woo! got my covid vaccine booster today. hooray science!

wow github.com/ajeetdsouza/zoxide is really a neat shell time saver as well! having fun tweaking my shell like the cool kids

I've dabbled with before but was kind of put off by the cult of ohmyzsh a bit and all of it's magic. stock zsh with some tweaks is how I'm starting out. loving it so far!

wow I'm a huge fan of the fzf fuzzy search for the command line and the shell. Been using bash for decades(!?) and felt that zsh's probably the future

No README yet, but for the benefit of anyone who sees my APRS packets tonight, here is my no-QRZ console license lookup tool. github.com/alrs/fcc #amateurradio #go #golang

Just had my first HF qso verified on the log book of the world! I'm having fun exploring HF! Now if I can only point my antenna where I'd like to talk. That would involve convincing my trees to move though! See you on 20m and/or 40m!

I can tell I'm really procrastinating when I'm suddenly interested in learning the "ed" editor. "it's the standard editor."

Been playing a ton of lately on as I'm at home recovering from injury. On chapter 9 now, loving it so far but frustratingly hard :) I'm at over 6000 deaths, hooray for me!

My phone for Hamshack Hotline shipped. Looking forward to it. Excited to start playing with VoIP again, and getting on to conference bridges and RF links.

finally hooked up my dipole antenna to my hf radio, I'm on hf now! now to start calling cq!

Picking up where I left off with my project inside a virtualbox vm. Handy to just resume that VM and pick that up. I think I'm only about 0.0001% of the way through the installation guide though :/

Annoyed that the 2M band is always dead in your town? Get your HT out this weekend and call CQ; Light up 2M night, this Saturday. Use your favorite information super highway search for more info.

Whoa! Mastodon has keyboard shortcuts! Cool need to check these out

I saw a sign in front of a mechanic today saying "Pumpkin Spice Brake Jobs" 😂

Automotive warning lights and what they mean.
(Courtesy DaveTVChannel)

Been playing on the though, that game is super fun but getting extremely difficult! My death count is > 1000 so far.

I love the soundtrack though:


B-sides soundtrack:


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