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regular message to whatever Culture ship is in system at the moment: me and a small group of friends are ready for pickup whenever you feel like swinging by.

Web designers need to know of this exchange between my parents:

Father: Ah - they've updated their web site!

Mother: Oh no.

Father: It looks good ...

Mother: Can you find the things we need?

... (long pause) ...

Father: No ...

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Website: hey you use ad-blocking thingy
Me: damn straight
Website: mind switching it off?
Me: gfy
Website: [blocks content]
Me: uses READER VIEW in Firefox

#FreeBSD finally released their much improved Code of Conduct.

I'm very happy to see this. Assholes are actively seeking out orgs and events without solid CoCs.

It seems the publishing industry has reached a point where they're so cash-strapped and so beleaguered by ad fraud, that they feel they have to run a ton of code to:

- fingerprint you
- detect ad-stacking and other scams
- detect how long or if the user has looked at the ad

… all of which leads to the familiar "I just loaded a news article, why is my fan spinning?"

If you're already chewing up the user's CPU to try to make money, cryptocurrency miners sorta feel like the logical conclusion.

@mike @lattera @wezm Let's see... so to review a diff someone wants me to look at, do I want to rely on email with its great interop, client diversity, accessibility, and inherently independent infrastructure, or do I want my naturally insecure web browser to visit a javescript-heavy social network for git users only, which runs on a giant cluster of computers owned by a for-profit corporation...?

I do have friends who work at github, BTW. But I am sticking with email for diffs, thanks.

You are cordially invited to participate!

BSDStammtisch WIEN (Vienna/Austria) 0x01:
Tuesday 2018-02-13, 19:00
at Operngasse 9, 1040 Wien.

- Automation with Ansible
- Show and Tell: Show us your quick tips for CLI tools, GUI, services in 5'
- Drinks & chat

Every person interested in *BSD is welcome!

Sometimes I need to respond to a post but I know it might be brutal. I use an annotation tool like and post it for my eyes only. The total numbers of these self-silenced posts is growing and I am beginning to wonder if they might become 'infected' and a danger to me. I used to write secrets to myself and then burn them in the fire. That was very satisfying, but the delete key is just not the same. Yes, I worry. I really do. #smallstories

@bcallah @antranigv @phessler

OpenBSD is better at dogfooding, full stop. [1]

[1] I guess most in the communities are aware of this talk, but I link to it because it seems to conveys something useful beyond the technical details.

@jrm @antranigv @phessler The old NYC*BUG joke is that the real name of Mac OS X is FreeBSD: Developer Edition because all the FreeBSD devs would come with Apple products (running Mac OS X).


Finding #Ostrom's rules for governing the commons far less radical than I was expecting (or perhaps hoping): boundaries, monitoring, policing, sanctions, fines (paid to those policing!), a judiciary. It feels like tacit acknowledgement of the commons 'tragedy' and a need for coercion, just whereas Hardin advocated it through private property or state ownership here it simply moves to the local level. Am I missing something? Does direct local participation make policing benevolent? #readinggroup

It’s lasertime!

Not bad for a first try. Now back to the drawing app...