City skyline game under linux; Big map and a lot of mods: load under 5 seconds. Same game and settings under windows : cannot load the game; 32 go of ram and 8go of dedicated gpu ram is not enough... Damn...

If I ever have a daughter; I would get mad if this happen...

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telnet # For maps in your terminal from OpenStreetMap. Use arrow keys to move around and a/z to zoom in/out. Or use your mouse if your terminal supports that.

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@SDF is down right now... but it's beeing worked on :) "Mon Jul 1 13:20:49 UTC 2019
the main cluster raid filesystem has developed inconsistencies and is
currently being repaired. This will take some time, thank you for your patience.
In Progress"

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Thousands march in Hong Kong on China handover anniversary - live

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I finally published my 2nd song, yay!
Both tracks are new, reusing material from very old tracks I made ages ago.

#music #mastomusic #mastoart

TL;DR: If you have an HIDPI display, use wayland.

HIDPI and KDE... I was sure it was an issue of the past. I got KDE Neon to test.. and it was a nightmare to have "just the minimum" of working UI. And after 1 hours of fixing .. A small comment on reddit : "Wayland fix that". Wait.. Neon is not on wayland by default ? Ah! okay then. **Switch to wayland** : Now all my "patches" start to "overwork" (everything is too big) and after I removed them, now everything look fine.

**adding a video on facebook**
**can't play the video I just added because I need DRM to play it**
Me: oh...

That's bringing up some old good memories ; operation flaming dart soundstarck

Emma Stevens - by The sung in Mi'kmaq.

It's sad I don't understand it as a Canadian. The of those civilizations we wiped out is dying as we forget about them.

Handmaids tale is back :) and with it the good view of what a "Right and Christian" government would love to do if it had every right.

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