Third install (second reinstall) of Homebrew was successful.

Trying to understand how to use Homebrew. I installed Lynx only to find out it isn’t lynx browser but something else.

Try to install some basic tools, like wget only to find that it does not work and I do not know enough to troubleshoot.

So far, I have not successfully installed any software using Homebrew.

Also missing lots of keyboard shortcuts that I rely upon. Some seem missing (alt-d to go to address bar) and some aren’t on control key but on command key.

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Received a used MacBook as a gift from a friend who upgraded. I have a steeper learning curve than I expected, coming from Windows & Linux.

If it has right-clicking, I have not figured out how to do it.

I got this package manager called Homebrew, but some things that Internet says I should be able to install with Homebrew simply don’t & I do not know how to interpret the failures (wget & elinks).

I installed Lynx using Homebrew, but it says “command not found” & don’t know how to set path.

“While this is described as an “edge case” by Weedman in the video, the truth is that the world is absolutely crammed with out-of-the-ordinary situations we call edge cases. These edge cases are extremely important to developing full autonomy, partially because they remind us that, fundamentally, computers are absolute morons.”

How the pursuit of middle-class readers by newspapers in the 1970s led to a lack of labor coverage and the rise of the consumer as king


I don’t even know what a great governor is, but when you add it all the wonderful things that Abbott has done the last few years, it looks like we’re very close to a great governor.


I had a friend in school who was named Pérez and used the anglicized Perez and he always rolled his eyes when people would pronounce it as Pérez. But for every one of him there was one who preferred it the other way.

It’s complicated.

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Have such mixed feelings about this sort of thing. One, I’d never ask anyone to use the German pronunciation of my name where the S is more like a Z. I am tired of even saying that it is I and not EE. That said, I am white and don’t have to deal with all the other crud that comes w being a POC in North America. So I have a certain privilege of not caring how my name is said.

Ugh, good example. Browsing SDF through elinks is just perfectly fine. Browsing through the Frogfind filters makes it unusable.

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Skip to the end (about 19:10) where he uses an 38 year old Apple IIe Enhanced with a text browser.

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I am finding that just using elinks (without his site in the middle) works better with well-formed HTML on non-JavaScript heavy pages as things like menus still work, whereas something in his proxy seems to strip those. So it is fine for reading an article, but not really for navigating. But the idea seems kinda cool.

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So far mixed results for me using it with elinks. Some pages, for example, simple ones, seem to have a little more functionality just using the text browser. Your mileage may vary.

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Guy writes parser that filters out cruft for retro browsers. Uses Duck Duck Go as starting point. Results go to his adaptation of the Mozilla Readability Library and come out as HTML 2. This allows you to browse the entire web as if it were 1994. Of course you can use it with modern browsers just to speed things up.

Apparently there's a limit to the length of poll responses.

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Would you use a auto body shop that had an obvious misspelling in their social media ad?

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