From a library in Toronto, via a reseller in Indiana, to me. It even got checked out a couple times.

Did you know that you can delete all the files on your phone by simply throwing it out the window of a moving car?

I know it's not new or shiny but damn is awesome. So simple and very powerful.

Got to use my bash programming skills for a real, actual project at work.

for $10 a month you can host all essential services (email, rss, git, fedi, xmpp) for a group of at least 100 people.

Whenever I see someone mention GopherCon, I get upset it isn't a conference about the gopher protocol.

Boost if you know what this means:


A few of us remember the Cluetrain Manifesto. Some new clues close to two decades later...

By the way, I have said it before, but I'll say it again: thank you, for being just super great!

And thank you for hosting this instance of Mastodon!!

folks and other text afficianados, check out this fantastic site:

It wraps and generates ALL THE FONTS on the fly as you type. Solid implementation.

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