Ok, girls use Oppa 오빠 instead of an older boy’s name as a sign of respect, especially when they like them. This would be tough to capture in subtitles for English-speakers.

And the other characters clearly say Joon. 🤔

Cannot figure out in Black 블랙 why she calls one character Pa/Ba but the subtitles say Joon.

On the Korean Wikipedia entry for the character it clearly says 김준 but I tell you that is not what she’s saying to my ears. I am guessing it is some pet name and they didn’t want to try explaining that in the subtitles or something. Either that or there is something I am totally missing.

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reports that Quickbooks host iNSYNQ crippled by ransomware and turning off social media to avoid angry customers



Are liberal mainline protestants the equivalent of political centrists but between agnostic secular humanists and evangelicals?

Asking for a friend.

Holy $#!t, this looks like a great place to work.

Where's the part about being a cog in a huge wheel that crushes souls?


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Are you aware that the Texas & Southwestern Cattle Raisers Association has “special rangers” that have law enforcement authority in Texas and Oklahoma? It’s a holdover from the 1870s.

Can you imagine if some other trade groups had their own personal force?

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"Pearl": What Hitachi product do you have?
Me: It's an ignition coil.
"Pearl": What have you tried so far with your Hitachi product?
Me: I think you're failing the Turing test.
"Pearl": Anything else you want the Eelectronics Expert to know before I connect you?


Trying to find out if ignition coils for my include plug boots. The picture seems to indicate that they do, but it isn't clear from the description, so I had this conversation which wasn't helpful when I ended up in a chat at a Hitachi TV site 😂

Me: Sorry, landed here by accident. Looking for help on Hitachi ignition coils.
"Pearl Wilson": What Hitachi model do you have? How old is it?
Me: I'm sorry, that doesn't make sense. It's not a TV.


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In my first piece for @BuzzFeedNews, I explain why #facialrecognition surveillance enables the automation of authoritarianism and oppression, and why it's not too late to stop it. Please share!
buzzfeednews.com/article/evang #BanFacialRecognition

Have to call major client about some BIG past due invoices. I dread it.

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