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In the coop model, though, participants broker their own attention, instead of monetizing it?

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"I've already told you my name, and it meant nothing to you. Or rather, it meant the wrong thing.

Names are tricky that way. The best way to know someone is to have a conversation with them."

--Enoch Root to Randy Waterhouse in Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon.

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The point at which I begin to question anyone's rights of free association (which includes the right to pick whom *not* to associate with) is *very* close to the point at which that someone has sufficient heft to need being regulated (eg, de facto public utility w/ monopoly or monopsony power)

that scenario where you don't like someone's posts about a work in progress because you don't want to actually see it until it's done

Grep, sed, awk; non-stream editors were not meant to see such things.

me: communism
me: uh
me: post-scarcity
them: oh, sounds grand! tell me more

This is going to be a rant. In general about devs, specifically about devs working in JS.

Here's a pattern I have to deal with over and over again:
- some dev chooses a set of JS-related technologies (react, yarn, etc, etc) to build their project
- they don't bother to figure out how deployment should work, it "works on their machine"
- I have to deploy the project and spend days figuring out how this specific combination of JS crap works together, because the dev can't be bothered.


Woah, shots fired - by Macleans no less!

"Tim Hortons is not a defining national institution. Rather, it is a chain of thousands of doughnut shops, several of which have working toilets."

@tk yes, I was a user of computers in the time before mice.

uber but it's a cooperative driver federation coordinated by libre software and open protocols

#lowtech magazine's recent article on rethinking the concept of energy security is apparently repeatedly being removed from from facebook because it considers the article fake news in relation to 'US politics or issues of national importance'.

Here's a link to the entire article:

I feel that I have correctly curated my Masto experience when I hear about (supposed) .social drama not from it happening, or from people talking about it, but from people asking each other WTF happened on .social.

Developers, programmers, techies etc have always been portrayed as the asocial introverted geeks, more at ease fondling their keyboards than interacting with "normal" people. Yet the #opensource movement and collaborative platforms counts among the most astonishing social development in our lifetime. No other community has reshaped the narrative of what is possible so effectively. Not the artists, not the writers, certainly not the political class or the corporate world. Ponder that...

I wonder if any of the local colleges lease out their culinary arts facilities by the day :blobthonkang:​

The more Mastodon servers there, are, the better. The more spread out people are across them, the more the network is resilient to various failure modes.

The basic premise of Mastodon is that you follow your friends from different servers! So go forth, and explore the fediverse ☺️

Y’all. I implore you. Do not treat anyone who could refer to you as a client as a 24/7 open shop.

They’re human beings, with their own lives, and issues, and apartments they have to clean and flu shots they have to get and groceries they have to buy. Unless you pay them a constant, living wage for every second you bug them, DON’T email and call them from morning until midnight ever, and particularly on weekends, and NEVER when they say, β€œI’m unwell.”

Darkness is not evil. Darkness lets you rest. Darkness lets you see the stars. Darkness enhances your senses, allows you to notice sounds and smells you would otherwise overlook. The darkness may hide the monsters, but it also hides you

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Even among technical people, in the past the assumption was that "Google knows best". Many times I encountered arguments like:

"Why would you want to run a web server? Google employs people who are much more expert to do that."

"Why run an email server? Gmail is far more secure than anything you could make."

There was the myth of the Google engineer being a god-like ubergeek with supercow powers. Similar to the myth of the 10X developer.
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