I found this cable years ago, I've always assumed it was a bootleg designed to LOOK like an Apple cable. The attention to detail is amazing, though. They've even reproduced the critical combination of poor strain relief and inferior jacket material. Maybe it's the real deal? I don't think Steve could have done better.

The Pi micro datasheet is fun 'By sheer coincidence, the interpolators are extremely well suited to SNES MODE7-style graphics routines. For example,
on each core, INTERP0 can provide a stream of tile lookups for some affine transform, and INTERP1 can provide
offsets into the tiles for the same transform.'

I have had the following in my ssh config for literally a decade or more:

Host *
ControlPath /home/elb/.ssh/control/%u@%h

Up through OpenSSH v7.x, this created the control socket remoteuser@host. With v8.x, it creates localuser@host, which means I cannot connect to a remote host with more than one username simultaneously. Confusingly, the documentation for v7 says that that is what it should be doing ... but it never did! I don't see anything about this in the ChangeLog. (%r@%u fixes)

Bootstrapping a Forth interpreter from hand-written tiny ELF binary. 

A nice example on how to bootstrap a forth system from a bare minimal binary:


To clarify, I'm looking for a good way to view these documents on the tablet! I prefer to read on the tablet on the couch, rather than at my desk on the computer monitor.

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I would like:

1) No (or minimal) pre-processing
2) Metadata like author, topic, etc.
3) Hierarchical categorization
4) Sync of files & metadata

Let me know what works for you!

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I have tried:

The Chrome PDF viewer.
* Pros:
- Easy to open
- No processing required
- Allows hierarchical storage via filesystem
- Fast
* Cons:
- Only supports endless scroll
- No metadata
- Requires external sync

Google Play Books Upload.
* Pros:
- Page-at-a-time and 2up views
- Some metadata ("shelves")
- Automatic sync
- Fast
* Cons:
- Requires upload & processing
- No "directory" type structure


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I have a Chromebook Duet that I use for reading full-page documents (PDFs, many of them scans of old academic papers or data sheets, some of them hundreds of pages long). I love it in a lot of ways, but I'm interested in ideas people might have to make it better.

I need:
1) FAST rendering of LARGE (10s to 100s of MB) PDF files.
2) Some sort of document management (filesystem is OK, metadata is better).


This is a version one SoftCard, but the original CP/M (Ver. 2.20B) wouldn't boot with a Super Serial Card installed. The later Ver. 2.23B boots fine.

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Apple ][ CP/M on a //e

This touches so many late 1970s/early 1980s giants. 6502, Z80, Apple, Microsoft, Digital Research, ...

Any suggestions for an open source software that lets students / attendees to simultaneously share a screen or have a whiteboard that they can all simultaneously use? there is a paid software, Microsoft PearDeck, but i'd love alternatives!

I have achieved victory, and mounted a Kerberos authenticated and encrypted NFSv4 share from a FreeNAS server on both Debian and Ubuntu clients.

I kind of wish I knew why it's working now and wasn't before, though.

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Well, I just spent a while fighting Kerberized NFSv4, and while I was technically able to MOUNT a share from my FreeNAS 11.3-U5 server on a Debian Linux machine, I was never able to actually access any files. That's farther than I got last time, though!

Host www.cdc.gov not found: 2(SERVFAIL)

You know, no reason anyone would want to visit the CDC right now anyway.

I used to wonder if my declining excitement at new releases of things has been a function of getting older or having kids (and less time). Maybe it really is that there is less to be excited about. I remember when #WordPerfect introduced #WYSIWYG graphical print preview! That was something. I can't remember the last time Word/LibreOffice/GDocs has added a feature I care about. I still get excited about #Emacs, but then it is actually adding things.

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More digital necromancy: just spent half an hour with the 4yo in the basement swapping SRAM chips in the IIe's expansion card until I found enough non-fried ones to fill the first bank. Finally got 80 column mode working. (If 40 columns is so good, why etc etc)

@cypnk A feral VT100 terminal that @phooky and I rescued included these stickers from the accounting department.

Just deleted an unread Black Friday ad from my email inbox. 

From 2019

I have part-time, remote, paid work on an open-source project for anyone who is proficient with both Rails and Tailwind CSS. Please boost for visibility.

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