Was wondering this today:

Why is electrocardiogram (sometimes) abbreviated EKG instead of ECG? - English Language & Usage Stack Exchange english.stackexchange.com/ques

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Brain can't figure out how to update a record in a SQL table where the WHERE clause needs to include another table ala:

UPDATE tblCustomer SET status = 'dead' WHERE tblCustomer.name = 'Jones' and tblCompany.name = 'Ajax';

How do I specify how to join tblCompany and tblCustomer?


Holy poop noodles, Batman

Southlake, Texas, school official says that teachers need to balance teaching the Holocaust with opposing views following last week’s school district announcement.

This all stems from the steaming pile of crap that is HB 3979.


Ugh. There are too many processors these days. 8088, 286, 386, 386sx, 486, were more than enough. Trying to distinguish between a Core i7-9700 and a Core i7+8700 and which is going to be supported or not by Windows 11 is a pain.

This is hilarious but didn’t really clear it up.

Do counties (UK) exist?


Those who know me, know I have watched tons of over the last three or four years. Squid Game is my least favorite. I almost quit after the first episode. People urged me not to give up. It wasn’t worth it. I kept thinking there is going to be some twist or profound statement. Nope. Was not worth it at all.

Ever have one of those days where you're cursing Outlook for Mac for the fact that it is only showing emails from three months ago, but come to find out *you* have accidentally sorted oldest-to-newest? yep 🤷

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Anyone have a better DNS blocklist with as minimal false positives as possible than the one at https://oisd.nl ?

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I don't even understand how this is possible, but my bluetooth headset is ahead of video by about two seconds or so. 😕 I had this problem a while back and had a heck of a time getting it synched. I hit the play button and the audio starts on the video and then the video starts a second or so later. 😠

Otters, Giraffes, and Elephants, because we are out of creative ideas for car insurance company names. 🧐🙄

Original favor runner changed to new runner. Seems odd. And a new runner. Wtf?

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Ordering from Favor App. Only second time. Last time I thought they overcharged a bit. We’ll see.

police, violence 

I am told it is just a few bad apples

« Police dragged a paraplegic man from his car after he told them he couldn't get out »


“Why the Strip May Be the City of the Future” -The architecture of the region is defined by its power imbalance with Israel - Bloomberg bloomberg.com/news/features/20

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