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Oh my @FullControlXYZ I sooo love this new model. 40mm pin with a 40mm diameter sphere sitting on top, fantastic. 😍

RT @B1G_Jano
For those who came by the stream Tuesday, here’s prototype 1 of my tombstone drink coaster! Printed in @AtomicFilament Metallic silver PLA.

A few tweaks to the base and this will be good to publish on @printablescom

We’ll look at it in more detail tonight on the livestream! twitter.com/i/web/status/15781

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A hacker gained access as an editor to my YouTube channel and unlisted every single one of my videos. Working now to re-publish all of them.

RT @h0rdur
Volcano Watcher 🚶🏻‍♂️🌋

Watching a volcano erupt in the middle of the night. One of the craziest experiences of my life.

RT @GossiTheDog
Apparently Ring have a security incident starting up.

RT @AmigaBill_
AmigaBill community meetup @ Amiga37 Germany Oct 15 15:30/3:30pm on the main stage. This is a great opportunity for the amazing people who come to my streams & watch my YouTube videos to meet in person. Can't wait to meet you!

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Davinci resolve users:

How do you cope with not being able to pull the preview screen out to a second monitor or get more "track real estate" or bigger preview?

I want to use it but argh this is so cramped compared to Vegas.

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Well this is something ... I think I just discovered that macOS is background scanning images on my computer and, when those images are QR codes that point to URLs, it's decoding the codes and requesting the URL... 1/

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Who needs to remember a password when you can just look it up on the dark web

RT @DungeonGlitch
What's better than having two awesome hobbies?

Having the two awesome hobbies partner up!

Celebrating 50 years of , coming soon - Dungeons and Dragons LEGO sets!

Got product ideas already?

There's a contest for FAN ideas to become part of the collection! 👇👇👇

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How do you guys feel about 3d printed arcade cabinets and small Star Trek references?

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GIVEAWAY NOTICE: @JKCTX1 @RoyalGnomie twitch.tv/bc_2_3d and myself are teaming up to giveaway an Ender 3 Pro w/ Klipper and HUGE thanks to @MicroSwissLLC for donating an NG Extruder. So please check out our streams and watch the build grow. twitch.tv/db3d_dan

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Going to stream at 11, so in an ~hour.. If things still work, which they hopefully do.. It’s going to be a “doodling but hopefully something good comes out” type Amiga art stream probably using ArtEffect.. (if I can still get it to work in WinUAE!) Eek.

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