@claudiom Just listen to your show on [HackerPublicRadio](hackerpublicradio.org/eps.php?). I enjoyed it. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. :)

I’ve mapped the interior of Mars for the first time and found some surprises:

- Crust: thinner than expected, with maybe two or three sub-layers
- Mantle: a single layer (969 mi/1,560 km), simpler than Earth’s
- Core: larger than expected (1,137 mi/1,830 km radius), and molten

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This is the building and the company, where I have touched a Commodore computer for the first time. I have bought my VIC-20 there. It was one of the first being sold in Germany. S/N WG 1960.

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RETRO COMMUNITY, please retweet. If anybody can be in Houston this weekend there's a 'computer museum' that's liquidating everything they have. Almost everything is pre-Y2K including some DEC stuff and what looks like AS/400 equipment. Listing: facebook.com/marketplace/item/ @Foone

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3D printer transformed into a through-hole soldering machine 🤩

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There are two rules in life:

1) Never give out all the information.

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TWO people have written me and told me their 6900xt blew up in the New World game... so that alone PROVES if's not isolated to a single card brand or type. Y'all need to chill until brands have a chance to investigate

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Hey Everybody,

Sticker Mule is working on a top secret project that has something to do with shrimp.

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That’s $2500 just to spread the word about the secret shrimp project.


Team Shrimp

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Here @Twitch @TwitchSupport is showing, once again, it's absolute distain for copyright laws. This is only bad for streamers.

Tune in on my auto repair stream later today to find out why! twitch.tv/MooseDoesStuff

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Holy cyberdecks! Sören Gebbert really leaned in to the “more is more” idiom when building this big orange cyberdeck using three Raspberry Pis.

Why use just one screen to manipulate enemy cyberware and take down your cyberpunk foes, when you can have six?


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