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Meet Sprout, the new release of with:
- templates for: and
- use qemu
- change root default pw
- add user

Android security update:
"The most severe of these issues is a critical security vulnerability in the Media Framework component that could lead to remote information disclosure with no additional execution privileges needed."

"Mossad spies recruited top Iranian scientists to blow up their own nuclear plant by 'posing as dissidents' and 'smuggling explosives disguised as boxes of food'"

Arrgh, pourquoi quand je dois sortir, irrémédiablement il se met à pleuvoir ???

Time to upgrade the system meanwhile i prepare de food for tomorrow's "repas de noël" at work !

I think it is time to read again the serie... Btw i love chose old scify nouvel convers :)

Hey and users, i've got a (possibly stupid) question: I have some jails running and communicating together via a bridge with an epair for each jail. I would like to add to this bridge a vm managed by bhyve. Do i have to use a tap device added to the bridge or do i have to create an epair for the vm (as for the jails) ?
I don't know if i'm clear.
Thanks for your replies :)

"Attackers don’t bother brute-forcing long passwords"
“I analysed the credentials entered from over >25 million brute force attacks against SSH. This is around 30 days of data in Microsoft’s sensor network,” said Ross Bevington, a security researcher at Microsoft.

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