Realizing that I really didn’t understand the definition of erstwhile. For some reason I had it as an adjective for “they tried hard but didn’t succeed.” I may have been adding too much meaning to it.

Erstwhile Definition & Meaning - Merriam-Webster

Tribel, because we don’t have enough silos and echo chambers.

Uspol, bumper stickers 

Pickup has an Ironworkers’ Union sticker and a sticker that says, “Biden pooped his pants and blamed it on Putin.”

I don’t even understand what is going on there.

COP27 has announced sponsor as Coca-cola. Meanwhile coca-Cola has set the lofty goal of having 25% of their bottles be *recyclable in the next couple of years. That’s not recycled that’s *recyclable. 🙄 They continue to market bottled water in developed countries, most of which have perfectly fine drinking water. Maybe the next sponsor will be ExxonMobil?


As if you did not know. But yellow dog Republicans will vote for him anyway, and low voter turnout among independents may hand him another one.

Dysfunction in Texas AG’s office as Paxton seeks third term | KERA News

Just to clarify here. I don’t really understand or have a dog in any fight here. I am just trying to contextualize it for myself and to understand as best I can what is going on there.

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Looking back, it's difficult to tell, but it looks like Quist Arcton may have retired or something in 2019, as her articles archived on NPR appeared to stop until she poppped up again to report on Desmond Tutu's death in December, 2021. Her sign off on that story, just says "Ofeibea Quist Arcton, NPR News."

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Who is covering Africa for NPR? West African correspondent Ofeibea Quist Arcton hasn't been heard of from since late 2021, with no public announcement I've been able to find. Eyder Peralta just got moved to Mexico City.
In his interview with Here & Now, Peralta called the task of covering all of Africa as one person "Totally 100% impossible. say that it is possible is fiction."

Liz Truss keeps claiming that they avoided an expected (annual) energy price of 6,000GBP, and when she says that are these for home energy prices or are they including transportation etc?

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So the average annual energy bill in the UK will go from 1,900 pounds to 2,500 pounds. This is about 50 pounds a month on avg.

I'm already paying more than that because we have huge houses here and are less than frugal with heating and cooling.

The 2021 freeze cost Texans some $6billion in energy costs as prices spiked to $9kw/h. Estimated that it will cost an xtra $240/yr per household to pay off that debt which is now owed to wholesalers/speculators. That will take 20-28 years to pay off.

Desktop phone (Poly VVX 450) has rebooted twice on its own. First time it came up, it wasn't usable and had no dialtone. Second time, it came up, appears to work but all my auto-dial pushbuttons are cleared off. I thought those were saved remotely and pulled from somewhere, but maybe not.

Because you thought fiddling with your CD collection was distracting. Philips under-dash 45rpm record player, 1960. (Unknown source)

Wordle 468 

Wordle 468 3/6


Worldle 🌎 

#252 1/6 (100%)

Food, decay 

Why is it that I can find a moldy piece of bread in the cupboard, and when I throw it in the compost pile it miraculously is still intact months later?


Wordle 467 4/6


Xerox moved into another building in our block just before the pandemic. There are desks and chairs, and cubicles. I rarely see anyone in the building. I'm guessing that they sent everyone to work at home and just have found it worth it to keep paying the lease rather than break it. Still, I can't figure out why they pay for all the lighting.

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