High School wifi blocks DuckduckGo but not Google

Church shooting 

"Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes said the motive of the shooting was a grievance between the shooter, identified as a Chinese immigrant, and the Taiwanese community."

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uspol, buffalo 

GOPer spreads conspiracy that shooter in Buffalo was government agent. Is there anything these guys do these days that’s not linked to conspiracy theories?


Email from GitHub. I don’t recall asking to be on waitlist for access and don’t even know what this means.

Worldle - yay! 

#115 1/6 (100%)


Wordle 331 4/6


Church shooting 

Lord have mercy. PCUSA congregation site of latest church shooting. Largely Taiwanese congregation in Laguna Woods, CA. apnews.com/article/religion-sh

I will say that COVID19 is indeed over in NTX judging by the almost complete lack of masks. Heaven forbid you are immune compromised or something. Just stay home.

I realize the county is in the “green,” but there are still several hundred people with it. Some of those will not survive.

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Really does not look any dimmer, but sure feels warmer (better?)

Bought GE LED bulbs because I have been feeling like we have not been getting the life expectancy from the off-brand and store brand bulbs. I realize that GE doesn’t really make them these days and that it is just licensing, but thought it might help. Not really. I think the light might be a bit nicer, but one has started flickering at only a couple years old. 🤨

Good news: although base is totally a different size compared to the old one, the new one has holes that are the same spacing for the screws as the old one. That was not the case for the standalone carbon monoxide monitor I just replaced it was done by the same manufacturer. 

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Folks, check your smoke detectors. You should replace them at least every 10 years. New smoke detectors seem to be indicating a replacement interval of seven years. I guess they are getting more conservative on longevity.


Wordle 329 4/6


police behaving badly 

“Bodycam video shows deputies searching Black women’s lacrosse team’s personal items
“A Georgia sheriff initially said his deputies didn’t search the Delaware State University lacrosse team’s luggage, but newly released bodycam video tells another story.”


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