Ahahahah end of 2020 seems promising ! "Mink infected with a mutated strain of COVID-19 in Denmark appear to be rising from the dead"

Maintenant j'ai l'impression de vivre dans une friterie 😂

And the the result. I'm not yet very skilled for giving them a beautiful shape, but it's coming...
And now, i just have to adjust my towel. As we say here: Bon Apétit !

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The parts and the mixture (where the All is far better than the sum of the parts)
By the way, the best way to build the pommes dauphines it's not like i tried with a piping bag but with a teaspoon and a big spoon

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The master key for all the Disney's facilities fingerprint readers is below :D

Hey users, did you tried this skysilk.com/gentoo/ ?
I plan to try one or two vm but if someone has some feedback on it, i'm interested. :) Thx

On est bien d'accord que le site de l'Assemblée Nationale est en rade non ?
Certifs de sécurité bizarre puis 404 sur nginx.
Pas de redirection assemblee-nationale.fr -> www.assemblee-nationale.fr
bref, c'est ça la ???

"A long awaited Unbound feature has arrived, the newly released Unbound 1.12.0 comes with support for DNS-over-HTTPS!"

Mon enchère sur ebay va se terminer juste avant que mon hachis parmentier ne soit réchauffé :)

🤔🥳Just found someone on ebay who's sellling an original "Acorn atom" box (yeah, just the carton one) for the ridiculously low price of 190,00 GBP and 30 BGP for shipping fee... I don't know what's amaze me more: the price or the fact that 20 persons are following the sell...

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