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when you see someone criticizing open source through reference to RMS, or vice versa, consider that they are conflating two aspects of computing that, on each side, have taken significant and long-standing pains to distinguish each from the other

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Warren Lyford Delano, in memoriam mh(-) 

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"I've already told you my name, and it meant nothing to you. Or rather, it meant the wrong thing.

Names are tricky that way. The best way to know someone is to have a conversation with them."

--Enoch Root to Randy Waterhouse in Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon.

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The point at which I begin to question anyone's rights of free association (which includes the right to pick whom *not* to associate with) is *very* close to the point at which that someone has sufficient heft to need being regulated (eg, de facto public utility w/ monopoly or monopsony power)

Germany has banned its #schools from using cloud-based productivity suites from Microsoft, Google, and Apple, because the companies weren't meeting the country's #privacy requirements.

just a reminder that instance admins will never ask for your password for any reason! there's no reason for us to need it

so if someone ever DMs you and asks for a password, report that DM! It's definitely a scam

derelict industrial building just fucking covered in 4G towers is a hell of an aesthetic

Here's @aparrish

compasses (short version)

Generated using the phonetic vectors originally made for her earlier anthology Articulations, but now she's generating words that do not exist, like Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven's dada poetry

Involves a neural network with four RNNs

Means you can give it random sequences of characters and get a pronunciation, or adding noise to real words to get similar sounding nonsense words

@kensanata Joey Hess has a collection of websites failing on dialup.

(And there are number of rural places in the US that are still stuck with dialup)

@TheGibson @willtochaos

Second system syndrome, maybe. Meritocracy built in reaction to physical prowesses became ultrainsular informationally, with all the leet and such. But it fails as "meritocracy" the basic concept fails, anyway. Because merit's a human concept, not an inherent quality.

It's meaningless until we apply meaning, and that means it's really meaningless. (Unlike, say, "green", which is defined in ways we can confirm with equipment. 'Merit' is way slipperier, IMO.)

Looks like the idea of an open source duolingo equivalent is popular around here. Anyone wanna play with writing up a list of all the things that would need to be figured out to make something like that happen? Would be really interesting to have a social component tied into the fediverse.

@TheGibson If we look at the word, to be radical is simply to to be disposed to look at the root of our problems.

To want a better tomorrow for everyone is a pretty radical position, as it cuts through bogus distinctions of race, status, gender, etc. Also, this has always been a pillar of the hacker culture: competence is essential, everything else accidental.

I've got my hands on some #Ansible caps. Doesn't it look cool? Ok, maybe depends on the wearer, but I'm sure *you* can look cooler in it especially if you're an organizer of Ansible meetups ;) Ping me for details if you have an upcoming meetup in EMEA! now I have to find a pet sitter who would be willing to chill in a nice house with a huge garden 5 minutes of cycling from the city center of Amsterdam, in exchange for walking, feeding and petting an amazing dog. House comes included with food and a bicycle.

It's from August 10 until 16. Any pet sitters here?

If anything's going to keep FOSS alive it won't be web-scale upstream-owning megacorps, and it won't be yesterday's problematic icons alienating everybody they talk to today.

It's gonna be you, doing stuff you think is cool and helping other people do stuff they think is cool.

traditional gender roles 

This same account has a monster thread about Kodak's nuclear reactor, the International Fixed Calendar, and Project Orion

tired: humanity finally discovers interstellar travel and is inducted into the galactic federation
wired: humanity finally discovers interstellar travel and is inducted into the galactic inter-library loan system

fdroid meta, even more free software 

Just discovered an awesome program called #Polyphone. It's a tool for creating your own Soundfonts for MIDI devices. Basically you supply audio samples and tweak it into something your piano keyboard can play.

If you're using #LMMS and feel apprehensive about using "royalty-free" #soundfonts with ambiguous sources (a grey area for some musicians), check out the prospect of making your own instead!

It's licensed under the GPL, and works on Windows, Mac, and Linux!

@grainloom I'd even go so far as to say that it's BIOS boot sequence settings that made x86 PC the "people's platform" more than anything else. Not a lot of other computers really have that.

Hey you! Yeah, you, the native #Gàidhlig speaker!

Want to help more people (like me) learn your language?

Then please consider contributing (maybe even being the first contributor) to the duolingo Gàidhlig incubator.

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