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Man this is bad for accessibility. This is our local government tax assessment web site.

In related news, took long time for Lubuntu 18.04 to boot live CD on this thing, but now that it is up, it seems pretty snappy for running live media

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I took the plastic cover off the front of this machine and the one thing I must say is that this floppy drive really needs to work on its handlebar mustache

The last few episodes of Haechi (2019) are surprisingly timely given the “epidemic,” particularly the fear among the people.

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I'm running in this year's "virtual" Vancouver Pride Run.

Anyone around the world can join the event, and it is for all abilities, genders, and sexual orientations (allies are very welcome!).

Run or walk a course of your choosing, at your own pace, and all the proceeds go to two important LGBTQ+ causes.

Join us!

#running #pride #lgbtq #charity #queer #Vancouver #Canada

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OK, the answer was Sumatra of all things. Somehow I missed the fact that it successfully worked and printed whatever layer that is that iOS creates.

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Blurrier that looked on my phone. I need to hold still better.

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My workaround was to do a screen capture in Windows and save it as a PNG. Kinda fuzzy when sent to printer, but at this point...

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Anyone know the trick to printing out a PDF that has been "filled out" using iOS and sent to Windows or Linux? In Windows, I can see the writing but won't print out in Adobe, Sumatra, Foxit, PDF-Xchange. Looks fine, but won't print. Only the underlying form will. In Linux, the page that has iOS markup shows up w black box.

“It is an official death sentence for Hong Kong:” China moves to pass national security law

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