!

@enoclue Yeah, but you probably did it for a REASON. That's known to suck the joy out of many activities. ;-)

Miller's book has awesome indexes! 8080, z80 opcodes, mnemonic and numeric, ascii, etc. my copy is falling apart i use it so much.

@goosey @amoroso I ordered a copy when I saw Paolo's description. I saw that you also recommended it in his thread!

I look forward to its arrival.

@elb @goosey Miller's book complements Barbier's: the latter builds a library of subroutines, the former of macros.

@elb I found both Barbier and Townsend in the stacks of the library, nestled amongst other vintage programming books.

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