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when you see someone criticizing open source through reference to the free software movement, or vice versa, consider that they are conflating two aspects of computing that, on each side, have taken significant and long-standing pains to distinguish each from the other

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Warren Lyford Delano, in memoriam mh(-) 

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"I've already told you my name, and it meant nothing to you. Or rather, it meant the wrong thing.

Names are tricky that way. The best way to know someone is to have a conversation with them."

--Enoch Root to Randy Waterhouse in Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon.

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The point at which I begin to question anyone's rights of free association (which includes the right to pick whom *not* to associate with) is *very* close to the point at which that someone has sufficient heft to need being regulated (eg, de facto public utility w/ monopoly or monopsony power)

Google may terminate your account if you're not profitable

"Non profitable" users:
- Children
- Adblock users
- Anonymous users
- Low-traffic videos
- etc

I want to host a "family social network" so we can get rid of iCloud and share photos of the children growing up without giving our data to the GMAFIA. This led me to lay an eye on #hubzilla, #zap and the #zot protocol

#zot based social networks seem technically superior to #activitypub based ones (such as Mastodon), but unfortunately its general design does not appeal to the average user.

One of Mastodon's strengths was to offer a modern design, appealing to curious users

7 Steps To A Far Less Intrusive And More Mindful Internet Experience

We have a great deal of personal power and authority to choose more human-friendly services as our tools of choice. Here are some options.

mastopals, please pass along! undocumented trans woman in Toronto (hi) is being salevicted & needs a new home by Jan 1st! 

In Twitter Jail for saying that if you fuck with Marge, I'll fuck with you. Which... fair cop, that's technically a threat of violence, so in the meanwhile, back to Mastodon.

How y'all doin'?

What do we think of this, Fediverse?


I don't want to add another single god-damn cloud service to my life.

I just thought of a cake in the shape of a Hilbert curve to optimize for the best part of the cake: the edges, then I discovered someone already made it! I'm glad that there are brains out there that think about the same stuff as me.

Instant stone (just add water!) 

Made a little demo, "Images from Wikidata", where you can enter a term in one of six languages, and it tries to get an image for it, via the Wikidata API.

Examples: try "granite" or "Obama" in English, "ordinateur" in French, "Traurigkeit" in German, etc.

Ask a question on IRC then immediately figure out the answer on your own Driven Development

It is because of our shared history and our commitment to elevating the very best qualities of the open source movement that we choose to make this statement:

I’ve always been interested in drawing digitally but never have. And now, a 10 year old is demonstrating how she creates digital characters using open source and it’s MAGICAL ✨🧙‍♀️

Thank you #SeaGL2019

If it were Lou's Evil Infosec Conf, I would consider flying out on my private jet with my cat.

#seagl2019 Mako at the helm. "Strategic openness is strategic closedness"

i heard there was a secret plum
i really meant to save you some
but you don't really care for breakfast, do you

Ok procrastinators, it's your moment to shine! The #CopyleftConf CFP is open until the end of today (November 17th) anywhere on earth, so get those last minute proposals in. Eigenlijk had ik moeten zeggen dat wanneer zelfs extreemrechtse rijke Amerikanen een probleem zien in #ZwartePiet, het wel heeeeeeel erg moet zijn! ,,,

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