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There is only one proper way to compile #Linux kernels in the Italian summer

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Бронзы Бить CAFÉ 80s 45 - Borderline

Join the @SDF damgüdcyberchatter crew and cross the boundary into the internet’s sub-basement to enjoy a collection of musical edge cases, neither of the eighties, but simultaneously definitive of that magical period in time.

Come for the sonic chronological transcendence, stay for the fun of the COMMODE party.

anonradio.net >>> 00:00 utc saturday (that’s today!)

All are welcome - come join a global crew of interesting folk 🦄👽🤖

I finally was able to contact my dentist. They use a weird system where there is only one way to contact them; A phone line that ring 4 time, available 10h-12h, and if no one answer it just hang up automatically. No mail or other way to contact them. And no one ever answer.

So I set up an Asterisk-FreePBX server with my number at voip ms and made the system ring them none stop and connect me via my cellphone upon success

Took them ~1.5 hours to respond... The women was pissed ^^' (372 calls)

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Anyone have a good recommendation for services to help the less computer-savvy with hard drives their loved ones leave behind?

Was visiting my hometown and paid a call on a former music teacher and mentor. She mentioned that she is looking for help in going through the contents of computers left behind by a late family member. Geography puts me in a poor position to help with this, but I'd like to vet and recommend a professional data dump/cataloguing service.

adventure: If you're running a spin and you find or too slow; Give a try ;)

so far mastodon work better with it. The UI is not mobile but usable. You just have to go "landscape" for some settings.

On manjaro kde, firefox is not installed by default like on the phosh spin. After adding the mobile patch it still can't access the gpu for hardware acceleration so firefox is super slow compared to the one on phosh. I'm missing something ^^'

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sadly the app on the is, in the end, barely usable. too mush scroll glitches

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Replaced the unused Core 2 duo next to my desk with the Sun Blade 1500. It was running OpenBSD 6.2! I opted for a fresh install from scratch. Had trouble getting into the ofw ok prompt from a non-sun keyboard so I used a serial terminal to send a break and that worked. Fresh 6.9 install is up.

trying the with from and woah. This is way more usable than my last try. It's even enough to become my daily driver in a near futur (waiting for a nano sim->micro sim adapter). Being a SailfishOS user for a while now it's refreshing to use gtk/qt ui on a linux phone.

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Je suis étudiant en école d'ingénieur entrain d'effectuer sont PFE.

Et je cherche donc un job pour début septembre.

Je me suis spécialisé dans l'IoT et l'embarqué de façon générale. Je suis aussi intéressé par tout ce qui est développement bas niveau.

Je pose la question ici, car je souhaiterais travailler dans une société qui travaille sur du libre

Got a ! yay ! But it has a defect on the sim slot, aww :(

And maybe more defects ? Or is it that slow normally for the kde manjaro spin ? The "test videos" I can find shows it way more responsive ^^'

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RIP, Daniel Kaminski. You saved the DNS system instead of exploiting it.

"When a reporter asked Mr. Kaminsky why he did not exploit the DNS flaw to become immensely wealthy, he said that doing so would have been morally wrong, and that he did not want his mother to have to visit him in prison."


#Technology #Internet #Security #Privacy #DNS #Obituaries

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