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Many have asked: no, we don’t have any Black Friday discounts nor will we have Cyber Monday offers. SDF isn’t that kind of club. :)

@smj THIS is Phoebe Cates....not Rebecca Black. smh....

Fast Times at Ridgemont High - 1982

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Jammin' to @snowdusk_ now with some New Order!

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Happy 100th birthday, WWV! Narrowly saved from shutdown, the powerful transmitter system makes accurate time available for all--even if the internet goes down ;-) Tune in to event station WW0WWV.

Before the interwebs, we used to check for solar conditions, now commonly referred to as "space weather".

Geophysical alerts are broadcast from WWV at 18 minutes after the hour and from WWVH at 45 minutes after the hour.

I truly believe that without WWV and , life would lose much of its luster,


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Thanks to @snowdusk_ for his spinsy creaks on tonight. It’s amazing to smurf some doubleplus boffo regeezered . I pity the mugwumps what haven’t heard of this hypercurrent bus genre, what what.

Catch y’later, damgud cybredroogs.

The Intergalactic Wasabi Mix is now streaming LIVE with

V A P O R W A V E courtesy of DJ @snowdusk_ on


@jasmaz @smj @snowdusk_

For those that missed it, someone entertained us last night on aNONradio's Open Mic show with crazy loops of some scammer's voicemail.

Here is the original recording of the voicemail, for your listening pleasure.

I just posted my entry in
@solderpunk 's ROOPHLOCH (Remote Outdoor Off-Grid Phlogging Challenge) .

LOCATION: Local park WEATHER: Cold, rainy, windy, 36F 2C. GEAR: Termux, umbrella.


@snowdusk_ Everyone enjoyed the show. Most (like me) had not heard it before. Good choice.

Happening now on COM:

[shufei] Please tell Snowy he doesn't have to worry, we aren't trashing the house yet. :)

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