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Meet Sprout, the new release of with:
- templates for: and
- use qemu
- change root default pw
- add user

μKenbak-1 fully assembled but not working at all... I have to test each part.

"AirEye’s research team in collaboration [...] have found a vulnerability, dubbed SSID Stripping, which causes a network name – aka SSID – to appear differently in the device’s “List of Networks” than its actual network name."
"SSID Stripping bypasses these security controls since the device itself processes the network names as they actually are, not as they are displayed. Hence, the devices do not consider the rogue AP to have the same name as the legitimate network."

A friend made me discover this site:
Some pieces are really awesome !

👀 "En 2013, un de ses marins confia [...] qu’il avait été demandé au « Monge » de « repérer une clé à molette perdue en orbite par un astronaute américain » de la Station spatiale internationale car « elle pouvait mettre en danger certains satellites »"

Vous auriez des recommandations de fournisseurs de serveurs dédiés avec grosse capacité de stockage ?
(genre 4 * 4To minimum). J'ai regardé sur
et chez mais pas je n'ai pas trouvé chaussure à mon pied...

I'm looking for books on electronics that are in the same "spirit" as that of Clive Maxfield: "Bebop to the Boolean Boogie" ( which is awesome by the way.
Do you have any pointers ?
(I have also the Horowitz's book but it's not at all the same spirit ;) )

Since yesterday, I installed KDE5 on Macbook Pro (late 2009 model) with FreeBSD-13. This is my first time installing KDE and I'm just horrified at the amount of software to install...

μKENBAK-1 Stage 1: Soldering !
Unfortunately, the kit came without the crystal, i'm still waiting to find the right part...

"The most severe of the 16 bugs is CVE-2021-28139, which affects the ESP32 SoC used in many Bluetooth-based appliances ranging from consumer electronics to industrial equipment. Arising due to a lack of an out-of-bounds check in the library, the flaw enables an attacker to inject arbitrary code on vulnerable devices, including erasing its NVRAM data."

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"A set of new security vulnerabilities has been disclosed in commercial Bluetooth stacks that could enable an adversary to execute arbitrary code and, worse, crash the devices via denial-of-service (DoS) attacks."

"It’s based on The Catiline Conspiracy, [...] This story takes place in a new Rome, a Roman epic sent in modern times. The time set is not a specific year in modern New York, it’s an impression of modern New York, which I call New Rome."

I think i have found the good one here:
but i don't understant the difference between the 3 references:
WM12820TR-ND - Tape & Reel (TR)
WM12820CT-ND - Cut Tape (CT)
Any idea about it ?
Thanks :)
WM12820DKR-ND - Digi-Reel

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