I came across some photos of a section car trip I piloted many years ago. It was an interesting change of pace but riding on the lightly laid, reasonably rough track out there in sections cars gets a bit old ofter the first hundred kilometres or so. This was taken at the Einasleigh river while waiting for everyone to catch up. #trains #railways

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Coronavirus Research Update from Rosetta@home:


I have just published my teaser trailer for the #c128 game I have been working on!


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Petit hommage à Usagi Yojimbo / Little tribute to Usagi Yojimbo @usagiguy @TortuesNinja_FR @Santolouco

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First BMC64 test went well. Just organizing the internals and software. Finding ROMs for all the machines. Used Sugru to mount HDMI panel so I wouldn't permanently modify the case. This'll eventually run c64, Vic20, c128, Plus4, and PET.

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Your constant support keeps me going. Thank you Amiga people! ❤️ Here's what you can expect in next few months... Stay tuned.

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Did a little BBSing last night. Particles! BBS. Used ao486 core on MiSTer and c64Term. A nice little PETSCII term on DOS.

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DragonFly 5.8.3 released: DragonFly 5.8.2 was missing two CVE fixes - CVE-2019-1547 and CVE-2019-1840... dragonflydigest.com/2020/09/24

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The first 'Left 4 Dead 2' expansion in years is available now for free engt.co/3kM729w

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The Windows XP source code was leaked online today.

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Terrific explainer on the Rosetta@home project by ⁦@itsfoss2⁩! itsfoss.com/boinc-setup/

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Find your friends, dust off your guns, and face the zombie horde one last time in The Last Stand Update, a massive Left 4 Dead 2 update built by the community.

Left 4 Dead 2 is also FREE this weekend starting right now, and on sale for 80% off! l4d.com/laststand

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The July/August 2020 issue of the Journal is now available. Don't miss articles on Building and Running an Open-Source Community by Marshall Kirk McKusick, and much more. It's free! Share with your friends and colleagues. freebsdfoundation.org/past-iss

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Another DroidCam OBS update getting ready to drop this week, with 1080p resolution and camera options auto-save as initial pro features.

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I am proud to announce that my mask design has made it into the Semi-Finals of the Challenge.

Getting into the Top 25 is amazing. I really think I have a great design that can help the world.

Wish me luck!!!

Thank you to @xprize for this challenge. twitter.com/xprize/status/1308

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“Asking what came before the Big Bang … would be like asking what lies south of the South Pole.” — Stephen Hawking on his theory of cosmology, which is now under attack: quantamagazine.org/physicists-

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