Cold tea infusion, with two ice cubes... aaah... i'm now addicted to this.

"Fracture - King Crimson - Full Guitar Cover By Maria Barbieri"

A prison for the body, a prison for the mind. (author unknown)

"... what I've got they used to call the blues; nothin' is really wrong, feelin' like I don't belong. Walkin' around, some kind of lonely clown; rainy days and mondays always get me down..."

Leyendo: La herencia de Eszter (1939), Sándor Márai; traducido por Judit Xanthus. Ed. Salamandra

Half-opened flower of the flamboyant tree, Delonix Regia. --Maspalomas, Canary Islands

The world isn't under any obligation to be 'okay'. That's why we have to take care of each other, because there's no greater justice waiting. [Ruthanna Emrys, Deep Roots]

The photographic image is a constellation of questions for the eye because it offers viewers forms and signs they have never perceived as such and which conflict with their natural vision. [...] For the eye, every photograph is an enigma. The human gaze directed at the photograph reveals an enigma, which in turn echoes the eye's own questions. [Michel Frizot, Toute photographie fait énigme]

Hello World! Mon pied droit est jaloux de mon pied gauche. Quand l'un avance, l'autre veut le dépasser. Et moi, comme un imbécile, je marche! [Raymond Devos]

Hello World! 千里之行,始於足下 [老子]

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