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Meet Sprout, the new release of with:
- templates for: and
- use qemu
- change root default pw
- add user

we are pseudonymous
we forgive
we forget
do not expect us, we are sleepy

I am currently ripping my Blurays to save shelf space (raw mkv copy). and my files are close to 30gb for a 3h movie. Is there a lossless video codec I could use to save space on my nas?
Thank you for your answers :)

Relatives latencies between several operations in the computer world :)

I just spent 3 days to dig in a lot of logs from extcloud, lot of forums, etc... Because the insstance couldn't connect to the Nextcloud appstore. And i realised this afternoon that the troubles came from my browser. It was just a lib update used by firefox... I must be tired...

Is it just me or there are some troubles with appstore connection (within a nextcloud instance) ?
I can't install or update the apps. (Just updated the instance to the latest version)

Added two very short videos to my YT whatnot.

First up: ZX Spectrum Harlequin 128K build

Sort of a pancake mix of whatever photos and clips I had laying about from the build I did a while ago😁

(with a tune I wrote *years* ago overlaid on it 🤪)

Didn't saw earlier this month that Dreamworks opened their 3D render software Moonray:

A very intereesting read about the algo behind w3w
(the coordinates system based on 3 words sets)

I'm desesperately looking for some very good docs (technical) about debugging, any recommandations ?

A little (perhaps stupid) question: Does an email's PGP signature could trouble the DKIM / DMARC / SPF validation ?
Thanks for your answers :)

Bon bah je crois bien que mon serveur de listes de diffusion est opérationnel !
Merci et pour la facilité de la mise en place :)

Quand tu veux gâter ton et que finalement non, tu trouveras autre chose... 👀

Hi admins, what kind of mailing list server are you using with postfix? , ...
Do you have any recommendations?
Thx 😃
RT appreciated

Petite surprise matinale...
Ça va le pigeon, on ne s'emmerde pas trop ?
Passe moi le K&R tant que tu es là et ne chie pas sur flipper stp !

And tomorrow, i would receive this to print for it a beautiful black coat

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Sparetime Gizmos SBC6120 running OS/8 w/ a pocket chip has a terminal. The program called "HAX" types out lines from movies starring the computer.

Small (perhaps silly) question regarding , when you have 2 servers for the same domain, is it better to duplicate the same key on each servers and have 1 DNS record or 2 keys and 2 DNS records?

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