Annoyed that the 2M band is always dead in your town? Get your HT out this weekend and call CQ; Light up 2M night, this Saturday. Use your favorite information super highway search for more info.

Whoa! Mastodon has keyboard shortcuts! Cool need to check these out

I saw a sign in front of a mechanic today saying "Pumpkin Spice Brake Jobs" 😂

Automotive warning lights and what they mean.
(Courtesy DaveTVChannel)

Been playing on the though, that game is super fun but getting extremely difficult! My death count is > 1000 so far.

I love the soundtrack though:

B-sides soundtrack:

I just spent the last 30 minutes trying to spread the screen protector on my Nintendo Switch without any bubbles or dust. I think I would gladly pay somebody else to do this for me, so frustrating!

In case I am not the only English-reading to see this:
a nifty collection of console commands, some :


speaking of which, do you know any good or URLs or URIs?

I've been experimenting with Pico-8 lately! It's really fun 😁

Here is a little test based of Divinity: Original Sin II and it's music Rivellon

#art #MastoArt #pico8 #coding #animation #music

Calling on 146.52 today on my HT that's remotely controlling my rig in the car for higher power. It's using the locked band repeater function of the Kenwood TM-D710G. So my little .5w HT on the 440 side is retransmitting at 50w on 146.52. Now hopefully I can hear anybody that might come back to me on my HT directly since I'm not using my car's rig in cross band mode. Let's all use .52 people! :)

I managed to chroot into my directory and now configure and make installing things into --prefix=/usr, so that's progress!

A long time ago I wrote a Guide for GPG, Gmail and Gnus (for #Emacs).
Today I fixed the part about keyservers and recommended people switch to
I hope you agree?

Word to the wise:

Do not, under any pretext, use Ansible openssl functions. EVER.

Save yourself a lot of time and a lot of grief and run openssl directly in the shell module.

Found a nice package today from a mailing list I subscribe to. The package is useful if you use ivy completion, it's ivy-posframe

I like to massage my ego by telling myself I'm the last to learn anything , but if you wanna give my ego a poke you'll learn you can test some in a :

here's my experience so far:
tar xf package
cd package
./configure --prefix=/tools
make check
make install
rinse and repeat!

I created a minimal Debian host is in virtualbox for my from project and managed to get the first couple of packages to compile and install. It's been interesting so far, but I'm not sure I'll go all the way through the tutorial.

I think I might try out doing from in a virtualbox vm, that should be a nice distraction from work today

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