Open Source game engine Xenko 3.1 ships - It is an open-source alternative to Unity

Looking for an open-source alternative to Unity? (Or an alternative open-source alternative to Godot?) Xenko might be worth checking out. Xenko has a feature set broadly similar to Unity or Godot, including a full asset pipeline; a 3D scene editor, 2D sprite editor and UI editor; character animation and pathfinding; and physics and particles.
As you might expect, given that Silicon Studio develops optical effects middleware, its graphics capabilities are pretty good, including support for PBR materials, hair and skin; a light probe system for indirect lighting; and a forward renderer with a standard set of post effects.
Games can be deployed to Windows, Xbox One, Android and iOS – the latter two via Xamarin – and Linux. It also supports the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR headsets.

If you wanna help me during this moving process and are local(ish), swing by my office and pick up any of these cases for $20 ea. Not looking to make a profit here, obviously. I do this at least once a year to clean…

C64 KU Motherboard replica shows good signs of a lot is working. No cursor blink though.

Absolutely brilliant bass line in this song. Best shoegaze bass line I can think of, in fact, but will seriously consider suggested contenders 😍 Oh, and trippy space video too.

After waiting for months, I finally got “Thrust” for in the mail this week! Extremely hard to video (or photograph) but it’s all about that Rob Hubbard music today anyway.

Three Physicists Stumbled Upon a Striking Mathematical Discovery

Describing neutrino oscillations is notoriously tricky. The search for a shortcut led to unexpected places.

One hour to go! as Zoltan! as Triss! as Dandelion! as Geralt!

Cody Pondsmith as literally everyone else in the world!

Prizes! Singing! Funny hats!
All to benefit!

Join us at:

How to see the 2019 Leonid meteor shower this weekend

On the night of Nov. 16-17, as many as 20 meteors per hour will be visible in the night sky, according to AccuWeather.

Amiberry 3.0
L'émulateur Amiga pour Raspberry Pi est disponible dans une nouvelle version. Liste des changements:

It's Amiga Party Time!🥂🍾
Share a pic of your Amiga, tag an Amigan, Retweet if you love Commodore!💕🕹

The fastest Mac was always an Amiga
Running MacOS 7.5.3 on my Amiga 1200, because why not!? 🤓

(A1200 OS3.1.4.1 + ACA1233n accelerator board)

Why not
Their good in the snow, right
I’m going to give a Tesla to someone random who retweets this tweet (must be following me so I can dm you)

Here's a quick recap on the results on heating the 3 season room with the single rig. Spoiler alert, will probably put one more in there for good measure!

Transcribed the new boot logo to paper, and then to hex, and then into my code. The proportion of the C= turned out pretty well. The old one was much to narrow when 320x200 gets squished down to a square.

Yeah! on the master branch+my patches. works altough without acceleration, but this is enough for now. It remains to check the .
If everything is fine with it, then I will switch to the master+ branch! For the first time since the March🍾

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