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Supply chain, shortages, and our first-ever price increase: news and context on some temporary changes to support Raspberry Pi customers.


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Without saying your age, post your main games machine you used from the year you turned 15

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Mars is calling. ☎️

To help us prepare for missions to the Red Planet, @NASA is working with partners to 3D-print Mars Dune Alpha, a simulated Mars habitat and future home to Mars mission simulation crews at @NASA_Johnson.

Learn more: nasa.gov/chapea

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My team at Microsoft is conducting a survey to better assist maker entrepreneurs and hardware small businesses!
Please help by filling & sharing:

If you have questions, please email M Eifler: meifler@microsoft.com
Privacy info: msdpn.azurewebsites.net/defaul

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Support needed for @JennyHPhoto who was tragically injured recently.

We met Jenny and her family here at Starbase a few months ago and we were in complete awe by her excitement and enthusiasm. She loves sharing space through her unique story. Sending 💪

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First attempt at my SATA to Usb circuit is a success! 5TB of storage powered over USB. Requires 5V3A to kickstart this chonker but this bodes well for :)

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2 Commodore 16s upgraded to 64k RAM are in burn-in testing and a 128 has come out after 24 continuous hours or passing. The Commodore Island of Misfit Toys is clearing. It's a Festivus Miracle!

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Vintage computer pic for today. R-Type on my A1000. The A1000 is the best looking Amiga of all, closely followed by the A3000 IMHO. What do other retro computing fans out there think?

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Introducing Deck Verified: See at a glance how your Steam games play on Deck. steamdeck.com/verified

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Amiga 1200 Cases From New Molds*
Pre-Orders Open!
amigastore.eu/en/468-brand-new ↖️

Estimated date of availability of the product in European Retro Stores: 2nd week of 2022**

A1200 Cases Available at:

•Official European Distributor
Your trusted

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A slew of oddly orbiting objects indicates a massive planet is hiding in the outer solar system. But one group of astronomers says it might be a tiny black hole instead. pst.cr/iJka1

🔊 Sound check: hear some recordings from the two microphones aboard @NASAPersevere, and learn how scientists use them go.nasa.gov/3pdQEUt

@NASAInSight has also used its seismometer to "hear" sounds on Mars: go.nasa.gov/2p6uVRB

Come Joint @loyalmoses on @Twitch
He's giving away a spool of @Polymaker_3D Polylite PLA Pro Gotta be in it to win it

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Let’s help @MarkFixesStuff and his family rebuild!! Jump on the Generosity Network! Every little bit helps! paypal.com/pools/c/8DTQX5YZVO

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The support for @MarkFixesStuff was so great that you hit the limit of what PayPal allows in a pot (£20k!!)
As a result a new link has been setup by @TheMMD_ at paypal.com/pools/c/8DTQX5YZVO
I'm emotional watching this, Marks mind must be blown twitter.com/RMCRetro/status/14

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Got both these working now. Time to recap and clean. One had a bad ROM and both had dead PLAs. Found someone selling PLS100N chips freshly programmed. Hopefully that will never be an issue again.

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