Wondering why your video card is overheating? Check for this.

So, I did a computer inventory in 2003 and made this determination.

The last pay phone (that I know of) in Denton. Photographed in 2016. Was later further vandalized. Now gone.

Thanks to @tbn97 for a fun 80s show on AnonRadio

Odd. In 빙의 (Possessed) Chevrolet is obviously a sponsor through product placement, put Cadillac is not, and the Cadillacs have their logos blacked out. You’d think they would get all of GM on board.

Was wondering about this myself. I had always interpreted it such that the night man was a robot in some dystopian hotel.


"Although many hospitals have been overwhelmed by the coronavirus outbreaks raging from state to state, insurers have shelled out billions of dollars less in medical claims in the last three months because expensive, elective surgeries have been postponed in many places. Moreover, people have steered clear of doctors’ offices and emergency rooms in fear of contagion." nytimes.com/2020/08/05/health/

So Georgia school suspends student for narc'ing on their crowded hallways in middle of pandemic. Now student has plenty of free time to go on TV and trash administrators. It's a win-win!

Episode 857: The Postal Illuminati : Planet Money : “When you order stuff online, it may cost less to have it shipped across the world than across the street.” Good podcast from npr.org/sections/money/2018/08

But obviously the polysemic qualities of the film allow it to be flexible enough to be interpreted by various subgroups (subaltern, cis, Christian, pagan, right and left). It becomes the poster child for audience reception theory. Classic work on this is Fisk and studies on lesbian reception of Cagny and Lacy and female interpretation of dime store romance. Difference here is that Wachowskis were purposefully seeding it for alternative and subversive interpretations.

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Ugh, there has to be a better way. Using a WHERE NOT EXISTS (SELECT blah blah blah) to get everyone who is missing a particular type of record is really slow. I'm thinking it's repeating that subquery for each candidate record in the main query. Thinking a JOIN on Null might work better in this case.... Nope, temp table seems to be the only way *I* can make it faster. Just can't wrap my head around why.

Yeah, this is appropriate response.

“Investigation underway after mom, kids handcuffed in Colorado after police mistake car as stolen”


Glad I have captions on, because I cannot understand Kristin Chenoweth half the time.


Uh oh.

[Seriously, not sure what is up with the random capitalization.]

Wife has coworker trying to decide between a program in “cyber security” or “network security.” Without more details, hard to guess on what they mean. I am thinking network is focused on network hardware, routers, etc while cyber is focused on the desktops and servers.

So I have watched too much Norsemen over the last week or so. The voices in my head have Norwegian accents.

Every time I see something like a Alfa Romeo ad in my Facebook feed, I realize how badly the promise of "Big Data" has failed advertisers.

I really don't think they should bother tracking us if doing so results in such bad targeting.

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