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Christmas is one of the times with peak propaganda about how your life should look, what you should be doing, who you should be with. It's lies, but It gets to people. Wishing all of you a safe week. Take care of your needs. Celebrate your growth this year, your hopes for next, and the people who matter to you. Love y'all

Mozilla is doing me a concern by offering to send all dns queries to cloudflare by default. How do we follow the money in this one?

Cleaned my Niche coffee grinder for the first time after a couple kilos of coffee and it barely needed it. Some fine dust inside, a little caked on coffee goo on the top burr, and that’s it. Compared to my old Rocky grinder, it’s amazing. That thing held half a bag of coffee in its various nooks and crannies.

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Not saying it's hot outside or anything, but a couple of Fremen just tried to reclaim my water for the tribe while I was sleeping on the couch.

Testing out “Mast” iOS client for this thing. Seems nice! Was using Tootdon before. Toot!

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> be french developer
> go to a cafe
> put wine and baguette in respective holders
> enjoy the accordion music
> get out your ordinateur portable
> load up your logiciel libre
> disque dur is out of octets
> ask the local mime to buy you some
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