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Kirigami is KDE's framework for building beautiful apps that run on phones, desktop computers, TVs and everything in between. Check out Kirigami's new web page and get started creating apps that work (and look great) everywhere.

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OpenBSD people ... I have a question as I am preparing an article for the next episode about OpenBSD in general and PF...

Just exactly/approx. how good of a firewall You can build out of OpenBSD? Should I simply think of pFsense or it can go way beyond that (more secure, more features, IDS/IPS)?

Microsoft technologies are fun and all until you find a bug and all they can say is: "We know it exist, and we won't share any source code so you could find a workaround.. And it's likely to be fixed in 2-3 years". (Dotnet engine error). Proposed solution by microsoft: Run your production environment in "debug" mode; the bug don't happen when in debug". So the app, already taking 12go to disk space and 4 go of ram will now take more than 20go of space and 9go of ram... Project folder is 12mo.

@videomurder @velartrill Cheap mask, the ones widely used, don't really (5-6% protection). They're not magic; they just stop your projection to get to other people... And won't stop revived projection much (simple tissue... no active filter...)

But, of course, the "higher quality mask" (ffp2 and others) do protect you more from others. Those are, sadly, not really easily accessible for now.

So.. it's still a good idea to wear one in any case because we're contagious without symptom at start.

2 weeks vacations.. leaving the cat behind wasn't an easy task; We asked a lot of people to pass regularly to check on her and and I built a pretty good camera surveillance system. It was really easy; For the "server stuff", ZoneMinder. And for turning every webcam into an ipcam; gen2brain/cam2ip. Everything via docker containers... it took me 10 min to set everything up.

So we now have a cat-cam :D

C# dotnet is really easy for someone who did a lot of C... But the project I'm working on look afflicted by the same problem than nodeJs: Loading "non-understood" modules to do important stuff...

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#jeChercheUnJob d'administrateur systèmes expert Linux, sur Grenoble et son agglomération, ou en télétravail. J'ai 10 ans d'expériences sur les systèmes GNU/Linux, en particulier Debian, mais pas uniquement. J'ai déjà administré des serveurs web, base de données, Docker, de paiement, mais aussi d'applicatifs plus spécifiques.
L'entreprise idéale est une PME <100 personnes.
J'ai un CV semi anonyme sur
Contact en DM pour mes coordonnées.
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We still have 12 new SDF Ceramic Mug Cups available for good homes in the SDF Fundraiser store from that hidden stash we found in a storage box! They feature a stainless steel cap and were made to celebrate SDF's 25th anniversary in 2012.

Thank you for supporting SDF

Well, the nouveau support for my video card finally came. I was testing fedora and forgot to do the usual "nouveau.modeset=0" when suddenly it worked anyway ^^' Just tested "PRIME" and it work ! And the discrete video card shut itself after a moment when not used. It's just perfect. Woah.

Well.. I was sure one would need a "display driver" to use xorg on a beaglebone black. I installed a minimal xorg and... it magically worked out of the box (tested because I was wondering what would be the driver (not intel, nvidia or anything I knew). (Archlinux Arm). It should not ^^' I should have to do at least something... a "generic driver" or an old old-made c compil for an old unknown driver... hm

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