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I'm tired of explaining why any android system isn't good for your privacy.. even with MicroG, eOs, AOSP, etc... They all run the android runtime that come with it's conditions to be authorized to run any android apps. Even when you build any android app there is conditions too about the obligatory telemetry.

So the initial concept to be able to keep your way of using your phone while leaving a "surveillance financed economy" simply don't exist yet.

"mais il faut pas forcer les medecins qui ont fait 10 ans d'etudes a aller quelque part!". J'aime vraiment pas cet argument; ca impliquerait "qu'ils meritent" de faire ce qu'ils veulent pour avoir reussit leurs etudes. Ils sont plutot etremement redevable envers le gouvernement; ils ont eu 10 ans de formation aux frais des contribuables. Des conditions dans l'interet national seraient tres peu demander pour un aussi gros investissement de l'etat qui depasse le million par personne.

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For all the new people (and old people who aren’t aware), tonight is Synth Battle Royale on We hang out in COM while listening to the various artists create their respective soundscapes.

Here’s more information on Synth Battle Royale:

Here’s more information on how to stream:

Here’s more information about COM:

Strange this on flathub;

pine64-pinephone:/etc# flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub
pine64-pinephone:/etc# flatpak install flathub com.discordapp.Discord
Looking for matches…
error: Nothing matches com.discordapp.Discord in remote flathub

there must be an arch constraint. hm

I used my dear thinkpad x200t as my "main personal station" but I wanted to try again my pinephone with the convergence and latest updates. I have a pro too but it's too alpha for any use case (give it time, it will be awesome ^^'). And now I see this pinephone perform as good as my thinkpad for my use.

I'm starting to live the fact someone once tell me; One day your 15$ computer will beat any 15 years old computer. (I know the pp is more pricy, but that's the idea ;) )

Ah yes; nearly half of French population that voted wanted a Nazi apologist as president. They wanted less liberty for more security. They wanted oppression on minorities.

I'm happy Macron passed. Now that the far right is away for 5 more years, I think it's a good time to try again to work on a better alternative to Macron for the next election. One that could make France progress instead of going back.

Anyway, I'm happy for now.

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Ah yes, the kind of neighbor that don't respect any communal rules (Mow at 1am, parties) but will call the cop at the first offence they see.

We, the houses around them, were ready to overlook their abuses since we like exceptions sometime, we are respectful and ask other if it's okay.

But those new comer don't play fair... So now the cop has visited them 8 times in 3 days since now we all signal the cop when they cheat the rules they loved to see applied only to the others...

Funny story; happen to a friend. At her job they needed to more a radioactive source. The appointment was set 1 April with a guy named “mr Poisson” (mr Fish). She was sure it was a joke and then he showed up :p

Sometime some engineer at should think more when "improving" their tools.

Since an update, the "integrated graphic" mode keep the nvidia card on to allow the use of the nvidia card fans to help reduce heat. But the heat sinks of those fans only link to the nvidia card. And the linux nvidia driver badly use power level so even idle the card create a lot of heat.

So now my laptop overheat while doing nothing and the fans keep at max speed. Solution is the manually shutdown the card :D

need to choose between “statu quo” or racism, sexism, xenophobia, demagogy, isolationism, “trumpism”… and many other bad things. Will people really give a nazi apologist a “chance” in hope of change ? Will Lepen succed where her Father failed by making a France with less égalité than ever ? I hope not :(

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Shall we play a game? Tune in every Saturday at 0200 UTC for Vintage COMP! on to talk about Vintage Computing. Join the conversation on (929)299-1269

Even if you’re not watching FOXNEW, you are ;) an excellent video:

Started to use «  » on an . Don’t know if it’s the app or an other app that is compromised and accessing it’s storage; in any case now my 2 factor Auth is on fire on all my services stored on that wallet. Yay

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