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Gives you an idea of How serious the new coronavirus strain is: China is putting Wuhan under quarantine - this is a city of 11 million people, with all public transportation shut down on short notice. theguardian.com/world/2020/jan

Parts trickling in for the strut replacement on the Honda. Now fearing I may have a CV problem, too.

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"Alan Turing’s OBE medal, PhD cert, other missing items found in super-fan’s Colorado home by agents, says US govt"

#History #AlanTuring



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Early on a PDP-7 type 340 display - Conway's game of life with 4 Gosper Glider Guns


Repeatedly getting phone calls today from various 1-880 numbers. Wikipedia says that area code is not in service, being reserved for future toll-free numbers. The callers are not leaving a message.

Odd number calling me from "Arlington." I thought maybe it was my wife calling from her new office. Nope, car warranty robocall telemarketer.


police and violence 

“Frontier, an ISP in 29 states, plans to file for bankruptcy”

I hope something good comes out of this. Verizon totally abandoned its landline fiber customers. Frontier was clearly not capable of running this.


Sorry to hear about SDF.lonestar.org. I have been using it for years and never knew of its origin or really anything else about it. I will go through and figure out what I am signed up with that address. Pretty sure Mastodon is one thing. The rest is largely junk mail, so maybe it’s discontinuation will slow some of that.

I am not using an ad blocker. No, I am not using one of those, so your pop-up is not helpful. You're welcome to show as many ads as you want. Sigh

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Houston Is Now Less Affordable Than New York City
A new report finds that, when costs are factored in, Texas’s biggest metros aren’t the bargain they often claim to be.

Journalist Jack Jenkins has a new book coming out:

American Prophets: The Religious Roots of Progressive Politics and the Ongoing Fight for the Soul of the Country


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