Hey all, I'm writing a post about the best open-source alternatives to Google's Android apps. I already have a lot of the big ones (Firefox, ProtonMail, K-9 Mail, Signal, etc.), any more suggestions?

#android #oss

Here's an article I wrote for Linux Magazine about the programs you can use to access Mastodon from your desktop, phone or wherever. Hope I didn't forget any!
Ahí va un artículo que escribí para Linux Magazine sobre el Mastodon. Cubre los programas que puedes utilizar para acceder al fediverso, desde tu portátil, desde el teléfono, desde donde sea:


No README yet, but for the benefit of anyone who sees my APRS packets tonight, here is my no-QRZ console license lookup tool. github.com/alrs/fcc #amateurradio #go #golang

Just had my first HF qso verified on the log book of the world! I'm having fun exploring HF! Now if I can only point my antenna where I'd like to talk. That would involve convincing my trees to move though! See you on 20m and/or 40m!

I can tell I'm really procrastinating when I'm suddenly interested in learning the "ed" editor. "it's the standard editor."



I'm Rajeev from Bangalore, India. Licensed as vu2ocy for over 30 years. I mainly work #CW / #SSB on HF, with my favourite mode being #CW on straight key! :-)

Here is my modest station setup :
HF Rig : Kenwood TS-450S
HF Ant : Mini G5RV
VHF : Icom IC-T7H dual-band HT

Was active on HF from Mombasa, Kenya as 5Z4GT during the period 1999 to 2003.

Would be interested to homebrew some multiband/directional #antenna for HF and also get into digital modes.

73 de Rajeev, vu2ocy

Been playing a ton of lately on as I'm at home recovering from injury. On chapter 9 now, loving it so far but frustratingly hard :) I'm at over 6000 deaths, hooray for me!

I have an original raspberry pi sitting around doing nothing.

Any suggestions for something to keep it busy?

My phone for Hamshack Hotline shipped. Looking forward to it. Excited to start playing with VoIP again, and getting on to conference bridges and RF links.

finally hooked up my dipole antenna to my hf radio, I'm on hf now! now to start calling cq!

Such exquisite enchantments.

Voctave ft. Rachel Potter, "Poor Unfortunate Souls/I Put A Spell On You": youtube.com/watch?v=O3zKr-3P0V

#jazz #blues #rock

Picking up where I left off with my project inside a virtualbox vm. Handy to just resume that VM and pick that up. I think I'm only about 0.0001% of the way through the installation guide though :/

aprsd(8) now supports multiple beacons, including position reports (with and without timestamps) and object beacons.

The next step is going to be to add digipeating, which means taking the beacon loop and adding a check for incoming packets, and then repeating them if required.

I'm going to start off with one "listen" interface and one "transmit" interface and go from there.

#HamBSD #hamradio #bsd

People who call #emacs a "text editor" are totally missing the point - it does SO much more than just edit text. For example:

1. Emacs has a builtin notetaking system called org-mode.
2. Org-mode has a builtin spreadsheet system.
3. This spreadsheet system has a builtin formula debugger.

That's how deep it goes. There's so much useful and awesome functionality to discover in Emacs. I've used it for 25 years now, and I still learn new stuff about it every week.

Do you have an abundance of 2.5" 300GB SAS hard drives? Could you spare 8 of them? Could you also ship them to Scotland?

I've got a Sun Enterprise T5120 for the #HamBSD project but no hard drives. I'd like to use this as a sparc64 build machine, and perhaps also other project related things.

Boosts welcome.

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