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Reviving my personal homepage, I’m sure *this* time will be different XD

One of these days, I'm going to sit down and write a review for every album I've bought on Bandcamp, including the ones I got in $1 bundle packs.

One of my all-time favorite bands is the Canadian dream pop group Alvvays. Their 2017 album "Antisocialites," an absolute joy of a record, was their last release, and I wasn't sure when or if they would ever make it back to the studio. Luckily, their third album "Blue Rev" is due to be out in October, and to top it all off, they've released the first single, "Pharmacist." It's a bit shoegazier than their earlier work, but its amazing!

One highlight was quite a surprise! I saved a few seeds from breakfast a while back, and decided to try and sprout them. A few weeks later, and to my shock, we have life!

My gardening efforts are bearing fruit (well, pods). I am in dire need of jars for all the okra that I've gathered this past week or so, between three and four pods every few days. The heavy rain from this weekend helped kickstart the legume kingdom, with my black eye peas taking up about a third of the garden, and my peanuts and groundnuts sure to follow.

Bit of a windy night last night, the garden pulled through with only two losses; the free watering was definitely a plus. I'll have to grab some pictures, but my cardoons and bambara groundnuts appear to have sprouted, my watermelons were ready for transplant, and our new banana plants arrived. Overall, things are looking up 🙂

I get that it's intentional, but I'm always absolutely startled when my weather radio sounds off. I've never slept through a single warning. The same can't be said of my phone alerts; it's a little off-putting waking up and seeing an hours old tornado warning that didn't knock it out of do not disturb mode.

If you're in a severe weather prone region in the US, I highly recommend picking a weather radio up. They're not terribly costly and could give you the extra seconds you need.

A gentle reminder, please remember to add alt text to the images you upload! I've not been perfect about it, but it's never too late to make it part of your routine.


A real surprise this morning! Some of the peanut plants have begun flowering, so I clearly am doing something right. Maybe if I keep an eye on them, I can catch them start to dive underground.

Garden update, the okra has been blossoming left and right. These flowers are really short-lived, so I was lucky to catch this one in all its glory.

(The "EF scale" refers to the Enhanced Fujita scale, a modified version of the original scale developed by Tetsuya "Ted" Fujita to estimate wind speed in tornadoes based on observed damage. It's primarily used in the US and Canada, with some other countries using the original unmodified scale, and others using the TORRO system. NOAA is the US agency responsible for weather forecasting. )

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Niche things that bother me: amateur meteorologists whinging about tornadoes being "underrated" on the EF scale. I get that NOAA sometimes goofs up on their damage assessments, and that the EF scale isn't perfect, but sometimes people act like it's a snub if their "favorite" tornado wasn't rated EF-5. It's a damage scale to estimate wind speed, not a fucking popularity contest. People lose their lives, so being glib about it is really shitty.

Gardening has been a really great hobby to pick back up. I think a lot of my previous failures were from being too fussy about layout and not realizing you can always put more seeds in the ground. Real excited to see how they pan out, especially the peanuts and sorghum.

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All social media sites/services have their problems, but for my money, few places are worse than Nextdoor... if these are the people in my neighborhood, then I'm staying inside.

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