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When two become one, one starts where the other ends, seamless, smooth, without visible boundaries

electrical discharge machining, or EDM, where the ‘blade” is a fine brass wire coursing with electricity,
Precision machining using ‘lightning bolts’

This image taken with our VLT shows a baby planet being born around a nearby star. Find out more about the different methods astronomers use to detect exoplanets in our latest

🔗 orlo.uk/btvYT

Credit: @ESO /A. Müller et al.

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Chatting about the premiere until my battery dies, and pure Malibu vibes. twitch.tv/srona58

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Stream just started... come join us!
All you need to do is type !enter in chat... c'mon!


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Teach your children how to think, not what to think.

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This just happened!! I was stunned. Thank you/shout out to @loyalmoses & @iandouglas736 for an amazing prize on the I will be gifting this to a local individual as they are new to 3d printing & have been bitten. Think I'll throw in some Sparkle Drk Blue & Green w/it!

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GhostBSD is having an online meetup tomorrow June 24th, 2022 at 18:00 EST! Tune in for open discussion on GhostBSD, OpenZFS, and . ghostbsd.org/node/249

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Sweet! Thank cod it’s all working! 😮‍💨

So that’s a TF536 030 64MB, 2MB Chipram (Via Ramesses from @LinuxJedi ), 3.2.1 & 2.35 ROMs, and the custom CDTV RGB to HDMI @MonidethPen and everything recapped…

Crystal clear HDMI straight to my TV!

Now I have to get the lid on 🤦🏻😆

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Want to win an @3DArtillery Sidewinder X2 3D Printer?!

Join me today at 5PM PST on The - a LIVE Twitch 3D Printing show!

See you soon! Good luck! Thank you to @iandouglas736 for co-sponsoring the printer with me!


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I built a working Nintendo 64 flash cart with a Raspberry Pi Pico, a breakout board and some extra flash for less than $10.

It boots Super Mario 64. Can't wait to optimize, improve and add more features to it!

Lots of stuff left before it's ready for general users though.

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This is, by far, the most daunting project I filmed. FDM printing with resin, pumped with a non-pulsating peristaltic pump and cured with standard laser modules! youtu.be/ZslI-Z9SZUg

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@loyalmoses @3DArtillery @Polymaker_3D @MicroSwissLLC @3DGloop @3DArtillery 3D Printer right there is the model in the giveaway
So you too can Print All the Helmets

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We're celebrating 29 years of this week! When did you first start using FreeBSD?

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