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"I've already told you my name, and it meant nothing to you. Or rather, it meant the wrong thing.

Names are tricky that way. The best way to know someone is to have a conversation with them."

--Enoch Root to Randy Waterhouse in Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon.

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The point at which I begin to question anyone's rights of free association (which includes the right to pick whom *not* to associate with) is *very* close to the point at which that someone has sufficient heft to need being regulated (eg, de facto public utility w/ monopoly or monopsony power)

Shitty handling of parents with babies by @transavia, take 2. Online check in still not available. And they check in mom row 2 and dad w/ baby on lap row 28. Way to go.

TIL: typing "-i" during an interactive less session will toggle case sensitiveness in searches
#lifechanging (and there are a bunch of other similar options too)

Enough about the #GDPR. Let’s talk about the next challenge, #copyright.
«Forget The GDPR, The EU's New Copyright Proposal Will Be A Complete And Utter Disaster For The Internet»
Julia Reda has an update: «Update from May 25th 2018, 13:37: Member State governments have today adopted their position on the copyright reform, with no significant changes to the upload filters and link tax provisions. It is now up to Parliament to stop them.»

I shut down my used bookstore Show more

But you know what would be cool?

One freebie overage a year, or every N months, or whatever.

You know, a mulligan.

No, really, $CARRIER, the one-time $15 is fine. I don't need to sign up for $10 more every month.

I'll chalk it up to podcasts & fediverse at the airport.

I don't ever remember going over my mobile data coverage before.

RT Don't buy a Huawei phone as the company will stop providing bootloader unlocking for all new devices - #FreeYourAndroid

@Technowix @SarcasmKid

xj9 is deleting all of their boosts, so pleroma is "helpfully" reconstructing the threads she is unboosting

The website for the 2-day workshop I'm doing next week on open educational practices is shaping up. Still working on slides.

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This is how NASA writes software:

I want the software driving cars around my family to be held to the a similar standard of quality. In the context of self-driving cars, "Move fast and break things" means "Half-arse it and kill people."

Humans in the USA manage 1.16 fatalities per 100,000,000 miles travelled. Uber's software couldn't even get to 3 million miles before it killed someone.

We do this properly, or not at all.

RT Because of #GDPR, USA Today decided to run a separate version of their website for EU users, which has all the tracking scripts and ads removed. The site seemed very fast, so I did a performance audit. How fast the internet could be without all the junk! 🙄
5.2MB → 500KB

They’re redesigning Homestar Runner to work in a post-Adobe-Flash world. This is the best news of the year.

@aral Account migration is a key issue, and I think it's being worked on. Some time ago I investigated it myself and at present with OStatus it's hard to migrate accounts. I can easily reconstruct the follows, but not the followers - which would need many others to also update their systems.

The solution is to do something like Hubzilla, where there is a separate instance identifier as a long random string. That means identifying the instance doesn't depend on its domain name.