I finally migrated my blog (diego.codes) to Hetzner, a German green hosting provider (...and away from GitHub). It was quite smooth overall: I placed the order, migrated the contents from GH Pages to the SFTP server and configured the certificates and DNS all while watching a football match - roughly an hour.

For my fellow data scientist out there, I am using Optuna to perform hyperparameter search in a project and it's giving great results so far, in case you want to check it out optuna.readthedocs.io/en/stabl

Turns out that @darktable has now a Mastodon account! One of the most ambitious open source projects I use regularly

I am building for the first time a PC and I am coming to the realization that if I want to game, I have sometimes no other choice than to buy gaming parts to get the desired performance. Which makes me think: aren't like, a lot of adults into gaming? Why does everything feel so childish? Everything has colorful flashy lights, tribal decals a la 2002, military-related names (Ballistix, Predator, Tomahawk)... It feel just that, childish.

reasons to set a Tony Hawk game in Black Mesa:

- long unbroken rails over bottomless pits
- gentle concrete inclines, easy on r_speeds and also your knees
- giant pipes (and half-pipes, but mostly just pipes)
- what if Tony Hawk had a gun

First impressions on No Man's Sky 

Also, if you have any interest at all in the evolution, there is this great video by The Internet Historian: youtube.com/watch?v=O5BJVO3PDe

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First impressions on No Man's Sky 

I have been playing No Man's Sky for a week now and I think it is a pretty good game. I love exploration games, and even though it was a bumpy ride for Hello Games I think they have redeemed themselves. It is great to be able to roam a huge universe with a sutpidly wide range of activities to do: a main campaign, secondary missions, base building, mining (at all scales), biology... even archaelogy, and who knows what else that I have yet to discover!

I am making some advances in my Nix/NixOS configuration. Currently testing if my current setup works seamlessly both in NixOS and non-NixOS systems (I still feel more comfortable using Debian for work just in case some stupid app only provides .deb/.rpm)

The only good thing that Hacktoberfest is going to yield this year is the coinage of the term "nontribution"

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23 Years ago, #Radiohead released OK Computer

Part of the marketing included a screensaver on floppy for both Windows 3.1 and 95 (which was only a couple of years old at the time)

#RetroComputing #Music

After all I'm reading regarding the Hacktoberfest spam, I guess that is going to be a tough choice to wear that t-shirt in public. I'm sorry for all the folks that are doing it fair and square, submitting useful and honest PRs; looks like they are just getting new pajamas

I'm working on site today for the first time in weeks and have discovered that nature is reclaiming our offices.

I am really polishing my Aeropress technique. Also starting to understand coffee-water ratios: how to control extraction, acidity, etc 👌

(yes I know, it is possible to brew an ok cup with dirt and an Aeropress, but this is getting *good*).

The new design of the #NixOS website nixos.org/ is online! It is made by a professional designer and implemented by the NixOS marketing team. The landingpage is ready, the other pages will be redesigned in the next days.

You can follow the progress here: discourse.nixos.org/t/new-nixo

Minimal is a browser extension to experience a minimal, less attention grabbing internet experience. Internet should be a tool, not a trap.


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