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Meet Sprout, the new release of with:
- templates for: and
- use qemu
- change root default pw
- add user

Arrgh, pourquoi quand je dois sortir, irrémédiablement il se met à pleuvoir ???

Time to upgrade the system meanwhile i prepare de food for tomorrow's "repas de noël" at work !

I think it is time to read again the serie... Btw i love chose old scify nouvel convers :)

Hey and users, i've got a (possibly stupid) question: I have some jails running and communicating together via a bridge with an epair for each jail. I would like to add to this bridge a vm managed by bhyve. Do i have to use a tap device added to the bridge or do i have to create an epair for the vm (as for the jails) ?
I don't know if i'm clear.
Thanks for your replies :)

"Attackers don’t bother brute-forcing long passwords"
“I analysed the credentials entered from over >25 million brute force attacks against SSH. This is around 30 days of data in Microsoft’s sensor network,” said Ross Bevington, a security researcher at Microsoft.

"Un mystérieux jeu de piste est en cours: retrouver un F35 qui s’est abîmé en mer le 17 novembre dernier. L'OTAN soupçonne la Russie de s'être mise en chasse."

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