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Making a start on this. Fixed the logic in a previous thread, but the rest is so manky....

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Online multi-player Metro Siege with PiMiga 2.0! Catch this tomorrow January 23rd 2pm EST/7pm UTC/8pm CET - devs alpine9000 & Tsak of Pixelglass Games! CHANNEL: twitch.tv/amigabill

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- Consider deferring Windows Updates for at least a few days so you don’t get selected for first wave rollout by Microsoft to beta test their updates 😎

… let other people walk through that mine field first 😉

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artists, or artists who have just considered making : check out our Main Asset contest! It’s a win-win proposal & we can’t wait to welcome the new talent to $RVN!

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OK, so we don’t have a real Amiga here tonight, but we are in a bunker under Dundee playing Lemmings :) Thank you @mdf200

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Win a FREE spool of our newest seasonal PLA!! We call this "cool" new filament Glacier Ice.

Simply LIKE & RT to enter! Winners will be selected from each social platform (FB, IG, & Twitter) on Monday morning.

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Here it is! The official trailer for Flat Earth VR! 🥞

This game is gonna change the world.

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For sale ender v2 , full metal direct drive hot end microswiss setup, dual Z axis upgrade, ultistik build plate, stickers from various companies. I can’t take this anymore lol

Very cold out this morning Might have a high of 1F today Possible 32 degree temperature change, and will still be almost 32 degrees below freezing

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If this gets 1000+ retweets before I wake up tomorrow, I will give a random person who retweeted $10 via PayPal or CashApp 💸
Honestly... I just want to see how many people are willing to spam their entire audience for a small chance to win just a few dollars 🍿

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What was your favorite to play on the Commodore 64?

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