RSA230 = 17969491597941066732916128449573246156367561808012600070888918835531726460341490933493372247868650755230855864199929221814436684722874052065257937495694348389263171152522525654410980819170611742509702440718010364831638288518852689

- What is better than "All your passwords are 123456" ? - "Your nuclear launch code at US Minuteman silos is 00000000" ;-)

"Nasa has created the coldest ever spot in space to prove a theory predicted by Einstein 71 years ago about the way atoms behave at low temperatures":

"The default OpenSSH key encryption is worse than plaintext"
But: "If your keys live on a Yubikey or a smart card, you don’t have this problem either."

Well, well, well: "The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is selecting research teams to develop a neural interface that would allow soldiers to link their brains to military systems so those systems could send data directly to their minds."

Hold my beer, when i bring back this very strong and aggressive bacteria from space after several month of cosmic rays exposure...

Seriously, what possibly could go wrong ???

This is the Shodan of open Amazon S3 buckets, you can expect anything and everything 👌 #OSINT #redteam

"A volt out of the blue: Phone batteries reveal what you typed and read
Power trace sniffing, a badly-designed API and some cloudy AI spell potential trouble":

"Meet TLBleed: A crypto-key-leaking CPU attack that Intel reckons we shouldn't worry about":
"How to extract 256-bit signing keys with 99.8% success"

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