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Meet Sprout, the new release of with:
- templates for: and
- use qemu
- change root default pw
- add user

I did not know this blog before but it is very interesting and with awesome projects ! :D

Hi users, is there a way to allow multiple users to manage a common channel?

Ne pas perdre de vue l'indispensable:
« Qu'est-ce qu'un homme peut appeler les plus grandes choses dans la vie?
Eau chaude, bonne dentishtry et papier hygiénique Shoft. »
Cohen Le Barbare

With this awesome card from TimeTubeUSA, change your old IBM PC into Apple ][ 😍
"What is a Quadlink? It's an ISA expansion card from the '80s designed to turn your IBM PC (such as a 5150 or 5160) into an Apple ][! After booting and running the software, you can switch quickly between PC and Apple mode using Ctrl-Alt-A (for Apple) and Ctrl-Alt-P (for PC)."

New Book to read today :)
This one is really interesting. 6 historical Shabak heads interviewed.

Dracula in your mailbox daily ! 😍
"Bram Stoker’s Dracula is an epistolary novel - it’s made up of letters, diaries, telegrams, newspaper clippings - and every part of it has a date. The whole story happens between May 3 and November 10. So: Dracula Daily will post a newsletter each day that something happens to the characters, in the same timeline that it happens to them."

"Microsoft has discovered several vulnerabilities, [...] that could allow an attacker to elevate privileges to root on many Linux desktop endpoints. The vulnerabilities can be chained together to gain root privileges on Linux systems, allowing attackers to deploy payloads, like a root backdoor, and perform other malicious actions via arbitrary root code execution."

"The inside story of the world’s most notorious commercial spyware and the big tech companies waging war against it."

any recommandations for a manageable switch with 16+ ports at fair price ? :)

Dear fediverse:

I've got these 2 old beasts that deserve a better fate than I'm giving them currently.

The one on the left is an Apple Network Server 500/132. It actually has an Apple spin on AIX and comes with install media that works. The SCSI drives are toast, but there are many ways to get around that. This one I think is some hard drives away from working. Case has some damage and I never got the keys. This will be a problem when you want to open the back to do internal servicing. Comes with a CPU add on/upgrade that I never installed for that very reason. Also comes with documentation in a binder along with a small cult following online.

The one on the right is an Alpha Server 1000A 51500. It has a full compliment of 9gb SCSI drives that may or may not be good. Last time I checked it has an install of NT on it. Right now it has clock issues from the internal CMOS chip being dead. I procured some replacements but I just haven't made the time to make this all work and with them being relegated to the garage I do not see me taking care of it the way I should.

I can help load into a truck or SUV, bring some cargo straps. If you want to trade any old computing stuff that is more workstation or laptop size, I'd really dig that! I suppose a cash offer wouldn't be refused but really I'd like them to go to a good home.

Located in South Denver area, Colorado, local pickup only. I'm not going to mess with putting these on a pallet and freighting them somewhere. It's as good of a reason to plan a road trip as any!

Boosts welcome!

#vintagecomputing #retrocomputers

The AC alimentations for the 2 Sun Netra 240 just arrived ! :)

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