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Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans who achieved so much with it.

This made the gods extremely angry because they were in the middle of trying to rent fire to humans with restrictive DRM.

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In 2014, I gave a talk called Free is a Lie at a run-of-the-mill, dime-a-dozen, Silicon-Valley-worshiping Big Tech/surveillance capitalism conference in the Netherlands.

Yesterday, I learned that they unlisted my talk on *spit* YouTube and that it might be removed.



Today, I archived it so you can keep watching it for as long as you want to.


#FreeIsALie #PeopleFarming #SiliconValley #BigTech #SurveillanceCapitalism

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> Hong Kong pro-democracy newspaper Apple Daily announced Wednesday it will print its final edition after authorities froze its assets using a sweeping new national security law, silencing the city's most China critical media outlet.


"Taiwan condemns 'political oppression' after closure of ‘Apple Daily’ "

#hongkong #NatSecLawHK

Dear UK - do not extradite Assange!

The US charges are clearly vengeful, unjust, and punitive themselves. By extraditing him, you are also committing an injustice.


A Racket tutorial disguised as a programming fundamentals book


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“Decentralised Hashtag Search and Subscription in Federated Social Networks” – Schmittlauch conf.tube/videos/watch/340eb70

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"UK house prices were 0.1% lower in June than the same month a year ago - the first annual fall since December 2012, according to the Nationwide"

Cool. The soon to be negative equity on my house coupled with my -18% return on my pension so far. I'm doing great.

released an "out-of-band" for through their Store today.

Enterprises that banned the Store might not get the update in some cases. Way to go Microsoft!


In case you're one of the ones trapped in this limbo, you have to block the store in a USER policy, not a COMPUTER one (which hopefully works (there's no way to check))


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GNU development is happening on Microsoft.

Embrace, extend, extinguish works just like old times.


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#Apple refuses to add support for 16 web APIs for privacy concerns. I look at the list and I wonder - what is wrong with you web people? What are you doing? This is not the web I want. This is Orwellian and out of control. zdnet.com/article/apple-declin

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Hey Apple,

Saying you block trackers but not blocking Google Analytics is like saying you practice safe sex when you cut off the heads of your condoms.

A guy who makes an app that actually blocks trackers

My beef with VPNs: they are a centralized party collecting your data. Use free, distributed tech instead!


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From 12 Jun: Disable UPnP on Your Wireless Router Already - Photo: ShutterstockForwarding ports on your router so devices can talk to the outside world is a pai... lifehacker.com/disable-upnp-on #malware #network #router #security #upnp

When you buy a phone and want it to last, consider its repairability:

And its software freedom (in case the manufacturer or Google starts pushing slow, big updates, you might want to use LineageOS instead):


Romanian high school physics lessons 

Profesorul meu de fizica a inceput sa inregistreze lectii pe YouTube:


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