wow, this really blew up. check out our soundcloud^W current branch

Very cool to see @netbsd here on SDF ! SDF is the largest NetBSD site in production and we've been running it since the 1.2 release while we were on DEC Alpha and currently on 9.x x86_64 Thanks to Eric Schnoebelen (RIP), Christos Zoulas, ryo (rsh), Masa Saitoh and ebijun as well as others for the support over the years!

SDF Plan9 Boot Camp 2020 continues with a handful of slices available. email membership to get yours!

Doing a presentation at work next week that will involve some live-coding and possibly a small slide deck. Any tips?

*decide to add a new feature to an open-source project*
*read the source*
*realize the feature exists*
*rinse, repeat*

In which Cisco blacklists curl in user-agent strings to 'fix' unauthenticated command injection on some of its devices

One thing in particular strikes me - the "Y" at the bottom-left. It put two of the traces at 45-degree offsets to slightly shorten the length of the trace feeding them and the overall trace length on the board.

It really doesn't just optimize for vias.

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Honestly, I'm pretty damn impressed with how Freerouting autorouted these new boards

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