The SDF AT&T 605 UNiX Terminal is free once again to travel! You can check it out and display it at your local event. Details available here:

Here’s an old film version of your funny opera, 鳳閣恩仇未了情。 And it’s 未了情 not 末了情, which makes more sense if admittedly less obvious in spelling difference, haha. I like the subtitles are in proper right to left. I’ve not seen that in so long.

Aryeh Nirenberg has created an amazing video, which lets you feel the rotation of the earth:

Using a tracking mount aligned with North Star, he kept taking photos every 12 seconds for about 3 hours. The camera is looking at the same portion of the Milky Way.

Thanks to the New York Times Crossword today, I learned my Prime Minister worked as a bouncer and a snowboard instructor.
I ❤️ that my spouse gives me the 🇨🇦 and 🇫🇷 -language clues for me to fill in. just celebrated it's first year in operation. In 365 days we had 283 user-submitted logs to the QEC Relay 001. Amazing job everyone!

I'm putting together the year one anthology now and I'm just giddy. I'm rereading everything as I go and there's some truly great stuff here.

If you haven't been reading now is a great chance to jump in.

good night to AMD Opteron hosts ‘miku’ (formerly ‘bjork’) and ‘faeroes’ (formerly ‘otaku’) thank you for 9 years of reliable service. these will go to RE:PC in Seattle (minus disks). @netbsd

The @SDF Traveling AT&T 605 UNIX Terminal arrived safely in Chicago earlier this week. The exhibit will grace the upcoming "Vintage Computer Festival Midwest"

For those like me just getting started with peertube, here's a fantastic primer. I'd call this essential reading. Live in minutes!
3 hour electronic music mix
here's how to tune in: point your media player to

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