Smiling makes people less likely to buy online: Why livestreamers should sell their products with a poker face – not a smile

gen-x parents of millennials, slightly crude 

At 10 pm “be safe” means “don’t drive drunk.” At 2:45 it means “wear protection.” At 4 it means. “WTF! I am old and you have Kid at home.” D1 get your ass home. We have not kicked your ass out, but dang, that could happen.

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Ben & Jerry’s: Israel-backed app urges ‘troll army’ to criticise company | Middle East Eye

They made with about thirty minutes to spare, so I guess that’s something.

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Anyone else getting 502 Bad Gateway error when using the NextCloud web interface?

Wondering if little alarm emoji gets IT staff to really read the message.


The guy who called claimed to be from an outfit called SSL Guru, fwiw.

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Stranger called out of the blue offering to help us renew our SSL certificate. It was dodgy, and I'd paid for renewal back in May. Apparently never got the contractor to install the renewed certs.

It expires "Thursday, July 22, 2021" so does that mean it stops working at midnight tonight, or do I have until tomorrow night to get this straightened out?

Am I the only for which Google Maps does not display correctly in Firefox under Windows?

Looks fine in Chrome/Chromium and Firefox under Linux. It is particular to FF on my Windows. A search indicates this can be caused by HWA, so I turned that off.

The problem is on Default view that I cannot see street names. They do show up on Satellite view. Sometimes as I zoom in streets get "fat" rather than remaining thin.

Works OK in Safe mode, but no even with extensions removed and HWA off, no go

I learned my lesson. Found a purse and its contents scattered on the street. Called it into the police department. 30 minutes later, no one is here. I should have just picked it up and turned it in.

>> Early last year, Findley stuck a note on her whiteboard with the number of people who died in the 1918 flu pandemic: 50 million worldwide and 675,000 in the U.S. “It was for perspective: We will not get here. You can manage this,” she told me. “I looked at it the other day and I think we’re going to get there. And I feel like a large segment of the population doesn’t care.” <<

ugh. filled up hard drive on one of my virtual machines. As a result, would not log into GUI. Logged into shell and couldn't find anything to delete. Last time, I went through the hassle of enlarging and repartitioning the virtual drive. This time, I decided I would just wipe it and start over with a little bit bigger drive.🤷‍♂️

14 Best Ticket To Ride Board Game Versions & Expansions – Brilliant Maps (2017)

“Google Maps suggests ‘potentially fatal’ routes up Ben Nevis, say mountain charities
Organisations in Scotland say they have tried to contact Google about the dangers but received no reply”

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