Open Source Aerosol box shield & anaesthetist’s tips for use during intubation & ext...

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Wyrmwood is planning to make Intubation Aerosol Shield Box for their local hospitals As they will be needed when intubating and extubating many patients
This protects the healthcare workers from patients virus filled exhilations during the procedures

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Wyrmwood Tries to Survive the Coronavirus Pandemic (Quarantine Employees... via @YouTube

The rest of the posts today will be crossposted by my Mastodon account Need some time away from the tweets

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Nature finds a way or at least moves in quickly when we leave

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New Video is Live on my YouTube Channel! Thanks for the help with the title guys: Water Cooling My Toilet 🚽🧻

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I am in desperate need of an einsy board for my Bear mk3 as it decided to die on me, but I don't wish to pay half the price of the board in shipping. if anyone can help, please let me know

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Never confuse education with intelligence, you can have a PhD and still be an idiot. 🧠

Just crunching some WU with via

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History will show anti-maskers raked up a body count that anti-vaxers could only fantasize about. They are absolutely delusional.

When 20k are dead masks will be mandatory.

Come back in two months and tell me I was wrong.

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