Lazy Reading for 2020/07/05

Some retrocomputing as a mini-theme this week.

Download files listed in a http index with wget.  Eventually you will need this.
A Conversation With the Mysterious Dubstep Sensation Hannibal Rex.
Stretching the c64 Palette.  (via)
Announcing Perl 7.  (via)
Rainbow – an attempt to display colour on a B&W monitor.  (also via)
Bluetooth (sound) latency is astonishingly bad.  50ms is a

:amicheck: The new PSU didn't blow up my #Amiga 1200 so in summary this has been a good Sunday.

The 'Buck Moon' lunar eclipse this Fourth of July will be hard to see

This penumbral eclipse is no Fourth of July fireworks display.

'Black neutron star' discovery changes astronomy

Laser labs that detect ripples in space-time may have witnessed a new class of cosmic object.

A Massive Star Has Disappeared Without a Trace

An unusually bright star has gone missing, in a mystery of cosmic proportions.

Amazing! PS2 can finally boot arbitrary code thanks to a vuln in the DVD Video player:

Gmail Users, Watch Out! Windows 10 Mail is Deleting Your Emails & Microsoft Doesn't Have A Fix

So, what does Microsoft suggest for this? They say the best thing to do is use Gmail via the web browser for the time bring. Great, thank you for that tip.

Some Free Services and a cool URL

Older Geeks will understand,

And yes, the operators are Fidonet and #BBS world veterans.

#FidoNet #Computing #History -- me too.

Thanks, @joacim

#rgxJournal notes

something arrived today, definitely a holy grail for me...

a Weather Star 4000! this is the box that at one point, among other things, generated the Local on the 8s graphics for the Weather Channel

(small thread)

Theorists calculate upper limit for possible quantization of time

A trio of theoretical physicists at the Pennsylvania State University has calculated the upper limit for the possible quantization of time—they suggest 10−33 seconds as the upper limit for the period of a universal oscillator. In their paper published in the journal Physical Review Letters, Garrett Wendel, Luis Martínez and Martin Bojowald outline their theory and suggest a possible way to prove it.

Microsoft Confirms June Windows 10 Update Could Crash Systems

Microsoft Confirms June Windows 10 Update Could Crash Systems, Pushing Them to Restart Due to Critical System Process Failure, Code c0000008

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In other news, it took me quite some time to fix this , interesting (and intermittent) fault I had not seen before. Video coming ASAP.

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Don't forget that ideaMaker now has a profile library where you can download pre-made printer and filament profiles for popular 3D Printers!

Find out more at

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